R'miel is mysterious and initially daunting figure. The most prominent feature about his face is the long scar that runs down the left of his face, over his left eye. His hair is an ashy black, with tiny flecks of gray about his ears. It's cut short and is generally unrulely with a spikey bed-head sort of feel and a slight widow's peak. His sideburns fade into a seldom clean shaven face. A pointed chin matches his pointed nose, and only contributes to the silliness of the half-grin he usually wears. A pair of dark glasses seem to be permanently attached to R'miel's face. They mask a pair of light-sensitive bright blue eyes and parts of the bushy eyebrows that hover over them. R'miel has a fit and muscular body, which he's worked to maintain since his younger years working on the farm. He is about 6'2" tall.

R'miel is generally found in long coats with high collars that help to hide his face. He has a few of them, though they all look roughly the same: black with bits of red lining on them. When he is riding, he wears a thick fur-lined overcoat that is all black. Underneath the excess outer layers is a plain wardrobe. A short sleeved shirt in a dark brown, blue, or black, and a pair of black riding leathers. The boots on his feet are dusty and worn, they look like they needed replacements ages ago.


Ramiel grew up near Grayson Hold, to a farm family of all boys. He spent his younger years working the grape fields with his four brothers and father, until his late teen years. Growing tired of the monotony of farm life, Ramiel found himself in and out of trouble generally involving women or the sneaking of his family's prized burgundy. Eventually his father gave him a gentle nudge out the door, and Ramiel's farming physique landed him a job as a guardsman at the hold. Unfortunately a more structured life didn't mean that Ramiel planned on reigning in his own destructive habits.

Though Ramiel has an exterior that gives others poor first impressions, he is a generally easy going people-lover. He likes to keep a veil of mystery surrounding the details of his past, and rarely talks about himself though he's happy to listen to others talk about themselves. Ramiel has a particular fondness for the opposite sex and can be charismatic when he sets his mind to it, and when that fails he attempts to woo them by showing off the bright blue eyes he hides behind his glasses.


Name Relation Location Position
Ysa Weyrmate Ista Weyr Sr. Weyrwoman with Gold Ellamariseth
Lyram Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Illiam Son Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Angelica Mother Grayson Cotholder
Dietrich Father Grayson Cotholder
Azrael Brother Grayson Cotholder
Gabriel Brother Grayson Cotholder
Uriel Brother Grayson Cotholder
K'ael Brother Ista Weyr Weyrleader with Bronze Azaeth


Chocolate Delight Brown Cocoa
Chocolate drizzles like a hardening coating over this firelizard's back, gathering in deep, dark pools around his rounded haunches, and the joints of his wing sails. Translucent sails are drizzled with a lighter caramel, the same sweet hue that brushes the underside of his belly, escaping from the flowing cocoa. The ridges on his back are tinged-red, like sweet cherries mixed in with the hard candy, as they march from his rounded head, along thick neck, and down the length of his pudgy frame.

Ocean's Reach Blue Koolaid
Cerulean wings unfold, with sails awash with shimmering splashes of soft sea green. Spars of crystalline ice glimmer atop those wings, with silver trickling down the membranes to slip down the barrel sides of this blue firelizard. Streaks of silver and midnight dash across his being, causing him to glimmer and flash with each movement, his legs speckled with the little spots of silvery blue, and his head dusted with the same pattern. Icy talons grip at the sands and his eyes whirl a swift crimson. A long, whiplike tail slaps about as he walks, propelling him forward.

Spring's Growth Green Flower
The pale green of new life is gathered upon this green's hide, like fresh growth first peeking out of the ground. Wings are a soft, even hue with spars just a tad darker, and the same light color touches her stomach between lean, sprout-like limbs. Tail is sinuous, as is her neck, and a delicate head is settled upon her neck, with dainty headknobs and nostrils.


Rakishly Charming Bronze Arinith

Long and lean, and with a youthful bearing, this tarnished bronze dragon almost looks undernourished, though the only indication of that is his build. He's slender, certainly, and not quite as long as the average bronze, but he's healthy. His eyes whirl brightly, full of life, and his head is tilted at a rakish angle. His face lacks the classic handsomeness often associated with his colour, his muzzle is a little long and pointed, and his jaws appear to be set into a perpetual smirk, but it's full of character. But then, character is not something he's lacking. A nasty looking slash of green cuts across the right side of his neck, like a half healed scar, or an unusual birthmark. The exact placing of the scar is right in front of where the rider would usually sit, and would be quite clearly visible from that particular angle.


Title OOC Date Cast
Ailath Rises January 19, 2009 Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niah, R'aul(NPC), and R'miel
A Baby Shower January 20, 2009 Cenlia, Myra, R'miel, and Thea
Weyrling Lesson: Betweening January 24, 2009 A'dar, R'miel, Saige, Thea, and V'dim (NPC)
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
An Eventful Day in the Infirmary February 27, 2009 D'had, Niva, R'miel, X'hil
Seryth's Maiden Flight and Morning After March 09, 2009 Cenlia, L'ton, R'miel, Shellie, Thea, U'nar (npc), X'hil, Arinith, Dhonzath, Kinseth, Tsaioth (npc), Seryth,
Kilaueth's Leadership Flight April 19, 2009 D'son, Niva, R'miel, R'sul, X'hil
I Lost a Friend April 24, 2009 R'miel, Thea, Ysa
Xanadu Attends Healer Hall's Dinner May 5, 2009 Jessamin, R'miel, Shellie, Xhaine, A'ven, T'burk, Karashi, Morlanol, Kimmila
Lastfall Bonfire May 24, 2009 B'ky, Keziah, Liya, Riyontali, R'miel, Rogawani, Thea
What's Bugging You? February 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, R'miel, Thea, and Ysa
A Mountain of Paperwork March 2009 R'miel, Thea, Ysa, Zevida
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