Short and skinny, Rylavi is very easily - and quite often - overlooked. With pale blonde hair hacked short around her pinched and narrow face, she is often confused for a young lad. Bones carve harsh angles out from her wrists, shoulders, collarbone; anywhere flesh or muscle usually hides - or at least softens - their jutting points. Her skin is pale and dotted with freckles, but her eyes are a bright, piercing yellow-green that bears an eerie resemblance to the hue of a feline's gaze.

She wears plain work clothing in various shades of mud-stained brown, accompanied by a worn and much-repaired belt and boots. Around her neck, a rough leather thong is tied and from it hangs a single wickedly curved tooth. She wears no knot on her shoulder.


Born to Rysson and Gilavi at Black Rock Hold, Rylavi never had a chance to become a lady. Always pale and skinny as a child, her father saw early on that she would be no great beauty and so would be no use to him as a priced bride. Instead, she was brought out to the fields early on. Her family's task was - as it had been for generations - to raise herdbeast and pull the most promising foals from the wild runner herds for gentling and sale. With the birth of two and then a third younger brother, Rylavi found that she'd become all but invisible. If this were only a tale to be told by a fireside, she would have been found and picked up by a wise old stablehand and taught the secrets of both life and runners, then gone on to start her own breeding farm and win renown across the world. Sadly, this is not a fireside tale.


The truth of the matter is that no one else noticed Rylavi either. Some of them genuinely overlooked her; she wasn't the brightest or the strongest or the fastest or the prettiest. Nothing about her stood out. Except her eyes. Growing up in a home as opposed to technology as it could be, there's bound to be ignorance and superstition. No one ever said anything to her face, but Rylavi found that whenever she tried to meet people's gaze, they tended to look away fairly quickly. All of this fed and tended to a resentment in Rylavi that she'd been nursing since her brothers' births and her resignation to invisibility. She became petty and cruel.

She never had anyone teach her why certain things were bad and so rather than learn not to do such things as bullying, stealing, cheating, fighting, she only learned not to get caught. Very rarely, however, will she start something on her own. Always it's been when someone else thought of it, suggested it, ran the show. That's not to say she doesn't have ideas of her own, but of course they wouldn't be any good, so she never uses them. Rylavi is happiest only when around her family's runners and canines. None of those creatures ever treated her as if she was invisible and so the only time she's seen to be fair is when dealing with creatures, not humans.


Name Relation Location Position
Rysson Father Black Rock Hold Runner Herder/Trainer
Gilavi Mother Black Rock Hold Housewife
Gylon Brother Black Rock Hold Rysson's 'Apprentice
Rilas Brother Black Rock Hold Child
Vissyr Brother Black Rock Hold Child




Title OOC Date Cast
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Just a note for you guys. All the pictures of Rylavi are of her at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and so on. I couldn't find any pictures of a young Sophia Myles, so just picture her … younger.

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