At six foot even, S'ven is tall without being towering. A first look will immediatly showcase his cropped-to-the-scalp brown hair, or lack of it thereof. He has the face of someone roughly thirty, but lines of weathering make it difficult to tell exactly. If one had to guess, closer to forty would be a fair bet.
Not all of the lines on his face are natural, either. From the leftmost bottom of his jaw all the way to the top of his forehead is a long line of some old injury about a quarter of an inch thick. Still pink with recent healing, it crosses over his left eye on its way upwards. This must be the reason that he wears a brown leather eyepatch over it, secured in place with a pair of strings. The other eye is a hawkish steel blue. Narrow lips never seem to smile, though they do not frown either. The rest of him is physically average, though his body is lean and wiry from years of heavy activity.
He wears simple riding gear appropriate to the climate, always tending towards dark browns and ochres. On his shoulder is a knot indicating that he is a wingrider of Ierne Weyrhold. It is interwoven with threads of blue.


S'ven's past history is typical enough for someone growing up in post-avias Pern. He was born at Ista Weyr; the offspring of a random Gold flight at the time. His father, S'va, would go on to be Weyrleader but he would never know that and did not care during his youth and does not care now. He has some idea of whom his father is as he was told enough times that he looked like him, but it really does not matter much to him. For the longest time, he was considered easygoing and friendly. He impressed young, becoming lifemates with Blue Xisonath at age seventeen. The two drifted, as S'ven did not have a craft from Weyr to Weyr doing different odd jobs. Transport here, personal transport there. S'ven's easygoing and friendly manner made him often tapped to do VIP transport as most people liked him fairly well.
Then came the accident.
Xisonath emerged from between just below another dragon who was already landing. In the ensuing collision, the blue sustained little injury but S'ven was left with a nasty blow to the head off of the other dragon's hide — a sharp protrusion costing him an eye as well as a concussion.
Though the mindhealers say that all is right with his head, and the healers say he has recovered as best he can . . S'ven has become somewhat self withdrawn; quiet where he was formerly outgoing. Time will tell if he recovers and this is where his story begins. He has been assigned to Ierne Weyrhold in the hope that the climate there will help his body heal and the resort atmosphere will help his mind.


Name Relation Location Position
S'va Father Ista Weyr ?
Enilia Mother Ista Weyr ?
S'rok Brother (unknown) Eastern Weyr Bronzerider



Blue Xisonath


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