Sabriel is a young woman of small stature, only reaching a height of five feet two inches. Her hair is thick, falling in heavy waves to the base of her shoulders blades, and half of it is generally pulled back, revealing small, slightly pointed ears. Its color is a dark brown with natural red and light brown highlights, and creates the perfect frame for her face. Said face is thin and oval shaped with a strong jaw. Her mouth is sensual, its bottom lip fuller than its top and is mostly seen smiling. Evenly spaced hazel eyes are set beneath brows of the same dark color her hair is. A small, slightly crooked nose completes the look and gives her face an interesting countenance.
Her body is wand slender and has subtle curves. Her legs are long and well-shaped, ending in small dainty feet, and are incased in trousers of a soft, black material that fits her like a skin, and are tucked into knee-high, supple leather boots. The tunic she wears is as tight, with slits cut into the sides, the pale purple of it held in place by a black belt. The long length of the tunic moves as she does, giving flashes of the pale, smooth skin hidden beneath. Its sleeves stop well above her elbows, allowing her arms to move freely. Her arms are slender and pale, ending in small, elegantly shaped hands, adorned with a single ring on her right hand. She wears a knot on her shoulder, its colors bright against her clothes and showing her to be a Xanadu greenrider and a Journeyman Baker.


Sabriel was born to a Journeywoman harper who was stationed at Nerat. She knows very little of her father, only that he was a Runner. Because Sabriel was gifted with an eagerness to learn, her mother started teaching her at a very early age. Sabriel showed a suprising skill at weaving a story, and at a very young age, could be seen entertaining a very large group of people of all ages. Her mother was always teaching her new things, even had people from other crafts to teach her. Sabriel helped her mother alot and tried to help everyone else that she could. She was so eager to help people that sometimes she was annoying, as all children can be at that age, but not everyone enjoyed the help. When she turned 10 her mother died. Sabriel was devistated because they were very close, but she sucked it up and shouldered the burden of teaching the classes until the new harper came, after which she became a drudge. When she turn 16 she had had enough and left the hold, after which she wandered for a few months before she came to Western Weyr. She was then Searched by M'lak and taken to Xanadu Weyr, where she Impressed green Maith.


Name Relation Location Position
Reanne Mother Nerat Hold Holder
Sarcon Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Resident
Alya Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Samore Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Raen Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Aeden Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Brown Andre, Brown Lyght, and Green Pip


Green Maith
Aquatic green melts across the greens hide, joined by splashes of aqua-marine blue. The color flows smoothly over her hide, mixing along her muzzle and down her chest where it darkens ever so slightly as it shifts out of the sunlight. Short-stubby wings sprout from her back, almost too short to be called wings at all, the same hues spreading outwards like plants from the ocean floor. Water continues to rush down her spine, mixtures of green and blue, down her rather pudgy tail that sprouts behind her. Tiny and minuscule in figure, lithe and built for speed, her body is spotted with tiny bubbles of paler oceanic green, she is a dainty, sleek form.


Title OOC Date Cast
Maith Flies, As Does Trouble April 13, 2006 I'ven, Marte, and Sabriel
Elevator Duty April 20, 2006 Sabriel and T'maz
Xanadu Hatching - March 14, 2006 March 14, 2006 Calanth, Casiella, Cirilia, Deguila, Faulk, Jeordi, J'ymi, Lorena, Menea, Rafca, Sabriel, Sarcon, Tandelek, Tomaz, V'dim
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