I put my armor on, show you how strong I am.
I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am…
I'm unstoppable, I'm a Porsche with no brakes.
I'm invincible, I win every single game.
I'm so powerful, I don't need batteries to play.
I'm so confident; I'm unstoppable today.

Sia - Unstoppable


Gender Female
Dragon Gold Leirith
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Weyr
Wing Position Senior Weyrwoman
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Song Faith Marie - Devil On My Shoulder

Thick black hair in wavy, loose curls find their way just past Risali's shoulderblades, bangs cut in a fashion to appear feathered and sideswept, tucked behind her ear to the right. Grey eyes are framed by a thick fray of black lashes, centered by a petite, slightly wide nose and mild, arched eyebrows. Her honey complexion, and heart-shaped face is complemented by full lips that are, more often than not, pulled in a scowl.

Risali dresses rather modestly in a long-sleeved tunic that cross-laces at her breast and has peekaboo cutouts at the shoulders. The thin material gathers just under her breast and then loosens, leaving the material loose down her stomach. Legs are tucked away into a pair of lace-up boots that come up mid-shin, complementing the dark, almost form fitting pants that sprout from the tops and disappear beneath her shirt.



Risa was the first child born to riders Ila'den and Iris, coming at a time when the bronzerider found himself lacking any desire to be a father and her goldrider mother defied his every wish to bring Risali life. Ila'den came around to the idea halfway through Iris' pregnancy, and was soon wrapped around the teeny-tiny little fingers of his daughter when she finally saw fit to grace Pern with her prescence.

When her father's endless doting and love inspired jealousy in her aunt, Kiltara, Risali's perfect little world started to fall apart. Kiltara disappeared, leaving Ila'den riddled with a guilt that did not translate well to his home life. Her father still loved her fiercely (maybe moreso after Kit's inexplicable goodbye), but his attentions were turned to finding his sister and Risa (and Iris) suffered for it. Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became turns, and Iris and Ila'den were graced with their second child (technically V'ric's): Veliren.

Eventually Kiltara returned, turning everybody inside out once more (read: Ila'den), but /things/ did begin to mend - meaning Risali got to start the process of connecting with her aunt while torturing her sib and watching some of the darkness leave Ila'den. /Some/, but not enough. Things were starting to seem okay despite the evident ache of her father, and soon child number three was born to him and Iris: Kielric. He came with an attempt to salvage a weyrmating that was in shambles, but too late.

As you can imagine, being the oldest child with two brothers to bully, Risali developed /quite/ the interesting mix of personality between both her mother and her father, learning from Ila'den how to fight (and how to fight /dirty/) while learning how to bake bubblies from her mother. The time finally came when Iris and Ila'den split, Iris taking the children with her, and the rough edges of Risa's attitude hardened into barbed wire. She picked a craft out of spite, /only/ to gain her own freedom, and the rest, as they say, is history.

… OR WAS IT? Drama amassed in the form of her father, Ila'den, being kidnapped by renegades. It took too many months to find the man, and in those months, Risali found comfort in two people: K'vir (who she really only liked because she got to yell at him) and Calisi, her friend. Friendship and frienemies blossomed, turning Calisi into a 'best' and K'vir into a full time punching bag (by which we clearly mean her boyfriend) even though she was still in the midsts of her apprenticeship. It was Calisi who asked Risali to move to Xanadu Weyr; Calisi who asked Risali to help her with administrative work in tandem with the Harper craft before falling ill.

But it was K'vir who changed everything.

K'vir asked Risali to stand for Gold Meirith's clutch, and it was upon those sands that Risali fell victim to one sunbright, exuberant, larger-and-louder-than life bombastic queen named Leirith. Leirith acquired Risali as her minion (despite the fact that she could not see), and it was in the very beginnings of learning to share her mind (and her eyes) with a very loud dragon that Risali met D'lei. Friendship became something complicated, complicated became something more, and suddenly those midnight pillowfights and crawling-into-bed-to-sleep weren't so innocent. But don't worry, because between one wicked explosion and a couple of punches, Risali, D'lei, and K'vir found a way to all be each other's and form a family. Now the three of them claim Xanadu Weyr as a home, where they drink, and dance, and raise their ever-growing brood of tiny human army SO THAT THEY CAN ONE DAY TAKE OVER THE WORLD. MOOAHAHHA.

I bet you thought that was the end, but in reality, it's only the beginning. There was not nearly enough madness in the world between Leirith and toddlers and Step-Dads practically the same age, so the universe laughed and Risali found herself in possession of the Senior Weyrwoman knot — right alongside D'lei's role as their Weyrleader.

See? It's just starting. And ss Leirith would say, « Buckle up, minions! Because things are about to get badass. »


Name Relation Location Position
K'vir Cinnamon Roll, Weyrmate, Keeper of Hearts Xanadu Weyr Wingsecond with Bronze Zekath
D'lei Troublemaker, Soulmate, Best Friend Xanadu Weyr Wingrider with Bronze Garouth
Selene Step-Daughter Half Moon Bay and Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Kyriel Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Darien Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Zyriden Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Reverie Daughter Xanadu Weyr Baby
Eirlys Son Xanadu Weyr Baby
Kalyri Daughter Xanadu Weyr Baby
Rissian Grandmother (Iris) Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
I'drak Grandfather (Iris) Half Moon Bay Weyr Brownrider
Kilyanna Grandmother (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Taraden Grandfather (Ila'den) Deceased Trader
Iris Mother Unknown Rider to Gold Shadhavarth
Ila'den Father Xanadu Weyr Wingrider with Bronze Teimyrth
R'hyn Step-Father (Ila'den) Xanadu Weyr Weyrleader with Bronze Xermiltoth
Citayla Step-Mom (Ilaryn) Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman with Gold Ilyscaeth
Kiltara Aunt Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
E'ros Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider to Bronze Iidenskapurth
Veliren Half-Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Akiva Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Asst. Headwoman
Kielric Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Ibsyglei Half-Sister Off to Sea Weyrbrat
Heribly Step-Sister Off to Sea Weyrbrat
Ciardyn Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Aevien Half-Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Yzaelia Step-Sister Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Skyllar Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Baby
Ardyn Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Baby
Kitahny Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Baby
Vauril Cousin Unknown Renegade
Taeski Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
Kiorel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Alarmingly Adult
Katrel Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Alarmingly Adulty Also
Kiric Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Too Grown Up



Let's Rock This House Gold Leirith

Broad shoulders and hips shine with yellow mustard, their imposing lines tapering down to a narrow keel and short but strong legs tucked beneath her. She's a bright gold, her colors brash and undiluted along the trapezoidal prism of her body. Her head is a wedge shape, with a short muzzle and large eyes, and one of her knobs sticks almost directly upward while the other remains tucked close to her head. Across her chest sweeps a band of cream, crisp-edged as it goes from the base of one wing to the other in a straight (well, curved around her torso) line. Those wings are powerfully built, with squared spars near the shoulders that extend - and extend - into long sweeps that stretch until they're almost skeletal at the ends, narrow pinions with the sails between fading from a smoky amber glass through to an all but invisible shine of golden sunlight along their trailing edges. She may have short legs, but those wings ensure that no stairs will ever defeat her… even if those slightly gnarled black talons can't quite manage to get a grip. Matching those wings in extent is the length of her tail. It's broader on top than the bottom, tapering along its length until it divides into a forked tip whose prongs are sparked with fluorescent white.


Deceptively Normal Green Whisper
There is nothing remarkable about this little green. If she was placed in a crowd of her peers she would be the last one picked by anyone who was looking for a potential lifemate. Her lines are as graceful and supple as any other firelizards, her wings are just as long and so is her tail but there just isn't anything distinctive to the eye. She is green, that is about the only thing one can say for her. She is mostly uniform in color too, a darker forest shade across her back and the tops of both wings that becomes lighter on her underbelly. More or less standard for any kind of lizard anywhere really. Claws are so light they are almost white and the spines along her back and the knobs of her head are just a shade brighter than the rest of her to give her some definition. In behavior she seems normal too, doing all of the things that firelizards do. Treats and flying and nestling in hair and all of that. She is the stereotypical green … except for one bit of odd behavior. Once she becomes of age to mate she has a disturbing habit of chasing after other greens when they fly to mate. It is unknown why she does this, out of jealousy or if she just really likes the shape of green tails and hindquarters. She has a downright embarassing habit of dreamily eyeing other glowing greens, lying there with her head on her forelimbs and just staring away. Because she wants to be them. Right?

I Can't Hear You Over The Sound Of… Blue Archer
He is tiny. And blue. AND FIERCELY CUTE.

Void Call Brown Hunter
On the smaller end of the spectrum for his colour, this angular brown is likely to grow into an agile creature, able to effortlessly command the skies. What he lacks in size, he makes up for with presence, nearly always perched somewhere nearby and crouched ready to pounce, his shadowy wings arched high and curled about himself. It's difficult to tell whether he is truly brown or actually black, only in very bright light discernibly not some mutation. It's the rusty, crimson highlights that sweep over his ribcage and up through his wingsails that give him away, muddling as they do at their edges in earthy tones before fading into the near midnight of the rest of him. From nose to tail, he's slender, his sharp ridges edged with an autumnal amber to match his sharp, deadly claws.

For Your Pleasure Bronze Whiskey
Plastic is fantastic — or so this mass-production bronze can allege, with bulbous headknobs and a fat, ridged neck that looks suspiciously phallic given the squat, blunt capacity of his rounded nose. The rest of him doesn't do much for diminishing the pervasive propensity of penile persuasion, his bronze hide faintly pink-tinged in mass-produced fantasy. Little characters are stamped into his undercarriage, chickenscratch that makes no sense but to those who put together his packaging. And his packaging - yeah, he's got a package, all right. You know what they say about big tails…

Phoebis and Papilio Gold Potato
Dazzling sun-bright gold forms the base colouring of this striking queen, for a Queen she is, in both color and demeanour. Delicate though she may be of features, she exhibits a quiet and hidden strength, regal in pose and not lacking in confidence. Diluted bands of antique and burnished gold form a long stripe from the back of her head and down the elegant curve of her neck, back and all the way to the tip of her slender tail. More banding appears on her shoulders and haunches, where gold turns a fiery shade along hips and echoed again in the curve of sharp talons. Her wings, large and broad, taper to near angular points. Extended, the translucent sails show further stripes of darker gold, near invisible, along wingspans and paper-thin edges. They are wings that promise to make her a quick and strong flier, capable of gliding for lengths of time that are close to uncanny for a gold her size.


Risa's Songs:

New Tradition
Don't Make Me
Use My Voice
Masterpiece (Lyrics)
Dangerous Woman (Lyrics)
Confident (Lyrics)
Devil On My Shoulder (Lyrics)
I'm Gonna Show You Crazy (Lyrics)
You Don't Own Me (Lyrics)


Risali has been in 262 logs since Xanadu Weyr knew true terror.

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