Portrayed By Andrew Smith
Gender Male
Aliases Ruthien, Keruthien
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Craftrider
Status Jman Smithcrafter
Dragon Green Kihatsuth


Messy locks of dark auburn, settling about his head in haphazard waves of varying disarray and brushing just shy of his shoulders. It frames his face, adding further definition to the angular plane of squared jawline and features. Blue eyes, sharply keen, rest beneath dark brows and overlook a slender nose. His mouth, full lipped, is often quirked in a smirk or devil-may-care grin, to further suit his mannerisms. Even for his height, his frame is on the leaner side in muscle and his limbs are long, though not to the point of being lanky.

He tends to dress flashy whenever he can, his outfits as varied and eclectic as his personality. Never does he go to the depths of being gaudy, but he's a man with tastes and, when not required by him, dresses to impress. Otherwise, he settles for sturdy, practical clothing that will not hinder whatever task he's undertaking. Notorious for not wearing knots, when he does, it will be one of Xanadu's colors, a Journeyman's function and a badge with the Smithcraft's insignia.


  • He loves life and loves to live it; he's the embodiment of Chaotic Good
  • Unintentionally reckless at times and certainly a wildcard
  • Has almost zero filter; he says whatever's on his mind, point blank and with almost no shame
  • Acts the joker and the fool, but CAN be serious if he really tries (good luck convincing him)
  • Despite his charm and carefree attitude, he has his own demons; he just prefers to ignore them
  • … and he has a temper too, thanks to his dear mother; it's often linked to high emotions, which may factor into why Keruthien acts the fool so often

WYSK (What You Should Know)

  • He's known for cross dressing when the mood strikes and in various levels of intensity; it can be anything from subtle feminine cut and styled clothing mixed in with masculine (almost everyday if he's not Smithing), to a skirt (Candidacy and onward), to women's boots, to a full dress (make up and all)…
  • … really, it varies on his mood, location or intentions
  • While he focuses largely on his Craft and Kihatsuth, his 'nightlife' is quite the opposite
  • Has taken up pole dancing and isn't ashamed to admit it


Keruthien's early life was nothing spectacular, though his arrival was a welcomed one. Born to Mur'dah and Kiena, he was loved by both his parents, though more-so by his father. His mother, despite her attempts, always had an edge of aloofness to her; one he'd discover the root of much later in his life.

But that is not the important thing! What is important, is that he led a very boring, very average, early childhood, despite moving about twice in his life, from Ierne Weyrhold, to Xanadu and a brief stint in Half Moon Bay. He had two older half-sisters, whom he adores (jury is still out if that's reciprocated). Growing up, it was obvious that Keruthien took more after his father in personality than his mother — a small mercy, perhaps. And just like most young boys, he had his fair share of childhood mishaps, hard lessons learned, wild and fun experiences that come with growing up.

He became an Apprentice Smithcrafter at a young age and held promise. Promise that was put on hold when he accepted to Stand as a Candidate, then promptly dashed that hope by injuring himself — and he never stood again since. Instead, he doubled down on his studies and secured Journeyman not long after his twentieth Turn.

Now he haunts Xanadu regularly, visiting (tormenting) his siblings and various relatives on occasion and keeping up with his projects — when he's not goofing off and indulging in the wild, unpredictable side of himself. If he has any goals and aspirations, Keruthien is keeping them to himself and, instead, building quite the reputation opposite to what most would expect.


Name Relation Location Position
Kiena Mother Half Moon Bay Weyr Wingrider, blue Ujinath's
Mur'dah Father Xanadu Weyr Wingrider, brown Kalsuoth's
D'had Grandfather Fort Weyr Wingrider
Thea (Deceased) Grandmother Xanadu Weyr Former Sr. Weyrwoman
Eliana Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Crafter
Ezsrisa Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Wingrider, green Phaeth
Th'ero Uncle Fort Weyr Weyrleader; bronze Velokraeth's
Kimmila Aunt Fort Weyr Wingrider; blue Varmiroth's
Marel Aunt Fort Weyr Wingrider
Elladyr Cousin Fort Weyr Harper, Sr. App
Aranthi Cousin Fort Weyr Resident
Elynthoria Half-Cousin Fort Weyr Child
Khythrin Half-Cousin Fort Weyr Child
K'vir Cousin Xanadu Weyr Wingsecond, bronze Zekath's


None! GASP.


The Masquerade Never Ends Green Kihatsuth
This green is massive: a titanic beast eye-catching for size alone, beyond the elegant simplicity of her hide. Pale, mossy green comprises the bulk of her, settles over almost every inch of well-proportioned hide. It covers large, strong-boned legs, smooth-muscled keel set in a barrel chest, moves on down the sweep of her long tail: nary a single variation is visible from afar. There's predatory look to her aquiline face, rounded eyes intent beneath slanting, slightly pronounced eyeridges, a distraction from the variation in tone therein. A smoky haze of sage brushes a faint disc 'round her head and the ridges that start between her eyes and rise in a sharp crest between headknobs, ends in a taper beneath her jaws, a scant shade paler than the rest of her. The rest of her 'ridges are quite normal, and the same misty green as the vast majority of her hide. Delicate sagebrush appears once more along the broad 'sails of long, broad wings, a nearly indistinct change between mossy spars. Even more indistinct, gossamer touches of palest mint brush along the trailing edges of her wings, thin lines invisible save for on the inner aspect of her 'sails.


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