Portrayed By Saorise Ronan
Gender Female
Aliases Rhody
Place of Birth Vintner Hall, Benden
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Senior Weyrling
Dragon Gold Inasyth


Long limbed and slender, this young woman's bearing is more awkward young runner than graceful. Luckily, that's where the runner comparisons can end as her oval face has surprisingly delicate features. Her complexion is fair with matching seafoam eyes and slightly wavy, flaxen hair. Light colors and flowing layers tend to be Rhody's usual outfits. Her baby blue skirt is long enough to brush the top of her tan sandals and paired with a gauzy cream blouse to help protect from the sun.


Rhodelia was born in a small cothold only a quick runner's ride away from Benden Hold. She's the youngest of three children with her father being a master vintner who also happened to have a master plan for his children. Her brother and sister happened to fall in line easily enough with Rhosel following in dad's footsteps and pretty Liada becoming a harper.

Rhodelia tried her hand at being a vintner, she really did, but her heart wasn't in it. Entertaining people was fine and dandy but the actual making of the wine bored her. She pushed past the boredom until she got to the point where she had to start working on her journeyman's project. Any time she met with her senior journeyman to discuss her project, she froze. Got a bad stomach ache. Accidentally cut her hand with a corkscrew once when someone reminded her she was running late. After a turn and a half of stalling, excuses eventually ran out and one day she packed up what few belongings she cared about and just left a note with her knot on the bed.

The furthest place she could think to run to was Xanadu and so with a little bit of trading, she managed to find a ride.

Once in Xanadu, she promptly learned she didn't have a plan besides 'run away here' and so she turned to the one thing that was familiar. Booze. The former vintner apprentice became a bartender. When Leirith had a clutch, D'lei thought it'd be a good idea to give her a candidate knot. While there was no dragon waiting for her with that clutch, Rhodelia went back to bartending until Risali needed an assistant and Rhody couldn't think of a reason to say no so her answer was 'Why not?'.


Name Relation Location Position
Rholan Father (+32 turns) A Benden cothold a master vintner
Dillia Mother (+28 turns) A Benden cothold baker
Rhosel Brother (+6 turns) A Benden cothold Journeyman vintner
Liada Sister (+3 turns) Benden Hold Journeyman Harper



Poetry in Motion Gold Inasyth
There's something soft about this golden creature,
Something in her ample curves and simple face,
A gentleness carried forth in her every feature -
Even in the strength of her stride, prim despite lacking in grace.
There's little doubt of that spirit which her color shows,
Of a mother's steadfast admiration and easy humor;
It's visible in a sunlit hide that shifts and glows,
gentle brushings of ochre doing little to distill the rumor
That perhaps she's more avian than dragon at all.
Tawny paws are more suited to ground-pounding than launching a flight,
And though wide wings are sure to never let her fall,
To say her feather-print bulk belongs in the skies would be putting it… perhaps not-quite-right.
At least she makes up for the dearth with her shimmering hide,
Sweet cinnamon dapples borne 'round her neck in pride.


Fluffy Murder-Bot (Final Name still TBD)

Pena - A fluffy, adorable, untrained pomeranian. Entrusted to Ajral during weyrlinghood.


An old barn in the forest. Actual desc still to come.



Rhody has been in 132 logs at Xanadu.

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