Life as a rider and a few Turns have caused R'in to begin to develop into a woman. Physical maturity has descended and her body has grown into her
gangly, awkward limbs. Ruddy skin is dotted with freckles upon cheeks, shoulders, and down her arms. The curves she has gained are subtle, blending well with the muscles from work as a rider. Grown into what must be her full height, she's just a few inches shy of six foot: from awkwardness to grace, gangly to strength.
While her features have matured, her nose is still small and lips still bow in an easy smile above her rounded chin. Brown eyes still have a touch of tawny gold to them much of the time; round beneath thin eyebrows. Hair — auburn, with touches of copper and bronce — falls to just above her shoulders much of the time, with just a hint of wave to it.


A lot of flights end in such a way. The couple does their thing and a short time later, one of them discovers that they have a parasite- er, child growing within them. Such is how Raelin came to be, born to Tirla, rider of Green Salith who is an aunt — though almost young enough to be more like a sister or cousin — to Ethne. She's not positive anymore who the father was- some brownrider or another. Either Tirla forgot after the flight, or she didn't bother to. And so Raelin was raised within Xanadu Weyr, alongside many other kids who's lives started out in the same way. Some had handfasted parents who took an active roll, some were more-or-less raised by the nannies and almost never saw their parents. Raelin's mother, at least, has always done her best to take an active roll in her daughter's life. In point of fact, Raelin even lives, often, in their weyr.

Raelin often finds herself attired in clothing of her mother's creation, Tirla having been briefly an Apprentice Tailor for a time before she was Searched. And even now, she continues the craft, even though she's not especially good at it. Or at least her designs are too eccentric for most. Many family members find themselves gifted with odd things, but due to being the daughter: Raelin must suffer through it. But she's gotten used to that fact and now almost revels in whatever new creation she goes out in next. It's a series of events that have led to an interesting childhood.

Often acting as a sort of internal Runner to the Weyr, Raelin has started to find ways to collect some money here and there for herself. She's grown into a fairly awkward teen, but many can see the woman just waiting to bloom forth. Right now, though… she's enough of a kid to still be a pest and run about in the mud… save when she's made to go visit some of her more 'esteemed' family, such as Ethne, and must dress nicely… but even then, there often ends up some stain or another somewhere. There have been some who have joked and called her the 'Untamable filly', but really… who knows what adulthood will have in store for the girl?

Impressing Mayikooth has really calmed Rae — now R'in — down to an extent. There are still quite a few "accidents" and similar hijinks and wackiness that surround her, but the weyrbrat-turned-rider has matured quite a bit. She has her moments where she speaks very much as someone who has experienced enough to understand it. This, as well as her becoming a DragonHealer student have earned her a place on the Galaxy Wing at Xanadu Weyr.

With Kilaueth's latest clutch and Tay stepping down from Weyrlingmaster, a new one was needed. In a strange turn of events, R'sul and Niva selected two of them. R'sul picking Myra as "his" Weyrlingmaster and Niva selecting R'in as hers. It's still unknown as to whether the two will work together or compete. Either way, the poor weyrlings are likely to be caught in the middle.


Name Relation Location Position
Tirla mother Xanadu Weyr Greenrider
Ethne cousin Xanadu Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Jeriew cousin Xanadu Weyr Resident
Nydyc cousin Big Lagoon Sea Hold Resident


Bronze Ricotta, Green Monterey+, Green Mozzarella


Brown Mayikooth

Dusty, drab khaki clings like an unwelcome cloak to the hide of this brown while grey-tinted sands spiral around his large body, casting a speckled pattern of tans along his back, silt piles gathered along the curves of his limbs. Each long wing is coated with the same pale hue, the spars like stretching beaches between dunes of dying brown. Neither his tail nor his muscled neck are able to escape the swirling sand storm, and even his headknobs and muzzle are scoured by the whirlwind, leaving him nearly peach in tone along his nose. Each ridge along his back is a slightly darker, shadowed khaki, as they move steadfast down his back despite the storm raging upon his hide, only each paw remaining a darker brown, gripping to the world.


R'in is known, perhaps, for the rather strange outfits she is often seen wearing. This is due to the fact that her mother is a weaver, but not very well-versed in fashion. Thus R'in does get free clothing, yes, but it's often a bit… strange. Which, as many will tell you: suits her perfectly.

Layer Skirts

Hand-me-downs are rampant among kids like Raelin and she's no different. Never mind the added 'perk' of a wannabe tailor for a mother. Thus her attire tends to be eccentric at best. Disturbing at worst. Today she wears a rather simple tunic that may have once been white and long-sleeved, but is now a dingy grey with the sleeves shorn off just a smidge above her elbows. Someone decided that it didn't help her look feminine enough and the sides were cut out and red ribbon put in instead to lace it to be more snug and show off what little waist and bosom she has. A pair of black, snug pants — more like tights — form to her legs, disappearing into a pair of black, over sized boots that also hold red ribbons in place of laces. Over that is a dark blue skirt that uses a wide belt to hold onto her waist. It falls just to the tops of her thighs before it splits into a multitude of sections of fabric that end at mid-calf. An apron of six distinct triangles is worn over it and all the fabric moves and sways with every movement or breeze.
Her customary patchwork vest is worn over it all; sleeveless and falling — with four panels: two in front and two in back — to her ankles. Various sections of fabric sewn together make up the whole and three hooks secure it over her stomach. There are pockets within it, some indiscernible due to the chaotic nature of the garment. Raelin's hair is in two braids, which then loop up and are caught in red bows at either side of her head. She wears a cord around her neck with a pendant on the end that was once a few fabrics that were fused together with the right application of heat and a kind of glue. The effect is a multicolored assortment with some metallic threads throughout.



Red fabric edged with gold ribbon makes up the majority of Raelin's bikini. The halter-style top ties behind her neck with a collection of purple ribbons that are sewn in strategic locations with gold thread. It does the purpose of covering and supporting, but also serves to enhance the curves that are shaping her body in womanhood. Bosom curves into a soft waist before sloping into hips that healers would call 'childbearing'. The bottom half of the bikini has the same red with gold ribbon design, but is fashioned into a pair of shorts- albeit small ones that barely cover her thighs before ending.
Hair is braided and then pinned up at the back of her head with small pins and barrettes, each with a different colored firelizard depicted on them. Her usual necklace is worn about her neck; that simple cord with a pendant upon the end that is a variety of fabrics fused together with heat and glue. The effect is a multicolored assortment with some metallic threads throughout.


Scarf Skirt

Ah, the cooler time of year calls for warmer clothing. Raelin's sense of 'style' with her mother as the primary cause has not changed one bit. A lighter, white tunic is worn beneath a woolen one of green. The neck on it is high, curling about her neck in a snug fashion. It falls past her hips, but splits up each side to her waist to allow for movement. The sleeves, however? Are practically nonexistent. They dip over her shoulders a bit, but stop there. Her arms are spared the cold, however, by long, fingerless gloves. They tie to her upper arms with a length of pale, pink ribbon and are a green (the same color as the tunic) lined with white fur. There's a hole for her thumbs and they stop just before reaching her fingers. Black leggings fit snug to her legs, disappearing into her usual pair of over sized boots that have certainly seen better days- even the red, fraying ribbons that she uses in place of laces. Over that is worn a skirt. Not just any skirt, no, it would appear that someone decided to sew together multiple scarves into a multi-colored striped thing of… some twisted imagination. Some scarves are striped, some solid colored, some checkered. It creates a rather interesting montage as it falls to nearly brush on the ground.
Her customary patchwork vest is worn over it all; sleeveless and falling — with four panels: two in front and two in back — to her ankles. Various sections of fabric sewn together make up the whole and three hooks secure it over her stomach. There are pockets within it, some indiscernible due to the chaotic nature of the garment. Raelin's hair is twisted into a bun at either side of her head, then pinned into place and secured, finally, with a pair of pink ribbons. A few wisps of hair drift free to fall around her face.



Amazing, perhaps, that such a thing actually exists in Raelin's wardrobe. Likely one of the few outfits that doesn't seem to be born of some mad tailor's imagination. A heavy cotton shirt in an off-white color buttons up to her collarbone, the sleeves loose and able to be easily rolled up. Even though the cloth is slightly loose on her, it still shows off the budding feminine curves the girl has. It tucks into a pair of dark brown slacks that also shape to her body, yet with enough give for comfort. They tuck into those old, almost clunky boots that she near always wears. A black belt with a wide buckle cinches the meeting place between shirt and trou.
Over it all is worn her usual patchwork vest, often clasped over her stomach and leaving the seperate panels to flare out over her legs. Hair is bound back in a braid and then coiled into a bun that is pinned to the back of her head. A pair of lined gloves are tucked into a pocket and around her neck is a simple leather cord with a variety of buttons on it in a multitude of colors that gather at the end, over her breast. They usually click and clack together.


Red Vest

Suitable for riding and yet unsuitable for viewing, it would seem R'in has been given yet another Tirla exclusive. A rust-red blouse fits to her curves and is worn beneath a vest that falls to mid-thigh. The vest closes across her stomach with a few simple buckles and a darker red ribbon ties in a simple bow at the back to add to the feminine look. The base fabric for the vest was likely grey, but a myriad of patches in a variety of colors makes up the majority of it now. The blouse is tucked into a pair of black slacks that to brush over the tops of black boots. The slacks have a thin grey striped pattern over them; enhancing the line of R'in's form. It would seem that Tirla has learned how to cut clothes to compliment someone, even if the colors are still not /quite/ right. Her hair is pulled back in a pair of pigtails at the base of her head, tied off with a red ribbon a few shades brighter than the blouse.



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