Well into his adulthood, R'owan is hardly a towering or imposing creature like some men. Even so, he carries himself with a certain amount of confidence in the way he moves, a man sure of himself at last. Athletic, his body is strong and toned, kept in good physical shape but without the raw bulk that others may carry. His face has fairly gentle features and a sort of boyish charm that has grown into something more traditionally handsome. Mouse-brown hair hangs in tussled strands around his face, sometimes hanging into his eyes. Deep, gray eyes like the sky after a storm has broken hid behind his thin eyebrows.

R'owan's clothing is simple, but it carries the telltale signs of someone who still isn't quite settled into a rider's life. A worn wher-hide riding jacket is pulled over a gray-blue woven tunic with silver inlay around the wrists and neck. A pair of black trousers are held to his waist by a belt with a simple metal clasp with the image of two firelizards circling each other. A few small pouches hang from the sides of the belt, dangling against his thighs. A pair of black boots are laced up along his calves. His hands are covered with a set of thin gloves, leaving the fingertips exposed.


Full Name:

R'owan (Rogawani)
Ro, Roga
5' 8"

Birth Place:

Xanadu Weyr



Rogawani was born in Xanadu Weyr. His mother was one of the nannies who worked caring for children in the lower caverns, and his father was a herder journeyman who had been stationed at the weyr briefly. One couldn't really call their relationship a romance, but after a particularly stirring gold flight, the two found themselves together in relief of a mutual need. After a few more brief encounters, the journeyman left, returning to one of the Northern holds to work on his mastership. A baby boy was born a short time later.

He grew up in the lower caverns like most children of the weyr, fostered between sets of parents. However, he always knew who his birth mother was for the special little things she did for him on turndays and other special occasions. Eventually, she found a new mate in D'oran, a blue rider and the two went on to have children of their own. Rogawani never really considered them siblings, though. They grew up more like a real family, while he was far closer to the other rider-born weyrbrats. It seems that those love-blessed children would be destined for great things, and Rogawani would end up all but forgotten.

Luckily, one of the pair of foster parents he had lived with decided to take him under their wing. An older stablehand and his mate had never had any children. They looked to Rogawani as a son and often took him from the lower caverns to have him help out around the stables. This became more and more of a blessing as his half-siblings grew older, those who knew the blood relation between them often choosing to lord their place as rider-born over his head. However, it served as a constant reminder to Rogawani that the only family he really had were two old stablehands and a no-account father who he'd never met.

His foster father set things right with the boy, though, telling him that the dragons choose who they wish, and blood had little to do with it. So, Rogawani set thoughts of such things aside and concentrated on learning a trade. He ended up so skilled with a runner that at the age of fourteen he started training as a messenger, and soon was running deliveries and missives to and from the local holds and outlying areas. Anything that was too short of a distance to bother a dragon with.

The turns that followed brought on changes in Rogawani's life. He was forced to balance his sometimes boyish nature with the responsibility of an 'adult' job. He had to do a lot of growing up in a short time, but somehow still maintained a bit of innocence to him. He mourned when dead, overcooked dragon eggs were found in the wilds, only to find some mixed hope and apprehension when it seemed possible that a few hatchlings may have survived. He watched one of his best friends, Xaliyan, impress a blue dragon and become A'li, and rejoiced in his friend's triumph. He became closer friends with others around the weyr, and in a surprise that jolted his worldview drastically, was searched by D'had's Siebith.

So many things changed so quickly for Rogawani as a candidate. He fell in love with a fellow candidate named Riyontali and had to deal with everything from slippery floors to tainted gelatin. When the first set of eggs hatched, he wasn't surprised to be left behind on the sands, but silently greatful that he wasn't alone. Many of his candidate friends hadn't impressed in that first batch, either. The second time around, though, he came face to face with a wonder - his bronze Nyunath. Weyrlinghood came and went with only a moderate bit of worry that lingered over the impression of the girl he cared most about to a blue and what that meant to their relationship. The decision they came to? That dragon colors don't matter to love. Since then, R'owan and Ontali have been weyrmates, living in adjacent weyrbarns near the seaside part of Xanadu.

Some bit of luck or chance brought his bronze Nyunath to catch onto the senior queen, and for a short time, the young bronze-rider became the Weyrleader of Xanadu. He would catch her up a few times more before an older bronze's rider finally replaced him. For the most part, he did a passable job in the position, but it came as a bit of a relief to R'owan (but not to Nyunath) to return to a more calm position. With the new Weyrleader having de-knotted any females who lead wings at the time, he stepped up to take the position as Wingleader of Comet, returning to his roots as a delivery rider. For a number of turns R'owan continued comfortably in that position, but when Ontali revealed to him that she was pregnant with their first child, he decided to step down and take a less intensive position as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster in order to have a more active part in the life of his newborn daughter. He had every intention of being a good father - even if he never had one.

As the years passed, he dedicated more and more time to his family, causing him to step down to the position of Wingrider. This didn't stop Nyunath from chasing and the bronze from occasionally catching both green and gold. However, as his daughter reached majority, it was time for him to step back fully into Weyr life. With his former Weyrmate having departed, and his daughter old enough now for her own persuits, it seemed time for him to reclaim a life and position of his own.



Name Relation Location Position
Ontali Former Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Galaxy Wingrider (blue Cidheoth)
NPC: Riawni Daughter (By Ontali) Xanadu Weyr Apprentice Beastcraft
NPC: Kaili Foster Mother Xanadu Weyr Stablehand
NPC: Zakarian Foster Father Xanadu Weyr Stablehand
NPC: Danaka Blood-Mother Xanadu Weyr Nanny
NPC: Ronani Blood-Father Fort Hold Journeyman Beastcrafter (Deceased)
NPC: D'oran Step-father Ierne Weyr Blue Rider (Retired)


True Calling Gold Kassi
Name Meaning: Twined thread
Description: Tawny gold gathers upon the long, lean form of this firelizard, soft hues tickling at her stomach and along the inside of her limber legs, the muted yellow gathering in patches over her back and tail. Flax tickles her wingsails as they stretch between each delicate spar, while hints of rose tickle the tip of her muzzle. Old gold ridges slip seamlessly down her back, to the tip of her lean tail.

My Way or the Highway Bronze Kizuka
Name Meaning: Vision, Spirit, Phantom
Description: Burnished bronze dominates this firelizard, from headnobs to spaded tail, rippling muscles appear as he moves with determination. Tongues of flame flicker up along bronzen shoulders, reflecting rays of metallic light in tiny streaks of color. A broad, thin head is dappled with rosy spots of pale color along cheeks and eyeridges, drawing back to a dark, sinueous neck. Powerful paws are dipped in the darkest shades of bloody ebony, shifting to the purest of obsidian talons. Like a raging fire, tones of crimson, tangerine, and lemon shift across stretched wing-sails, giving the illusion of a flickering candle flame. Down, across his haunches, black spots speckle towards the darkened tip of his long tail.

Foggy Day Brown Kunge
Name Meaning: Thick Fog
Description: Muted browns and pale khakis float lazily over the body of this firelizard, colors drifting aimlessly over his rounded, barrel chest and his pudgy legs. Spars are slightly darker than the pale, almost sand-colored sails that stretch out from his back, the same pale colors tickling the line of his belly, twisting a hold around his tail to the tip. Silvery-tinged brown touches his muzzle, brushing back over headknobs and eyeridges, settling faceting eyes alight, the only defined portion of his form as the rest of his body simply flows into itself and its pale shadows

I Am the Night Blue Kucha
Name Meaning: Darkness
Description: This firelizard may not be the biggest of blues…but he doesn't have to be. Well-muscled but still lean, he's quite sleek as far as blues go. The vast majority of his body is a dark blue that's almost black. This dark blue covers his entire top side, swatching him in the shadows of night. From the top of his long muzzle, over eyeridges that are sharply defined, headknobs that seem oddly pointy, neckridges that seem almost sharp enough to cause damage, and a pair of wings that are positively huge for his size. Even the top half of his spaded tail is blue-black. However, his underside is a lighter brushed-steel blue, and this begins at the bottom of his muzzle, and travels down his underside to the bottom of that tail. His legs are light blue as well, but his feet and talons are the of the blue-black color from his top side. and upon his chest, there's a small yellow oval.

Gentle Rain Green Kialio
Name Meaning: Rain that falls at bedtime
Description: The verdant green of a rain-drenched Old Earth Irish spring spreads across the hide of this delicate-as-a-fern firelizard like shamrocks on a grassy meadow. Resembling distant blue ridges, traces of ocean drips from her headknobs, runs down the back of her gracefully-arched neck, cascades along her spine and drizzles down to the tip of her slender tail. Her fragile wings are unfurled and raised above her back, so that translucent emerald membranes, lit mistily, resemble a lush, sunlit and dew-sparkled mountain glen.



Singing the Rains of Twilight Bronze Nyunath


Through a veil of rain, evening's last kiss blooms across the pale bronze hide of this dragon, bathing it in a sheer russet hue blurred by wisps of fog. Caught between sunset's reddened glow and twilight, a clinging miasma of copper billows in ghost-like eddies across the well-proportioned contours of his body. His wide forehead and blunt muzzle are wrapped in the amber pearl of moonlight's embrace that lingers to trace fingers of golden radiance down his graceful neck and spills upon strong shoulders in an amethyst shower of stars. Touched with a dusky flame dimmed by evening's gloom, neckridges appear as distant rock pinnacles, between which torrents have carved darkened channels. These fade to nightshade, the sable shadows trailing down his spine to the tip of his tail. Topaz light to dances in shadowed dapples of tawny and warm ochre across his sturdy back, powerful haunches and strong talons tipped with claws of onyx. The membranes of his wide wings, lit mistily to a silvery-pink through the remnants of a late shower, contrast with the deeper violet of his wingbones.



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