A rather tall, elegant-looking man is this one, standing a little over six feet in height. His hair is brown, and very long, kept in a thick braid that reaches to his rear. While he seems slender and almost delicate in build, his face his tanned and possesses a strong quality to it. His eyes are about the same color as his hair, but what he loses in color variation, he makes up for with the sheer expressiveness in his eyes.
He wears a well-made shirt and vest, long pants that fit snugly, and sturdy boots. His vest is made of a soft but thick blue cloth, and reaches to his knees. The pants and boots are both of wherhide, but the boots are of course made of thicker stuff than the pants. Those pants are burgundy, with patches of dark brown at the knees. And the boots are black.


Rio was born in Peyton Hold to a mother in the Weaver craft. The way it all happened was, a sailor from an unknown Hold arrived during a Gather at Fort that his mother attended. The both of them drank a little too much at the Gather, and ended up in bed together. The next morning he was gone. She soon discovered that she was pregnant, and gave birth to a son that she named Rio, after her grandfather. Rio grew up to be a delicate looking thing, and took an interest in his mother's craft. He took up weaving at a young age. Eventually he became an apprentice at the Weaver Craft Hall, and was later stationed at Fort Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Riasala Mother Peyton Hold Weaver


Brown Riot, Blue Jetta, and Green Pizazz


The Moral of the Story Brown Neroth

Golden brown clearly describes the basic colors of this dragon, from the tip of his nose down to the tip of his forked tail, this color dominates with a fierce presence, but the dullness of this color makes one aware that he is not a bronze in disguise. Mode beige is the secondary color of this large fellow, twisting down his regal headknobs and along his spine in intricate patterns similar to cursive handwriting that continue along the joints of his wingsails. These wingsails are near translucent in color, giving the appearance of being able to see through them while closer inspection gives the faint impression of a featherlike pattern decorated neatly down each section that perfectly form into the shape of his wings. His presence is not one to be missed, large wings that can easily encompass anyone while his frame, even at his young age, is quite large.


[[tab 2010]]

Title OOC Date Cast
To Bathe or not to Bathe January 10, 2010 Avani, Norela, Rio, Rished, Thea
An All New Opera - er, Hatching! January 10, 2010 Avani, M'gaal, Moria, Natishen, Norela, Phylicia, Rio, Rished
A Simple Lunch January 15, 2010 Phylicia, Rio
Sneaking Suspicions January 16, 2010 Phylicia, Rio, Tenebrous
Like 'Lizards, Like Owners? January 21, 2010 Rio, Rished, Satoris
Candidates Touch the Eggs January 25, 2010 Avani, M'gaal, Natishen, Rio, Rished, Satoris, Thea
Evening Egg Touching January 26, 2010 Avani, Natishen, Phylicia, Rio, Rished, Satoris, V’dim
Eggs in the Evening (egg touch) January 28, 2010 Jessamin, Natishen, Phylicia, Rio, Rished, Satoris, Tecoah, Thea
On the Sands January 29, 2010 Avani, M’gaal, Phylicia, Rio, Satoris, Thea
Gardening in the Afternoon January 30, 2010 K'vin, M'nol, Phylicia, Rio, Rished
Eggy Speculations January 30, 2010 Avani, Rio, Rished
Raining on Your Parade (Survival Camp) February 04, 2010 D'had, M’nol, Natishen, Phylicia, Rished, Rio, Jessamin, Thea
Finding Food Sources (Survival Camp) February 05, 2010 Phylicia, Reconciliation, Rio, Satoris
The Journey Home! Sort Of (Survival Camp) February 06, 2010 Avani, Osric, Phylicia, Rio
Firelizards on the Beach Ferbuary 07, 2010 Anaky, A'rlo, Avani, Jadyn, K'avu, Keziah, Lyuba, M'nol, Natishen, Pralius, Rio
Bug-Ka-Bobs Ferbuary 07, 2010 V'dim, Phylicia, Rio, Natishen
Men, Meat, and Fire = Party February 08, 2010 Dumuzi (NPC), D'son, K'ael, Ninatta (NPC), Mahhu (NPC), Rio, Rished, Satoris, Sulpae (NPC)
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night February 09, 2010 Thea, Rio, Rished, Phylicia, Norela, Natishen
Touchy Subjects February 14, 2010 Jessa, Phylicia, R'io, R'shed
Weyrling Graduation March 30, 2010 D'had, G'len, Jessa, Kael, Moria, Niva, Norela, N'shen, Ontali, Phylicia, R'io, R'shed, Thea


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