Large hazel eyes are thick-lashed under dark brows. Caramel-colored hair frames a round face in loose waves highlighted by copper glints where the light plays upon it. Under a pert nose, full lips oft-forming a wide, spontaneous smile, parting to show even, white teeth. She's a little thing - probably won't grow much taller than her current height of five feet. Lanky? Not her. She has a petite frame with little hands, small feet, slim waist and yet there's a softness to her, slight curves of hip and breast that gives the perky-looking teen a distinctive femininity.

Her clothes are nondescript, sturdy skirts, blouse, worn leather jacket, scuffed boots. Nothing matches many are patched or mended. These are obviously garments picked up from storage room cast-offs of generous hold and hall alike where her family's caravan has stopped.


Born to carters on the long, winding trail between Tillek and High Reaches Hold, Raelli's life has been relatively free of the restrictions most holdbred children experience. Harper lessons have been sporadic, most occurring when her family's caravan laid up in holds for delivery, repairs or waiting out inclement weather. Of hardy stock, her family's caravan served all of the High Reaches Area, specializing in delivery throughout the turn save in the worst of blizzards or the high mountainous passes made inaccessible by deep snows. A potentially hazardous occupation, being a carter requires self discipline, keen attention to surroundings, sober readiness for action and the skills to cope ably. Raelli? Has none of those, as she has demonstrated often enough that her parents are beginning to question her presence in the caravan and her doubtful future as a carter.


Name Relation Location Position
Chapar Father Tillek Seahold Carter
Lei Mother Tillek Seahold Carter
Chell Brother Tillek Seahold Child
Piel Brother Tillek Seahold Child



Title OOC Date Cast
Midwife Mur'dah January 01, 2014 Chapar (npc), Darsce, Feral (npc), Jethaniel, Mur'dah, Raelii
Thanks For Not Killing Me February 01, 2014 Mur'dah. Raelii
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