Brown hair is cut short, falling just past her ears, though it is often clipped back from her face with the use of a single barrette, keeping it from obscuring her hazel eyes. Her face is narrow - a word that can describe her nose as well - and also her body in general. It is possible that she has not yet reached her adult height, and her body is just barely beginning to fill out - leaving her lean form easily mistaken for that of a boy.
Her clothes certainly don't work against that assumption - on a normal day, she can be found wearing non-descript pants and a loose button up shirt that falls to her hips.


Ricki was born the third child, and third daughter to Nicca and brownrider O'ric, of Xanadu Weyr, and granddaughter to the former Senior Weyrwoman Niva. With older sisters Saria and Cara already around, her name proves that her parents had assumed they may have finally gotten a son - except not.

She has a rather unremarkable childhood - with her parents doing their own special sort of investigative journalism, she often found herself piled on the back of brown Oceleth to explore a new part of Pern, but the family always returned home to Xanadu. As she aged, the trips with her parents became rarer, special treats as a distraction from Harper lessons, and now as a young teenager she is working to find her own place in the world


Name Relation Location Position
Nicca Mother Based @ Xanadu Weyr Journalist
O'ric Father Based @ Xanadu Weyr Brownrider to Oceleth
Saria Eldest Sister Xanadu Weyr Resident
Cara Middle Sister Xanadu Weyr Greenrider to Faeth
Niva Grandmother Xanadu Weyr Retired Weyrwoman to Kilaueth
C'ian Grandfather Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider to Alhenaeth




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