This young man is about five and a half feet tall and still young enough — looking roughly 17 turns old — to have another inch or three left in him. His hair is dark blond and shaggy with a bit of a wave to it, just long enough to fall rebelliously in the way of his mud-brown eyes. As faces go, he hasn't been particularly blessed; individually, his features might be attractive, but they're just awkward when brought together. His face as a whole is thin, his nose small and with a slight bend to it that hints at some break or another; his mouth is wide and thin-lipped, prone to smiles that nearly split his face in two. His skin is, at least, safe from the scourge of teens everywhere — acne hasn't left a mark on him, nor any other of the common complexion maladies suffered by most of his peers. He's rather well-built for his age, muscular and lean with a canine-pup lankiness that he might never properly grow out of. His hands and feet still seem a bit too large for him, still clumsily-carried courtesy of his youth.

His clothing isn't anything terribly elaborate, consisting on a general basis of a plain tunic in some bland color or another, a pair of wher-hide trousers that require a belt to keep them in place, and scuffed work boots that bespeak of abuse above and beyond what they should have endured. A knot at his shoulder signifies that he's a blueriding weyrling at Xanadu Weyr.


Rished is the youngest of four born to Journeyman Woodcrafter Trishana and Master Seacrafter Mondreg at Black Rock Hold; his eldest siblings are Torged and Shandre, followed some turns later by Moria. Despite the coddling and attention given to him by his two eldest siblings, Rished never felt too much of a bond with them — or, for that matter, with Moria, who was his elder by five turns. It's not to say he didn't (or doesn't!) love them, but that there was no close sibling bond between himself and any of them.

When they ventured out into their crafts, he was not-so-subtly pressured to do the same and followed the route of his mother and eldest sister by opting into the Woodcraft at Landing University at the age of twelve. He had a fair hand at ornamental carpentry and decorative carving and began to pursue that in some small degree early on.

Four and a half turns later, six months from his seventeenth turnday, he was finally promoted to Senior Apprentice and posted to Xanadu Weyr — this was partly to assist in flood recovery efforts in the area and to be slightly closer to his family. The greatest help of all has been from his sister Moria, who has been exceptional in trying to get him properly settled. Six months later and he's still trying to find his place in the whole mess, with adapting to Weyrlife being the least of his worries.

What's left for him to do, in the end? Walk the path forever shadowed by his family or find some way to strike it out on his own?


Name Relationship Location Position
Trishana Mother Black Rock Hold Jman Woodcrafter
Mondreg Father Black Rock Hold Master Seacrafter
Torged Brother Black Rock Hold Jman Seacrafter
Shandre Sister Black Rock Hold Jman Woodcrafter
Moria Sister Xanadu Weyr Jman Glasscrafter


Leader of Revelry Green Missy

A queen among greens is this firelizard, all sleek lines and feminine grace. Coated in a dark mossy green with subtle yellow highlights, she has the soft look of a pampered lady. Her hide is silky and smooth with a healthy sheen, shimmering in most light. Fragile wings are speckled with olive and sage, with larger drops scattered across hips and back as well. Her long, slender snout is dipped in a dark, vibrant emerald shade before fading back into the moss that enshrouds her form. Her paws, headknobs and tail tip are also treated in emerald, creating glimmering focal points across her body.

Sergeant of Police Blue Navy

This stubby blue firelizard seems completely monotone at first glance, swathed in faded navy from nose to tail. A closer look reveals subtle changes in color that liven his blocky form. His square nose is tinted with the faintest hint of green, creating an olive undertone that creeps up to his small eyes before quickly fades away before reaching his headknobs. Each blunted spinal ridge is dusted with speckles of the richest sapphire, soft hints of splendor that do not match his otherwise drab form. Pale blue edges sharp talons, bleeding up his forearms in thin ribbons that accent the flow of muscle beneath his soft hide. Finally, his belly is just a tad darker than the rest of his body, making it appear slimmer and less blocky.

Yahoo! I'm Free Brown Suede

This firelizard, overall, is a solid, light brown color: from the very tips of his wings to the points on his unusually sharp neckridges, that uniform color almost makes him look bland. However, stretching down from his underbelly to his tail is a darker brown, like carob sludge sinking to the very bottom of his frame. Of a average size, his charm is in the exceedingly soft, suede-like feel of his hide.


Titan of the Elder World Blue Lonarith

Bruised nightshade, midnight's dusky cloak, enshrouds the lithe form of this sleekly-muscled blue dragon, casting the leathered hide in astral shadow. Moonless twilight, lent infinity's depth by the distance of veiled stars' iridescence, sweeps across narrow muzzle and down supple neck. The heavens mantle his broad chest and shoulders in dark indigo, trailing afar off galaxies across his flanks and haunches. The eclipsed fire of a dying sun touches the tip of each neckridge with carnelian, bleeding down to the tip of his long, slender tail. Upon his parchment wingsails a jade aurora shimmers with cyan, lending lucent warmth to the pallor upon the thin membranes stretched between stark wingbones of sapphire. Underbelly and corded sinews of his fore and hind legs deepen to cobalt tipped with ebon coralline claws - elegant, yet clothed in powerful grace.


Title OOC Date Cast
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