Aside from very short mousy brown hair and large, vivid, jewel-like, hazel green eyes, there is nothing overtly remarkable about this girl. She's taller than the average female, perhaps a shade over 5'8", and probably more muscular as well. She has the basic, athletic female shape. She seems to exude confidence through languid, catlike grace. Aside from a button nose, her features are angular - high cheekbones, a pointy chin and slender lips. Her teeth, often flashed in a wide grin, are relatively white and straight. Her skin is smooth and free of blemishes, with enough of a tan to be a healthy caramel color. With some hair, she might actually pass as pretty.
She wears a yellow tank top with a pair of brown, cropped pants. Indeed, Rafca is a muscular gal, with definition in her arms and her calves. A decorative, beaded belt is slung haphazardly across her hips. An anklet with matching beads encircles her left ankle, while a matching bracelet encircles her right wrist. She wears a pair of brown sandals on her feet.


Rafca was born in a farm hold in the territory around Southern Hold. Her family was well enough off, they were traditionalists, and Rafca was raised in a manner appropriate to those two veins of thought. Unfortunately, Rafca was a tomboy. Lady stuff? Pff. She wanted to be outside, doing 'fun stuff' - like hunting with her brothers. Unfortunately for Rafca, she hit puberty early and was forced to do more girly stuff. Unfortunately for them, at twelve she was able to pass for older. She ran away briefly - but was returned to the farmhold. Thwarted!

At fourteen she got her father's permission to leave for work at Southern Hold. After all, she had a younger sister who could be married off.

Over the turns since, Rafca has had a variety of odd jobs at a variety of holds, halls and Weyrs on the Southern Continent. She has worked as a nanny, a seamstress, a washwoman, a huntress, a scribe, a laborer, a farmer, a trainee as a guard, a cook, and an assistant. Needless to say, she rarely stays anywhere for very long.


Blue Tattoo
Pale and lithe, it appears as if this little one was dunked in bleach. Cloudy mist passes over faded cyan base tones. They start most vividly at the snout, wafting back into the faintest hues of sky over his small frame. A dusty cornflower reaches up along his limbs and down the tips of his sails. The cyan returns at the middle of his tail, darkening to the same hues as his snout upon reaching his tail tip. What he lacks in mass he makes up for in personality, eye whirrling with belligerance and elongated snout held in the air. He's quite the proud sort.


Blue Raath
Two single shades of blue comprise the color-battle that ensues from muzzle to tail-tip over this dragon's frame. Navy, surely the dominant color, claims the snout and eyeridges, large, multi-faceted eyes projecting emotion as two-toned as his hide. It is at stunted headknobs that indigo protests, dousing the back of his head in a beautiful shade before the fight continues, both colors marching in streaks and dashes down the beast's muscular back. Darkness falls across awkward wings in a violent explosion of black-blue, sails falling victim to the aggression of navy as only dappling of a lighter shade appear about the trailing edge of the 'sails. Near-black looms across the darkness of his belly, bruised purples and blues creeping upward in a delicate argument along his sides to thin and disappear upon darkling neckridges. Indigo seemingly claims victory in this vicious feud, coloring the majority of an oversized tail in a splash of vibrancy.


Title OOC Date Cast
Calanth's Weyrlings Graduate April 21, 2006 Aeris, Bryant, Cirilia, Denna, F'alk, Isa, J'di, Kirilla, L'alie, Lilia, Mysia, Rafca, Senkyou, Sianne, T'maz, Trilanna, and V'dim(NPC)
Xanadu Hatching - March 14, 2006 March 14, 2006 Calanth, Casiella, Cirilia, Deguila, Faulk, Jeordi, J'ymi, Lorena, Menea, Rafca, Sabriel, Sarcon, Tandelek, Tomaz, V'dim
Random Log: Touching Calanth's Eggs 2006 Danewt, Deguila, Jeordi, Lorena, Menea, Rafca, and Tomaz
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