Here's a young lady, standing around five feet, eight inches with a light build. That's not generaly what catches people's eye though. Her hair, which is set in two french braids on either side of her head and meets at the nape of her neck to become one long braid that falls to about her waist, appears to be off a dark brown, almost black color. At least untill it's hit by the light and a sheen of green pops up, parts of it lighter and parts of it darker. Her eyes are a light hazel, ringed in green that bleeds into the irises. Her lids are nearly always dusted with powder and lined with black green khol. The rest of her facial features are quite pretty. Her nose has a soft slope to it, and sits above full lips that seem to have a pale corral gloss to them.

Today, she is wearing a black and white checked button up, leaving the top few buttons undone to to show the bright blue tank top she's got on under it. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and the shirts are un-tucked, which leaves the bottom of the tank top to hug her hips while the over shirt is a tad shorter and looser at the bottom. On her legs she wears a pair of dark blue trousers with wide, straight legs that tend to look nearly like a skirt when she's standing still. On her feet are a pair of dark, leather boots that hug her lower calves. On her shoulder is the white knot of a candidate at Xanadu Weyr.


Born in Landing hold, Sabrina's been exposed to the techier side of life. Though never motivated to pursue the technological field itself, she was quite ready to learn from it. When she was just a kid, she would go out and play and get green marks on her clothes and was fasinated by it. She learned all about how dyes work and instead of joining the weaver craft and applying her knowledge there, she decided to look into the things she found about people and the dyeing of their hair. She became obsessed with figureing out how to pull it off with the resources that can be found on Pern. She hasn't learned how yet to make a permanent hair dye, but she's found all kinds of colors she can make temporarily. When she was about fifteen years old she decided that what she wanted to do in life was do hair. So she learned how to cut hair, mostly from things she found in AIVAS and partially from others who cut hair. Just recently she started traveling around and looking for new things she can use for her hair dyes. And she's been doing that ever since.


Name Relation Location Position
Hariet Mother Landing
Jerid Father Landing


Found in the Hedgerows Brown Loley
Heavily built, this firelizard tends to be less fat and more muscle in his big frame. Breaking easily isn't going to happen. He has a stubby looking tail thanks to its natural girth, and huge paws. His headknobs and eyeridges are bigger than normal too. His face looks a bit squashed, broad perhaps, and he has a set of snaggle teeth from his lower jaw that are barely visible. His neck is thick where it sits between his broad, muscled shoulders. His overall color is a bright, orangey-mahogany that darkens at his wingspars and headknobs. His neckridges have a more yellowy color to them, while his claws are black. Around his face, the mahogany-auburn cools to a true brown, with a smattering of golden-brown highlights to his eyeridges. His sails are a pale, translucent tan color with hints of red near the skin of his body.

Loyal Knight of the Bog Blue Doyle
A dark navy muzzle tip lightens to vibrant pre-morning blue on the bridge of this little boy's nose. It floods out and down around his cheeks, remaining the basic color of this blue's body. A blue-grey flares out down the sides of his muzzle to end at his jaws and covers his eyeridges and headknobs. Around his large eyes are almost-black rings, giving him a fox-like appearance. Even his blue tail has a band of almost black near the end, followed by that same light blue-grey. His torso, however, has the faintest patterns running over it in dark blue-green, and the underlying shade is a subtle blue more toward cornflower than the sky. It's general shape is that of a vest or doublet, with his forelegs shading to a very pale sapphire. His lower half is a distinctly greener cast that darkens to near black halfway down his back legs. The rest of his tail plus his wings and spars are all that morning-blue.


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