Riseli is long, lean, and well toned; muscles well defined and strong. She stands just about six feet in height, with little to no softness in her physique. Her eyes are a dark, nearly-black brown, set in a stern looking face. Her black hair has been cropped extremely short, little spikes standing out in all directions in a mused and bed-head sort of look. Her skin is tanned by birth if not by nature.

She wears a pair of brown pants tucked into black, calf-high laced-up boots, mud and sand clinging to the soles. Her black, buttoned-up shirt follows the lines of her body, long sleeves pushed back to her elbows, the open collar revealing a gray undershirt beneath.


Riseli is the third daughter of R'ren and Sovellia, a brownrider and barmaid at Fort Weyr. She has one younger brother, and two younger sisters, following her. Her childhood was uneventful, and save for an unnatural (to her parents) fondness for dark tunnels and rocks, she was what anyone would expect a young weyrgirl to be. With two girly sisters preceding her, Riseli took a decidedly more tomboy approach to her appearance and mannerisms. When her fondness for rocks, tunnels, and exploration turned into more than just a past-time, her parents began gently encouraging her towards the Mine craft. She was accepted as an apprentice early in her twelfth turn, and immediately loved it.

As time passed, Riseli developed a love for exploration and spelunking, enjoying the physical challenge that such a sport provided. She angled herself towards specializing in all things cave-related: structure, composition, stress points, etc. But she's enjoying herself too much to take her future into great consideration, and is for the moment content to lay back and just learn. She's recently been posted to Xanadu Weyr, for a change of scenery and additional experience in her chosen field… when she finally chooses one.


Name Relation Location Position
Sovellia Mother Fort Weyr Barmaid
R'ren Father Fort Weyr Rider to brown Mikath
Older Sister
Older Sister
R'sner Younger Brother Fort Weyr Rider to green Toith
Younger Sister




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