Smooth raven strands flow on this young woman's head, parted only in the front and swept back carelessly behind her. Piercing through this darkness shines a pair of eyes, hue as cool as winter skies. These simple features adorn an oval face, her smooth skin being pale in complexion. Her lips are often pressed firmly together in a thin line, a rarity to see a smile. When it shows, warmth emanates from its soothing expression. She is slim and rather fit, muscular tone is well shown on her arms and legs.
Covering such features is a shirt of thick burgundy material. The sleeves have been rolled up, just above the elbows to stay out of the way. Rarely is this buttondown shirt tucked in, yet when it is, the material reveals workpants. These workpants are nothing more that a simple ashen pair, pockets rest along side the knees for things of safe keeping. Just below these pockets, the pants are torn and tattered at the cuffs, revealing sandles upon strong feet. Ryadian looks to be no older than 39 Turns, 0 months, and 26 days.


Ryadian was born to a young pair of reckless youth, and left abandoned on a Western pier before the days light. A lone fisherman found the little bundle, and took her home to his wife. The couple couldn't bare children and being beyond the prime of their lives, this was a blessing. Ryadian spent her growing days, playing with other children and learning how to fish from her da. She learned how to catch and release, how to clean her batches and cooking of course. A fine batch of lessons for a lady of seven turns to be doing. When Rya reached the age of sixteen turns, she was taken on search and began her new time as a Candidate at Telgar weyr.
Candidacy went by like the ocean's winds. She was quick at her chores and often took up more work than usual. She has no interest in boys at the time, not romantically. She wore clothes that were less than girly, nothing revealing her feminine features. She kept her hair cropped short and pushed away from her face. No bows for her! Candidacy for Rya soon ended, she didn't leave the sands alone. Her new life began with her lifemate, brown Zerounth.

As soon as this pair were able to leave on vacation, they went home to find the life they knew had faded. Her adopted mother had peacefully passed in her sleep, her father had been bedridden for months after.
"Da? What about the fishing? Why don't we go together!" she pleaded her father. "Ye go and catch alot for me. Then I'll help you clean 'em when ye get back." Ryadian ran out to the peer and fished for what seemed like hours. She rushed back with the biggest catch Excited, Rya went to show her Da…who passed peacefully in his bed.
Turns have passed, the rider decided she can only stay and cling to memories for so long… She traveled throughout various lands, holds, and weyrs. Where she will settle? In the end, Ierne Weyrhold became a final traveling place…


Name Relation Location Position
Ryanon Mother Deceased
Meridian Father Deceased
Karmael Mate Traders Trader


Crested Ancient Bronze Cannon
At first glance, it is difficult to determine what color this firelizard his. His entire topside appears to be black, including a pair of unusually large wings. But the random striking of light flickers with metallic sheen that turns matte black into ancient worn bronze. A wash of pale cinnamon cross his chest and belly which would make him seem two toned, were it not for the mottling of blackish bronze helping to break up the cinnamon. From the tight beak of a muzzle to his stubby short tail he's short and lean, nearly all wing. His is an arresting build meant just for speed and striking power.

After the Dark Blue Captain
A deep navy blue coast this ones hide in rippling waves interspersed with midnight blue tones. His small head with small beady eyes is swept with indigo highlights which play along his wings along with deep amber tones. His tail is as plain as his legs and paws, but while his stomach remains unmarred, his chest show the slightest traces of true bronze as if the first rays of the run were upon him.


Brown Zerounth
Cordovan engulfs this dragons hide, allowing no gentle light to peer through this darkness save for faint mahogany blushing that dares blend through the underside, freckles lay scattered across his broad chest and muscular limbs. This same gentle mottling dares to emerge over his muzzle, adding a faint glow to his faceted eyes. Talons are devoured as ruddy waves clash upward before blending into a defiant cascade of rich earthen hues, splashing over broad shoulders and clinging to this browns wing sails. Upon these sails melts dirty sanguine tones, seeking out the reaching wisps of rusty tendrils that bleed through tawny shores underneath. His features are average in every respect; his form is none too slim yet robust and strong, the exception alone of large wings, which are slightly longer in proportion to his frame.
Fitting snugly against this dragon's brown hide are a set of riding straps which rest between the last two neckridges. It's hue is rich in mahogany, colored evenly throughout its surface and adorned with indentations of a woven knot pattern along the center of every strip of material. The stitching is sewn over twice for extra support and is evenly done in raven threading. Upon the underside of these straps is softer material to act as padding, protecting the dragon from chaffing. A rider's belt is connected to main straps made to hold them in place while airborne.


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