Rhalin (R'lin)


The teenage years have not been overly unkind to this boy, though his build does have the required feeling of awkwardness about it. That general statement holds true in varying degrees over the course of his development, though overall he stays towards the skinny side and in the vicinity of average height. Pale green eyes appear a little large as the sage color contrasts markedly with his tanned skin. Scruffy blonde hair has become even lighter on the top layers from sun bleaching, giving the uneven strands a couple different hues.
Rhalin's clothes are a quite simple, which is probably a good thing from the wear and tear they apparently get. The tunic he wears is a muted green, short sleeves slightly baggy on his arms and the length only reaching just past his waist. His brown pants have a hole in one knee amongst numerous grass or mud stains. Last but not least are a pair of sandals made from leather, they include straps that manage to keep them on his active feet.
Rhalin currently sports a simple brown and black knot with a single white strand woven through it.


Rhalin was born soon after his Journeyman weaver parents moved from Igen hold to Keroon hold, leaving his older brother Ta'sin behind. Sadly his older sister Rhelia also came with to Keroon so quickly she became his permanent babysitter while his parents did their craft thing. This worked mainly fine, and though Rhelia's bossy behavior caused the boy to begin to rebel, he mainly stayed in check. Once his older sister reached puberty though, she quickly started paying much more attention to boys her age, and next to little time keeping an eye on her brother. This caused problems to say the least, especially as he became something of an attention-seeker, getting it however he could. So finally Talia and Rhesin decided to send the boy off to his greenrider brother at the weyr, hoping he could keep a better eye on the boy. Or at least pay attention to him.


Name Relation Location Position
Talia Mother Keroon Hold Weaver
Rhesin Father Keroon Hold Weaver
Ta'sin Brother Ista Weyr Rider to green Janneth
Rhelia Sister Western Weyr Rider to green Mevalonath


Death Valley is Brown Mask
Almost even proportions are covered predominantly in shades of tan. If viewed from the top alone it's only the lack of shimmer that makes him known as a brown and not gold, his topline of sun-kissed blond with highlights of almost white warm grey. This fades down into sandy ochre coloration with lighter dustings of near-white khaki. Up from the belly reaches dark sepia and umbar, moving into tendrils that become almost geometric dapples over the ochre, breaking it into seconds, like scales, along his even belly, shoulders and haunches. His wings reach large and wide in width and carry the same blond over the back of their sails while the inside, with the intense near golden tan bears the reaching geometric dapples of his belly from the edges of the sails, like fine ink lines across the sandy canvas.

Two Heads Are Better Than One Blue Sin
This blue has been submerged into a neutral shade and has absorbed this tone which makes a contrast to the rich royal blue which accents his muscles and the fine veins of his wings. But it is upon these same wings, deceptively simple in coloring, which his most distinctive feature may be found. At the summit of both wings, just beneath the flight-finger is a perfect circle which extends downward through a thin neck of color into an oval body and two short legs of color which spread and reach towards the bottom of the wings. Two arms of the same midnight blue reach out from the bodies towards the tips of the wings and the joints which join them. The impression of two holding hands it unmistakable and memorable upon an otherwise unnoticeable fellow.

Dangerously Curious Green Danger
This green firelizard has to her an old-fashioned grace, from the long, slender shape of her overall physique to the daintiness of her shapely claws and the smooth angularity of her finely shaped head. Her headknobs roll backwards away from her face, darkly colored in a spring green, arching backwards only to end in tips that curl ever so slightly under, just enough to be visible. This spring green lightens as it pours down over her head and down along her neck, catching on her neckridges and following them all the way to her tail; it colors her back and arms, even part of the way to her thighs, but there it melds with a darker pine green, mottled by bits and flecks of lime. A well-defined musculature turns emerald along her wings, lightening over the sails themselves, which sworl equally with barely visible touches of spearmint. Though her claws look just as dangerous as they might be, they are pale in color and shorter than usual, suggesting that she is of a firm but mild personality.


Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Niarleth


All the impurities found within the natural stone of jade have been purged from the hide of this dragon leaving behind a simple and unmarred pale creamy green. Such an even tone washes over the hide of the average sized dragon, yet cannot hide the harshness of her lean and rangy body. There is a hint of ribs along her side, while the rest of her bones provide a skeletal frame of angles and hard edges. Softening this appearance, but only slightly, are her headknobs and muzzle, which are well rounded as though tumbled through a riverbed for ages, out of place on her otherwise harsh body. Her wings are perhaps overly large on her narrow frame, though it could be an illusion caused by the gauntness of her form. While she measures up along most other greens, she simply appears to be a bit smaller due to her lack of bulkiness. Nearly blending in with her pale hide are a pair of ivory marbled talons. It is only from a distance that one can see a slight variation in her coloration. Beginning at her worn muzzle there is a bit more cream to the green of her supple hide, though as one's gaze travels down her neck it becomes apparent that her body contains more green pigment than the rest of her, a tribute which fades only slightly towards the tip of her tail.

*Image by Tarish


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