Rei is a small girl. Barely five feet in height and weighing in at less than one hundred pounds, she is slight of frame but still retains very gentle curves to her. Rei's strawberry blonde hair is pin-straight and reaches midway down her back. It's often braided to keep out her face while she attends to her duties or mills about. Even Rei's facial features are small, except for her big green eyes which are slightly slanted. She has a bit of tan to her skin from spending time outside, but would generally be classified as fair skinned.
Rei is usually found wearing flowing skirts when she's not busy working. Blouses and knitted sweaters adorn her top. She tends to stick to lighter pastel colors, pinks greens and blues, but is also seen wearing a lot of red.


Reiko was born on a herdbeast raising cothold tied to the larger Keroon Hold near Igen Weyr. Reiko's conception was a surprise to both her parents, as it had been ten turns since the youngest of her elder brothers was born. Unfortunately Reiko's mother, though overjoyed at being pregnant with her first girl, was too old to endure the stresses of pregnancy. Into her third trimester she fell ill, and the hold healers, concerned for both her health and that of Reiko performed an emergency caesarian. The surgery went well, but Reiko's mother did not live long enough to take her home.
Despite the tragedy surrounding Reiko's birth, her father and three older brothers were happy to welcome a new face into their family. Though she was never encouraged to help around the farm, Reiko loved to be around the herdbeasts and always was happy to lend a hand where she could even as a small child. Her bubbly and bright personality helped her aging father cope with his wife's untimely passing, and also provided the necessary force to keep all her brothers at the farm. It wasn't until her father's death when she was fourteen that Reiko decided to leave the farm and head out on her own.


Name Relation Location Position
Regalia Mother Deceased
Ichiko Father Deceased
Galik Brother
Chiko Brother
Ichiga Brother


Crystallized Geode Bronze Geo
Soft bronze, tinges of a golden-grey dancing beneath it, spiral around this firelizard's body, enveloping him from the tip of his pointy muzzle, darting over equally as angled headknobs, and alone his back. Seemingly all angles and sharp points, wings are pale, sails stretched taunt from spar to spar. Dappled yellow-bronze speckles his tail and long limbs, sharp ebony talons standing out sharply. Jagged ridges, brushed with hints of amethyst dart down his back, crystallized beauty.

Morning Glory Blue Blue Inouva
This little blue firelizard is a finely formed specimen. Soft violet blue spills over his hide starting from his triangular shaped head, a deeper shade of violet tracing his delicate jaw and slender headknobs. Running down his serpentine neck one notes indigo peeking at his neckridges, the color misting over his shoulders, haunches, and finally his elegant tail. To contrast these dark tones a shockingly bright splotch of red violet bursts over his chest. The splotch is actually well formed, five thin lines emerging from a pool of yellowish white at the core. His wings seem to be made from filmy paper, a frightening frailty to them as they flow out in translucent violet. His bony paws and wings are both capped with silver talons, a non threatening look prevailing despite their sharpness.


Consorting with Death Green Dalriath
Compact strength and lithe curves build a form that brings to mind a homely elegance: a beauty that is grown into and more inherited in movement rather than in form. Headknobs gleam in a shade of emerald, disappearing into a dusting of gold about the crown of her head that fades into a green so pale that it becomes nearly white: dancing down ridges of spine, all the way to a tail which darkens suddenly at the end into an emerald once more. The rest of her is a collection of darker shades of green, broken by the near white-gold that dips in like marble. She has a shorter, more muted snout than many, but it conveys an almost wizened expression more often than not - especially atop the long, lithe neck. Wings, when spread, often seem more white than green upon the membrane, so pale is the coloration. Wingspars and talons are the only dark points upon her body: each capped in pure black.


Title OOC Date Cast
Running Into Trouble March 20, 2009 Chaise, Cenlia, Rei, Thea, X'hil, Zevida
Lizards on the Beach May 9, 2009 Cenlia, Satoris, Rei, Rogawani, Morlanol
Candidate Commiseration and Mending Mayhem May 13, 2009 Cenlia, Rei, Rogawani, Riyontali
Cupcake Chaos May 14, 2009 Kire, Morlanol, Rei, Riyontali, Rogawani, Sabrina, Thea
Lizards and Love Letters May 16, 2009 Cenlia, Keziah, Morlanol, Rei, Riyontali, Rogawani, Ruzel
Drinking, Candidates, and Enmity May 28, 2009 Morlanol, Rei, Satoris, Vivian
The Ride to Survival Camp June 04, 2009 Cenlia, Jessamin, Morlanol, Rei, Rogawani
Cabin Fever June 14, 2009 M'nol, Sigam, Phylicia, Rei, and Thea
Xanadu Weyr Hatching, June 7, 2009 June 7, 2009 Ameera, Avaeth, Cenlia, Dhonzayth, Donakan, D'son, Eledri, Enkavir, Ethne, Fortinos, Gimeki, Jessamin, Jorrel, Keziah, Lissi, Lerta, Liya, L'ton, M'ori, Moria, Morlanol, Niva, Rei, Rogawani, Ruzel, Satoris, Riyontali, Sigam, Taira, Thea, Vivian, Yontal, Zevida
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