Ruzel is a young man, perhaps nearing twenty turns of age. He has the slightly awkward bearing and youthful looks of one who has just finished growing, still not used to his adult size and frame. He stands two or three inches shy of six feet and has a rather thin frame. His skin is very light, suggesting that he doesn't get a whole lot of time out in the sun. In stark contrast to his pale complexion are his dark black hair, kept cut very short, and his dark brown eyes. He is usually clean shaven, although a hint of stubble can sometimes be seen on his face in the evenings.

Ruzel is dressed very simply. He wears a tan-colored tunic with short sleeves and a pair of dark blue trousers, just light enough to avoid making him too hot on warm summer days. His feet are covered by a pair of brown leather sandals. Around his waist is a belt of black leather which holds a number of matching leather pouches of varying sizes and shapes, holding anything he might need with him.


Ruzel was the product of a mating flight at Xanadu weyr, the son of a pair of dragonriders who got along well enough but had no particular desire to be partners or parents. As with so many other children sired in similar situations, Ruzel grew up mostly under the watchful supervision and guidance of the weyr nannies and the ever-changing cast of candidates roped in to assisting them. Ruzel showed an interest in art, painting, and drawing, spending most of his free time in artistic pursuits as he grew older. Never being a particularly strong or traditionally intellectual sort he never ended up drawn to a particular craft. Instead, he has mostly supported himself as a handyman, performing odd jobs and simple errands for weyrfolk who need assistance. The work gives him enough income to continue to pursue his dream of making a living from his art, although he has no realistic plan for making that happen.


Name Relation Location Position
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Washed Out Rocker Brown Rock
If a word were used to describe this brown firelizard, it would be tortured. Even in the way he carries himself, he looks as if the weight of the world lies upon him. His coloring is dark, but washed out: leaving him looking gaunt and sickly. A dark underbelly carries the look of one grungy and dirty to even legs and tail. However, the color fades as it reaches his back, wings, and notably so upon the tips of headknobs: the dark browns fading until they're a mere tan. Almost white, even. Talons and wingspars are a dark ebony, as if painted, and around his multi-faceted eyes, this brown has a thin line of black.

Lord of the Jungle Blue River
This blue firelizard bespeaks power and strength belying his size, right from the very start. A light shade of azure forms the base color for his whole body, shot through with swirls of turquoise and cobalt all along his back and tail. Hints of a titian-hued bronze peek through around his headknobs and the back of his neck, looking like nothing more than a lion's mane. His belly, forearms and legs are fairly solid in color, that same shade of azure that caresses the rest of his body. Wingspars of deep turquoise spring from his back, with sails of pale sky blue stretched between them. Claws of a brassy bronze tip each talon, glittering brightly in the light.


From the Dragon's Kiln Brown Mikalath

Pulled from the fire too early is this bulky dragon, made of deep earthy clay that has just begun to cook and burn, crisp from the flame. The exposed dragon begins to crack with the cool air that he is exposed to, thin lines of black plaguing different parts of his figure. Crackle is visible along the start of his wingsails on his right side, beneath his left eye, along his strong neck, and down to the very tip of his tail. Soft emerald specks of wet paint dance along his large wings and down his broad back, meshing with faint splotches of burgundy that gather there.


Title OOC Date Cast
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Klah, Girls, Doom and Destruction May 23, 2009 Cenlia, D'son, Jessamin, Morlanol, Riyantali, Rogawani, Ruzel, Vivian
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