A long, lanky thing, Rohael has entered into puberty and a growth spurt. Everything about him is skinny, from long arms and legs, to knobby knees, lengthy hands, and his long, oval face. Even his nose is long, though not unnaturally so. His mousey brown hair is sloppy and untrimmed, falling often into his bright blue eyes. He stands tall, having just passed five feet seven inches, and his long limbs promise more height to come.

He wears faded, thick canvas pants tied at his waiste. A light weight shirt two sizes too large billows around his upper body, and he goes barefood whenever possible, his feet often filthy.


Son of Green Shimonith's Lahela and Brown Hotohorith's T'ea, Rohael is the twin brother to Rohelte. Together, they are the eldest children, having two younger siblings, brother Larohe, younger sister named Telael, and a younger half-sister named Sienna (T'ea and Nemaea)
Rohael enjoys a life of ease. From an early age he chose the easy way out, counting on his twin sister's natural talents to pave the way to sunny, carefree days. Into his teens he turned long and lanky, but still finds himself drawn to the bright beach and long naps. Despite his twin finding her passion in art, Rohael finds passion in nothing, but flitters about from chore to chore as he's rotated through the lower caverns.
Recently, he has had a growth spurt, jutting him out of boyhood and into the beginnings of manhood. With lanky arms and acne also came the flirtatious antics of his childhood peers, now young girls themselves. Rohael is unprepared and uncomfortable with their new way of seeing him, not yet certain how he should feel on the subject. In other words, girls are icky.


Name Relation Location Position
Lahela Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Shimonith
T'ea Father High Reaches Weyr Rider to Brown Hotohorith
Rohelte Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Larohe Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Telael Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Sierra Half Sister High Reaches Weyr Weyrbrat


Green Lady


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