Tall, slender and lanky, this boy's sandy blonde hair is bleached by the sun, lightening it considerably. Green eyes are shaded by prominent brows, his crooked nose suggesting a break in his earlier youth. Skin is tan and roughened, a clear indication of life on or near the sea, along with the quickness of his fingers. His clothing is rough and colorless, drab brown and grey hues hanging off him and cinched tight at his waist with a wide leather belt. He's unkempt at best, and at worst he's dirty and downright shabby.


Reid's background is not something he discusses. Ever. With anyone. Questions about it are deflected with a laugh and a nimble change of subject, or more firm avoidance tactics if the previous ones are ineffective. But if you must know, Reid's history is a bit of a sordid one. His father, a man of questionable reputation and his mother a woman of the same, and their coupling was not out of anything resembling love. Still, with no other options available to her, his mother carried the boy to term and left him in the care of a trader caravan by the time honored tradition of leaving him by their fire to find come morning.
The caravan, having a need for workers so long as they were male, took the boy and raised him, though it was clear he was not one of them. They were not cruel, but to a wild boy like Reid, any sort of direction or correction was agony, and so it's no surprise he fled the caravan when he was twelve. He's been on his own since then, traveling and doing odd jobs, relying on wit and charm to earn or steal the goods he needs to survive. He has a small skiff, the acquiring of which is also questionable at best and something he does not talk about, and it is the only thing he shows even the slightest affection towards.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Unknown Unknown
Unknown Mother Unknown Unknown
Unknown Siblings Unknown Unknown




Title OOC Date Cast
The ShadowBay Boy March 30, 2014 Reid, Kera
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