Short medium-brown hair is tousled, an eternal bed-head look, a few stray pieces touching his high forehead. His long face bears an average nose, fairly small mouth, and thin brown eyes hugged closely by bushy eyebrows. He is rather on the short side, and his overall appearance suggests a form muscled from family traits rather than getting out much. His skin is pale from lack of sunlight and his hands are generally spotted with ink.

He is wearing a simple pair of grey riding leathers teamed with a matching grey linen tunic that is spotted with ink around the right sleeve. On his feet are a pair of old, scuffed boots, the broken and re-knotted laces and disreputable finish looking odd when paired with the respectable outfit.

On his shoulder is the knot of a Xanadu bronzerider, while his jacket sleeve boasts a Galaxy wing patch.


Rusul was born and raised in the Master Beasthall by Journeyrank parents. His brothers (all younger) have grown up raising, training, and breeding runnerbeasts, but Rusul was always the bookish sort. He far preferred reading about breeding lines and keeping records to the actual hands-on messiness. As any hallbrat would, though, he has experience in all aspects of Beasthall life, but whenever he got the chance he would have his head buried in a book. He left the Hall at seventeen when a visiting dragon decided that he should head to Telgar for the clutch they had on the sands. He stuck it out, making some wonderful friends in the process, but was more than happy to return to his books when he was left standing. These books were slightly different, however, as he decided to stay at Telgar and help get their records room in order. He stood again many times, each time leaving the sands to return to his books and when asked to stand again just after he turned twenty-four he almost turned it down. Luckily for him, and more luckily for Oath of Blood and Bronze Hesketh, he said yes and once the hatching was over he left for the weyrling barracks not his beloved books.

Weyrlinghood was a challenge, Hesketh was not one to give him spare time for his books, but as the bronze grew the pair came to more of an understanding and eventually a compromise — reading on dragonback was really an experiment that should not have been attempted.

After graduation the pair decided to move on. Now that he was a rider and not an archivist things had changed at Telgar and he had always had a want to see the records room at Fort. Oddly it wasn't Fort where he settled initially. The pair moved around for a time, Hesketh chasing in as many flights as he could manage and R'sul avoiding talking to the female's riders the next morning, and it was Xanadu that the pair eventually settled at for longest.

Becoming Weyrleader was something of a shock, doubly so when it appeared that he and Niva would never have particularly friendly relationship - she scared him and seemed to rather dislike him. His greatest ally would turn out to be his Weyrsecond, L'alie, who in time would also become lover, mother of his children, and eventually ex. Slightly before the breakup he took to over-eating as a means of dealing with stress, after the breakup he added drinking to his repertoire and even bullied Hesketh into taking more of an interest in greens again. The birth of his children seems to have put a halt to the drinking at least, but how long it will last is anyone's guess.

Character Trivia

  • R'sul is allergic to certain insect bites.
  • R'sul is extremely nervous around women, especially attractive and/or strong willed ones. Each of his long term relationships have been as a result of the women making the moves, not R'sul.
  • R'sul has been writing a history book since he was a teenager. It's still not finished.
  • R'sul has a tendency to self medicate with either food or alcohol in times of stress.
  • R'sul swore off women for a long time after the break-up with L'alie and still resents her for dumping him, claiming she dumped him for the next new weyrleader and must be a perk of the knot.


Name Relation Location Position
Fiara Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Harper Journeyman
Alistaur Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Surie Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Kisandra Mother BeastCraft Hall Senior Journeyman
Andrin Father BeastCraft Hall Senior Journeyman
Corriam Brother BeastCraft Hall Journeyman
Dandin Brother Tillek Hold Herder
Brome Brother Fort Hold Head Stablehand
L'alie Ex-girlfriend, children's mother Xanadu Weyr Rider of brown Adinaeth


Sunlit Maiden Gold Hanama
Rivulets of ancient amber cascade across the fey delicacy of this firelizard's frame, a silken, sun-gilt cloak to clothe an elfin form. Her graceful alabaster neck rises from her slim shoulders, augmenting the floating grace of slender limbs, a foil for the darker intricacy that weaves honeyed whispers over all else, ribboning body and tail with interlaced tracings of shadow and light. That light lingers in each wingspar, flickering across sails' breathy span to spin the web of lode-gold that veins each, brilliant filigree at once elegant yet evanescent.

Rich Mahogany Brown Thraxas
Before you lounges a reddish brown firelizard. His color is the rich, warm red-brown color of fine grained mahogany. Faint tracings of darker red-brown flow over him causing his hide to resemble woodgrain. Long and slender this one looks like he would fly like an arrow. His headnobs are set at a rakish angle, near lying back along his neck to be truthful. His neck is long and sinuous, his chest slender yet gives the impression of strength. His wings open revealing sails that remind one of watered silk with the sun behind it. Ichor filled veins tracing delicate designs on the sails.

Rippled Blue Horm
Ripples of blue pattern this firelizard's hide, crisper and clearer than even the most pristine of lakes, in a bright and vivid shade of light blue. Sunlight seems almost to reflect off of him, although at a closer glance that seems to be more of that rippling pattern than any real reflection. Physically, this firelizard is overly large for his length, one might even use the word 'round' to describe his distinctly pudgy appearance.



Oath of Blood and Bronze Hesketh
Long before men set foot on the stones of Pern, they fought with daggers of bronze precisely the shade of this dragon's hide, polished to a sheen that would admit no tarnish. He is built like such a weapon, straight and true, every line of his body sharp and precise. The square line of his muzzle is hard as stone, light seeming to reflect there as of the surface of a mirror, fading into shadows along the underside of his jaw. Sunlight echoes and glints off the sails of his wings, each bony spar delineated in ebony against the pale membranes. Almost skeletal, there seems to be no fat to pad his figure, just muscles taut as wire visible beneath the shimmering hide, but purpose compensates for lack of bulk. Every movement of limb is exact, right, proper. Only the tail is marred, a blotch of green-black there, a stain like ichor smeared over its length which will not be washed away. A jagged streak of paleness, a recently healed scar, runs the length of his belly.

*Hesketh drawn by the lovely Tarish


Title OOC Date Cast
Giving the Weyrleaders the News January 22, 2009 Fiara, Lorena, Niva, and R'sul
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
X'hil's New Old Knot March 19, 2009 Rogawani, R'sul, X'hil
Kilaueth's Leadership Flight April 19, 2009 D'son, Niva, R'miel, R'sul, X'hil
Keziah is Searched (and Laundry Duty) May 12, 2009 Keziah, R'sul, Rogawani
Another Sheep Found February 2009 Niva, R'sul
Xvetaoth Rises March 2009 K'ael, R'sul, X'hil, Xylaihl
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