A tall, athletic young woman with slimly shaped limbs, she looks a good deal more delicate than closer examination would prove. Her hair is a mass of brightly colored, fleecy curls shot through with deeper tones of honey and ivory, cut just short enough to curl around her ears and against the back of her neck; a simple, functional sort of haircut. Facially, that delicate quality seems to have come to the fore, as her bone structure appears quite dainty and gives her features a sense of innate sweetness. Her brows are narrow and arching, a pale gold in color, with high, rounded cheekbones and a smooth, curving jaw that narrows into a pixie chin. Her mouth is beestung and lush, with a deep pink coloration to it, generally decorated with nothing more than a glossy lip balm. Her eyes are sharp and almond shaped, with long, fine blonde lashes, a black-flecked, deep beryl blue in color. Otherwise, her skin has an overall healthy tan to it, undoubtedly due to long hours spent in the sun.

Her clothing is in keeping with her hairstyle; that is, it is largely meant for function, but she hasn't completely sacrificed fashion. Over her torso, she wears a sleeveless tunic made of a sunny golden fabric that wraps diagonally around her waist, worn over another tunic of white with long, wide-hemmed sleeves with goldenrod cords at the hem so that they can be tied up as necessary. Below that, she wears a pair of loose-fitting linen drawstring gaucho pants, an umber brown in color with lines of pale yellow, like her over-tunic, up either side. Her shoes are simple ankle-length boots with heavy soles and crisscrossed laces, made for fit, comfort, and stability.


Born in the heart of a Renegade camp, Saefti is the daughter of Veski, a member of the Dark Tree Renegade clan; she and her brother are the product of a coupling between Veski and Taylin, of course, but the pair rarely make much of their relation to their mother. A few months after they were born, Taylin was out of their life, and Saefti and her brother were raised amongst the renegades, a surprisingly normal upbringing considering the Renegade reputation. When they reached a certain age, however, they were sent to live with their mother at the Weyr, something that she nor Ryski much ever got over, though their father (and other 'family' members) made sure to visit them whenever discretion permitted. Wherein Ryski was just generally unruly as a child, Saefti was the more calculating of the pair, and, while she often got in trouble, she rarely suffered much punishment for it. Despite her defiant and rebellious childhood, and her bad attitude, she joined a Craft as soon as she came of age, leaving her brother behind at Xanadu to go to the Beastcraft Hall, where she is currently working as an apprentice.


Name Relation Location Position
Tay Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Jhanieth
Veski Father Renegade Camp Renegade Leader
D'len Half Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Szayelth
Y'ki Twin Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Blue Ecoatleth



Title OOC Date Cast
Kitchen Catastrophe 2008 Ethne, Keziah, Laera, Niva, R'miel, Saefti, Senkyou, Ysa, Y'ki, Zevida
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