Though he is not tall at all, Rezso's legs are long compared to his square torso. Broad shoulders help balance out his equally broad shape. He is genuinely barrel-chested and carries excess pounds around his waist, making him pleasantly chubby. His skin is rough and tan like leather, a shade akin to the tawny brown of his short-cropped hair that he keeps brushed back in an effort to look clean. Silvery blue eyes pop against his brown complexion, rimmed with blonde lashes and surmounted by thick eyebrows of a mixed bronze shade. And the rest is pretty average: an upturned nose, wide nude lips, and a defined jawline that comes to a square point at his chin.

Brilliantly dyed and cured hides adorn his body. Biscuit breeches tailored to fit snugly to his legs are held in check by a pelt belt of russet hair - likely a herdbeast's - in ragged finish. Hard, hide boots in chocolate, turned down twice, fit his feet impeccably. But on his torso, might be the best illustration of his craft. He wears a thin linen shirt in brown-gray, buttoned down the front, and overtop is laced a russet vest trimmed in rich threads. Lastly, a verdant green scarf is secured around his neck, tied in a simple knot at the back and setting off his outfit with a splash of color.


The lush forests and fertile stomping grounds of Lemos were the perfect place for the young Rezso to get his running start. He was born, like many children, to a laundress and a hunter in the region. His was an average childhood, accompanied by his two older siblings and a handful of friends. Becoming a young man who could hold his own and pull rank took many years of practice, many stupid mistakes and garnering plenty of whippings for bad behavior. But he was unquestionably like any other boy, he yearned for adventure, innocent kisses, and to receive praise from his peers. It was nothing if ordinary.

Perhaps the only thing out of the ordinary for Rezso was that, at an early age, he was comfortable with the lands he was raised in and he grew to make use of their abundant produce. Whittling, gathering, growing, fishing, and eventually, hunting; at the age of ten he was well versed in all of them. Hunting fed into his love of tanning. Once they brought their kills home, what they would keep, they would have to cut the skin from the meat, and oftimes they would give the hides to a neighboring tanner. A journeyman to be exact, who would cure the hides and make items of luxury for anyone (especially the Lord Holder) who had the marks to pay for them. It was from this man that the young Rezso learned his most favored lessons.

And it was also this man who wrote the Tannercraft Hall, recommending the backwoods boy for the craft with his knowledge of hunting, the carcass, and how quick he was learning about curing hides afterwards. They were interested and at the tentative age of thirteen, he was taken to the Hall and admitted as an apprentice. Where began a whole new set of adventures and new hurtles to jump over to prove himself.


Name Relation Location Position
Ziorla Mother Lemos Laundress
Seoten Father Lemos Hunter
Lioza Sibling Lemos ??
Zeten Sibling Lemos ??


Bronze Zev



Title OOC Date Cast
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso
Rezso is Searched January 18, 2010 Adanaith(NPC), Lerta(NPC), Rezso
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