The epitome of average, Ralily is usually not one to stand out in a crowd, in both attitude and appearance. Her wavy auburn hair is a darkened shade, looking quite black in the more dim atmospheres, and is often kept in a relaxed, high-set bun with wisps flying loose around her oval-shaped face. With green eyes and slightly wide nose, she has a hint of exotic flair. Of average height, she has the complexion of someone who sees quite a bit of sun, and her body strong with youth. Not entirely slender or lithe, she has a little meat on her bones with the beginnings of a curvy upper body, a short torso, and narrow hips. Her most notable feature is her legs - since her upper body is short, her legs are quite long.
Her clothing is plain and made for working, not fashion. A V-necked blouse is close-cut, made of a lightweight pale blue fabric, without sleeves so she could move easier in the heat. Her pants are of a dark blue, worn jeans material, only slightly baggy, with a few pockets sewn to the sides of her knees and on her thighs. Her ensemble is tied together with heavy black boots and a black belt that match. The only "jewelry" she wears is a bracelet of thin, braided rope.


Daughter of two journeymen miners, one could say that the Minecraft runs in Ralily's blood. Although not officially affiliated with the craft other than her parents being members, she has spent her entire life in the Crom area, born and raised in the mountain range that Crom and the Minecraft calls home.

As an only child, she knew work from the moment she could walk. Both of her parents were - and still are - deeply involved in their career, her father mining primarily gems and precious metals, and her mother focusing on her specialty of gem cutting, polishing, and jewelry making. Deciding that pregnancy and child rearing took away from time that could be spent in the mines, Angli and Kathan decided to not have any more children, and instead focused on raising Ralily with some serious work ethic. Since the mines are no place for children, she spent the majority of her days tending and helping the resident beastcrafters maintain the small herd of ponies used in the mines. When not doing that, she shuttled back and forth to Crom for the lessons that all children must take.

With the recent earthquake in Xanadu, the call for surveyors were put forth to the Minecraft and amongst the miners to answer the call, her father happened to be one of them. Her mother chose to stay at the hall to continue her gem-working, and Ralily took her father up on his offer to travel with him to the southern continent to investigate the possibilities of a new mine opening up.


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Findings in a Cave November, 2008 Y'ki, Niva, Zevida, Shellie, Ralily, Laera, Kathan
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