Stringing dirty blonde hair the color of tousled hay, and a pair of brilliant blue eyes like a two pools of water on a bright sunny day. The young man is tall and lanky. His rail thin body is built like a runners, strong legs and lean muscles. He has a smile that seems to brighten up the whole room, and a perpetual air of distraction about him that is almost endearing. He wears rough leathers most of the time, ideal for spending long times outside, and well worn. On his shoulder is a red cord and a white cord, they make a single loop around his shoulder, a small tail extents with a blue tassel on the end of it.


A thousand pinpricks of light. Diamonds hanging in the sky on a black field. The night sky is captivating, and to one young boy it is all he could ever think of. Growing up in a beasthold, the son of a shepherd, Rokugan spent many nights out amongst the flocks on watch, with no company other then the stars. He got so that he couldn't sleep without them above him, to the point of spending what little money he had on a small amount of white paint that glowed dimly in the darkness. He used it to paint the stars on the ceiling of his room, in exactly the spots he thought they should be in the sky.

By the time he was seven the local harper had identified his passion and spoken with his parents. It took two years to convince them that it would be best for him to follow his heart. He was sent to Telgar Hold for training in Starcraft, leaving behind his home, and everything he ever knew for the chance to explore that which he loved most. While it was scary leaving behind his home, his fathers flocks, and everyone he knew, it was also exciting getting the chance to learn and concentrate on his true passion.

Still not everything was bubbly pies and sweet rolls. Life in Starcraft Hall was very different then that back on the farm. At home, everyone knew everyone and while individuals might not get along all the time, no one was all the mean or cruel just for the sake of being mean or cruel. Everyone knew they had to live with everyone else. In a larger hold, things were very different. Add to the fact that many of his fellow apprentices were lords sons or even craft masters sons. People who at least believed that they were more important and had done more to earn their place then some shepherds whelp from a backwater hold.

It likely didn't help that he spent a lot of his off time in the stables. When he first arrived he noticed that one of the runners had a nasty cut on it's leg, rather then bring it to anyones attention, or ignore it as most of the boys did, he set about binding it like he was taught. The local beasthandler noticed and thanked him, after that, any time Rokugo needed to be alone, to study without being bothered, he would high off to the stables loft. There was a good view of the stars from there.

His instructors were generally much more accepting. They could see the passion in his eyes for the stars, and wanted to see that passion put to good use. As he grew older he excelled in the areas of mathematics and physics, as well as in basic theory. For his Senior Apprentice project he, using only data from Telgar holds night sky, projected and mapped how the stars would look from Fort and Benden weyrs on the same night, based on their different locations around Pern. His Master was very impressed, and all the more heart broken, when the charts were destroyed the next night.

A few of the other apprentices broke into his room and destroyed all his work, only the fact that the master had seen his almost complete project saved him from having to do it all over again. The culprits were never identified. It was decided that in order for him to continue his studies, he should be removed from the area of the problem. So he was sent far from the main Stars Craft Hall, to Xanadu, were a new observatory was being worked on, and new apprentices, especially those considering an observation specialty could be put to good use.


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A Gift for Ryeira August 29, 2009 Moria, Niva, Rokugo
A Favor, Please? September 13, 2009 Moria, Rokugo, Tresha (NPC)
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