Though not as agile as he was earlier in life, the tall rider is still fairly robust and built. His features are rather rugged and hewn; there's a large, crooked nose set onto his broad, defined face. Caramel eyes are shadowed by large, bushy brown eyebrows. A patch of the same bushy coffee hair sprouts out of his strong chin and creeps up towards his ears. Long, stringy mocha hair is pulled back tightly, accentuating the growing bald patches of his receding hairline. The man has begun to form slight crow's feet at the corners of his eyes and a few faint scars of ambiguous origin mar his tanned skin.
Nicely tailored tawny leather pants hang from the man's waist, showing just a slight amount of wear along the bottom hem. His shirt is a simple shape and light beige in color. It seams clean and freshly-pressed - presumably done so by someone else. His swarthy hide boots are the only thing that don't fit the outfit; mud is encrusted along the soles and seams of these worn and patched shoes, and the man doesn't even take the time to tie the laces anymore.


Rhial was the son of Mytharia and Baral, brother to Meral. He traveled with his family alot, and eventually landed his own little space at Western Weyr. After a small amount of time, he was whisked away to Xanadu to be a Candidate for Everenth and Biancath's double clutch. Hatching comes, bronze Valenth pops out of an egg and Impresses to Rhial to make him Rh'al.

Rhial was born to Mytharia and Baral on a perfectly normal evening in the nearest Infirmary possible. To say the least, Rhial's past was a blur. His mother was a traveler; rushing between holds and weyrs and crafts, sending messages, delivering objects, trading goods. The boy never had time to sit and make a friend, or visit family; infact, the image of his father, Baral, was a distant one. The only reminder he got of his dad ever was a few notes of how very much they looked alike.

After years of traveling, he again saw his father and lo and behold his mother again fell pregnant. This was the first time in his life when he didn't have to travel alot, and he got to rest; making new friends and growing closer to his parents. He learned he was very talented at swimming, and it so happened that he was swimming when his brother decided to be born. Rhial returned home that afternoon to find his mother in the Infirmary, craddling a small bundle of blankets - yeah, his annoying little brother was somewhere in there. The boy was dubbed 'Meral', and only weeks pasted before Mytharia, Meral, and Rhial again started traveling, sans Baral. Meral and Rhial didn't prove to become very good friends, but their mother and each other were the only company they had; and so it was delt with.

After many years of this aforementioned traveling, Rhial grew extremely strong, moreso than most his age. He had muscule, though not brains. He began to puberty, his muscules developing more, his shoulders widening, his height growing. After this had started, he had decided to stop this traveling. He did alot of lone travelling now, finding places to stay for only a few days- then leaving. After visiting a few places, Rhial finally made his way to Western Weyr, and explored - taking up residency after a bit of thinking.

He mingled with the other residents, drank their klah, ate their food… just as alot of people do. It hadn't been long, merely about a sevenday, when he had decided to go out for a walk, his conversation companion walking out, too. Both Marhiya and Rhial spotted a green dragon and Marhiya had gone to conversation with her (About things Rhial didn't really know), and the aforementioned green dragon began to wrap her tail around him. After a bit of conversation, Lilenth became very interested in both Marhiya and Rhial, and they were swept away to stand for the double clutch of Everenth's and Biancath's at Xanadu Weyr.

Candidacy was a hard thing. Chores upon chores - though he wasn't one to complain about ones with needed strength, stuff such as washing dishes and mucking stalls began to get on his nerves. In his Candidacy their were a few pranks, a few touchings, a few times getting hurt because he couldn't sew his robe… then it finally happened. The dragons began to rumble, and the large number of Candidates were lead out in pairs.

The hatching went fast. Every time a name was announced, a wave of congratulations wafted loudly through the cavern. The sand fried them under their feet. Everyone had began to perspire greatly. It wasn't a very joyous time for him, until he thought he would escape the terrible feelings by Impression; a green had stopped to study him, but only shook her head and stalked off, nearly tripping him with her tail.

After a few more minutes another egg began to rock, this egg being his favorite; both in color and the contents he had discovered when he touched the egg. A proud bronze bounded out, awkwardly running to the girl he had been standing by. After he studied her, whuffled her, stuck his nose under the seam of her robe, the dragonet finally turned his head and nudged Rhial away from Fiona. Rhial suddenly felt the pressure of his mind as Impression was made, and the Dragonet announced his name to be Valenth.

Rh'al led a young Valenth to the side to be fed, cheer for the others, talk with his freshly-Impressed friends, ect. He waved good bye to the un-Impressed (For this clutch, anyways) Marhiya, and headed off to the Weyrling Barracks with the rest of the group. Weyrlinghood was even tougher than Candidacy. Taking care of a quickly growing dragon was harder than chores. Oiling, feeding, exercising. The dragons grew extremely quickly. In what seemed like a very quick time, the clutch was completely grown up; knowing how to fly, learning to *between* and even chasing proddy greens - which brings up Valenth catching Aerdon's green Cuveeth into our little tale.

One day, while visiting Western Weyr, Valenth, and a few other dragons received a message from Everenth to come to the Senior Weyrwoman's office immidiatly. After a bit of fear, Rh'al was called in, along with C'vex. C'vex isn't particularly someone our little bronzerider was particularly fond of - but they managed to keep to their own ways; except being forced together when both given Wingleader knots and badges.


Name Relation Location Position
Mytharia Mother Western Weyr Unknown
Baral Father Western Weyr Unknown
Ileana Daughter Xanadu Weyr Unknown
Aerhi Daughter Western Weyr Weyrwoman to Gold Onauth
Evhal Son Xanadu Weyr Unknown


Gold Isa
Fire flashes over the slender form of this queen, the gold of her hide more orange than yellow. Tongues of a still darker auric color lick up over her wings, tainting the membrane and melting over the thin bones. Her throat in encircled by a band of much paler flax, which sends tendrils up to twine around her haughty head, and around the eyes that reveal her hot temper. The darkest color on her body is almost a bronze, which begins along her left hind leg, and from there sends spurts off to each side until it tapers off, midway up her back. Her stomach too is pale, almost a white-gold really, until it gets to right beneath her chin, where it seems to have almost a blue tint to it. Her fiery hide is smooth over her long limbs, fitting to her form perfectly, which she knows.

Bronze Metal
A long, arched neck shimmers in the light as the burnished hide of this handsome bronze firelizard catches the meager rays of light that are allowed him by the shielding of his environment. Legs and belly are tarnished with dusty burnished gold emphasizing curves and shadows while dark, night ebony in dreary tones shine underneath the molten hide. Like a ripple of liquid metal, the tail flows behind him, wavering and dancing with life's exuberance, as though it were poured straight from a metallurgist's pot. His wings are of shining bronze that stretch forth from blazing shoulders, wingtips flaring skywards.

Green Amazon
Dark, shrub-like shades prowl soundlessly along this fairly large green's neckridge, eventually reaching an end near her middle back area, and meeting up with a blackish, more gray-green hue. The two colors seem to transform into a brilliant, bright green near the sides of the flit's belly and wingsails, being unusually different then the last two colors, which fade into a dark backround, only clashing with the neon shade near the very edges. A snake-like tail and the very ends of her talons are tipped with the last shade to be spotted, a faint brownish sheen covering the green, and seeming to only make an appearance in some sort of light. Nobody, /nobody/ messes with this green. Not even the most noble bronze would dare, as she won't hesitate to attack anything that may bring harm. Don't worry though, usually this lady is in a proud mood, and appears to be very extremely protective of anything she's fond of.


Brown Kings
Green Pearle


Trail Blazing Bronze Valenth
Flashes of light sparkle off of the hide of this bronze dragon, nearly blinding the eyes of people who happen to catch the reflection. The prismatic patterning on the body of this dragon seems to magnify any ray of light that may fall upon his form, particularly when he spreads his wings. The transluscent sails glimmer when they unfurl, and spars sparkle with a light dusting of gold. In the darkness, the pattern can be seen that covers his ribcage and midlin, showing a criss-crossing that looks as though he were… thrown on a grill? The heat must have penetrated his color, as hot crimson and searing vermillion permeate throughout his body, making the bronze color glow with a sweaty heat.


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Random Log: The Secret is Out 2003 C'ian, Kysli, Niva, and Rh'al
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