Thick black hair in wavy, loose curls find their way just past Risali's shoulderblades, bangs cut in a fashion to appear feathered and sideswept, tucked behind her ear to the right. Grey eyes are framed by a thick fray of black lashes, centered by a petite, slightly wide nose and mild, arched eyebrows. Her creamy complexion, and heart-shaped face is complemented by full lips that are, more often than not, pulled in a scowl.

Risali dresses rather modestly in a long-sleeved tunic that cross-laces at her breast and has peekaboo cutouts at the shoulders. The thin material gathers just under her breast and then loosens, leaving the material loose down her stomach. Legs are tucked away into a pair of lace-up boots that come up mid-shin, complementing the dark, almost form fitting pants that sprout from the tops and disappear beneath her shirt.



Risa was the first child born to riders Ila'den and Iris, coming at a time when the bronzerider found himself lacking any desire to be a father and her goldrider mother defied his every wish to bring Risali life. Ila'den came around to the idea halfway through Iris' pregnancy, and was soon wrapped around the teeny-tiny little fingers of his daughter when she finally saw fit to grace Pern with her prescence.

When her father's endless doting and love inspired jealousy in her aunt, Kiltara, Risali's perfect little world started to fall apart. Kiltara disappeared, leaving Ila'den riddled with a guilt that did not translate well to his home life. Her father still loved her fiercely (maybe moreso after Kit's inexplicable goodbye), but his attentions were turned to finding his sister and Risa (and Iris) suffered for it. Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became turns, and Iris and Ila'den were graced with their second child (technically V'ric's): Veliren.

Eventually Kiltara returned, turning everybody inside out once more (read: Ila'den), but /things/ did begin to mend - meaning Risali got to start the process of connecting with her aunt while torturing her sib and watching some of the darkness leave Ila'den. /Some/, but not enough. Things were starting to seem okay despite the evident ache of her father, and soon child number three was born to him and Iris: Kielric. He came with an attempt to salvage a weyrmating that was in shambles, but too late.

As you can imagine, being the oldest child with two brothers to bully, Risali developed /quite/ the interesting mix of personality between both her mother and her father, learning from Ila'den how to fight (and how to fight /dirty/) while learning how to bake bubblies from her mother. The time finally came when Iris and Ila'den split, Iris taking the children with her, and the rough edges of Risa's attitude hardened into barbed wire. She picked a craft out of spite, /only/ to gain her own freedom, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Name Relation Location Position
Kilyanna Grandmother (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Taraden Grandfather (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Iris Mother Half Moon Bay Weyr Goldrider
Ila'den Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Bronzerider
Veliren Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kielric Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kiltara Aunt Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
E'ros Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Bronzerider
Vauril Cousin Unknown Renegade
Taeski Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kiorel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Child
Katrel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Child
Kiric Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Baby




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