The boy needs a bath, that much is certain— but aside from the almost ever-present layer of grime, he seems a nice enough sort. Pale eyes that may be green or blue or grey depending on the light peer out from under a messy fringe of brownish hair. He's got a normal-enough face and is slightly tall for his age. The skin of his hands is stained and scarred; he's a Tanner by birth, if not by desire. Russar has an easy smile and a quiet laugh. The only thing notable beyond his apparent lack of personal hygene is a patch of hair just above his left ear that seems to be white. Then again, he's so filthy not many people would notice it to begin with.


Russar was born at Igen Hold to two passionate Tanners; it's all he's ever known. He's a pleasent enough boy, with perhaps slightly less of a mischevious nature than expected of a boy of his age. He has a pack of a few boys that he runs with (that even, occasionally, allows a girl or two to tag along), and is known for his sturdy hands and excellent reflexes. Despite his age, he's already covered with the stains and scars of his trade. To the disappointment of his father, he's not showing any signs of becoming serious about Tanning… his mother is quiet, but understands.


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