A tall lithe man this is, his hair is a coppery crown of soft red strands, his face is freckled and dimpled, his eyes are a deep hazel that is almost silver. R'soe wears riding leathers that are died a deep blue to match his dragon, elegently decorated with moon and star patches. Underneath his leathers he wears a shirt of plain sky blue cotton, and long dark blue plain pants, altogther his appearance is rather striking.


R'soe was fostered under a Harper at Xanadu Weyr. He was impressed at the age of twelve, to blue Siyamath, and has been a member of many wings since then.


Subtle Smoke and Flowers Blue Siyamath
Rich cornflower blue blossoms over the stout torso of this dragon, waves of color rolling across his wide, bulky chest and strong neck. His whole body is compact, but heavily muscled, built much like a draft runner. The same bright blue frames a fiercely angular face, a softer smoke grey hue settling over each line, framing glinting jeweled eyes. Wings are slightly too short, contributing to his overall stocky apperance, but each sail and 'spar is dappled with various shades of deep cobalt and Prussian blue, overcast by a smokey haze that billows down into each sturdy, lowslung leg, tipped by brawny paws not the least bit gangly or graceful. A thick, blunt tail balances out his body, a powder blue down it's length into the very tip of his spade-shaped tail.


Title OOC Date Cast
An Unusual Series of Events Septemner 29, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Leona, M'nol, R'soe
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