At 6'2 this young man might be considered tall by some. His body is lean with signs of muscle underneath, though he certainly cannot be considered well built under any circumstance. When inside, Ryeokie's hair seems black, the longest portions falling just to the base of his neck. But when the sun hits it, Ryeokie's hair is shown to be a darkish brown color. The more time he spends in the sun, the lighter brown his hair becomes. His eyes are dark brown, almost black, and hi-lighted by a strong set of brows. His features are strong and well marked, the illusion only ever broken by his wide goofy grin. Ryeokie has several birthmarks/moles from the neck up, all on the left side of his face. One lies an inch below his left eye, another inch below the right corner of his mouth, and another on the left side of his upper neck. Ryeokie is usually seen in tunics of breeches of subdued colors (whites, grays, browns and blacks with the occasional blue thrown in). While his pants fit well enough, his shirt is usually unbuttoned a little less than halfway down and slightly ruffled. The only other accessory he possesses is a pair of black, wire rimmed glasses.


Born to a pair of Master Beastcrafters, Ryeokie was expected to follow in their footsteps. But even at an early age, this seemed a bit impossible. Rather than playing with the other littles outside, he remained locked indoors, devouring every book he could manage to find. The only time Ryeokie would bother heading out was after the sun had set. Many a long night was spent on their home's roof, gazing at the stars. It was soon discovred that Ryeokie excelled in schooling. There was not a subject he could be considered weak in, though mathematics did seem to be his strong point. Jumping ahead of the others in his class and studying with the older children, Ryeokie matured quickly and it was no surprise when he was accepted as a Starcraft apprentice at the early age of 12 turns, though his parents were less pleased about it than he. Though mostly shy and quiet, the young man was quickly labeled as a poison tongue at the beginning of his apprenticeship. While he doesn't mean to be rude, he /is/ frank and will honestly give his opinion on any subject, even if it hurts some feelings. But even this can be considered somewhat of a charm point and many were drawn to his 'bad boy' tendencies. As attentions towards him increased with time, he soon gained self confidence and became rather adept in the romance arena with both the men and women. However, Ryeokie never /was/ able to rid himself of his blunt ways and retains his sharp tongue.


Name Relation Location Position
Daren Father cell-content cell-content
Euna Mother cell-content cell-content
Keri Sister cell-content cell-content
Teukah Brother cell-content cell-content




Title OOC Date Cast
The Windy Waters Embarks April 16, 2011 Laera, Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie, Thea
The Windy Waters At Sea: Day One April 16, 2011 Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie
The Windy Waters: Night One April 17, 2011 Pyriel, Ryeokie
The Windy Waters: Night Two April 17, 2011 Pyriel, Ryeokie
The Windy Waters: Shipwreck! April 17, 2011 Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie
The windy Waters: Rescue at Sea April 17, 2011 D'son, K'ael, Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie, Thea
Eastern Riders, Close Calls, and Sorrows April 18, 2011 E'lan (npc), Laera, Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie
Why the Weyrsecond Should Get a Lip Ring April 24, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie, Thea, Muir (npc), Marellea (npc)
Best Friends? May 01, 2011 Pyriel, Ryeokie
Something Unexpected May 06, 2011 Pyriel, Ryeokie
PETA's Got Nothin' on E'gin (Kiley and Ryeokie Are Searched) May 09, 2011 E'gin (npc'd by Thea), Kiley, Ocelara, Ryeokie
Vengeance Thy Name Is Ryeokie? May 09, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
A Few Days Later May 09, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
How To Demuck Your Dragon May 11, 2011 Keziah, Pyriel, Ryeokie
System Shock May 12, 2011 Aqueepoli, Kaede, Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
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