At a Glance

Full Name:

Ibriahn (R'iahn)
Dark Brown
37 Turns

Birth Place:

Rider in Galaxy Wing
Fort Weyr
Savras (+3T, M, NPC)
Ivahna(-1T, F, NPC)
Risabhian (-2T, F, NPC)



Time changes everything; once handsome, well-muscled, tall, R'iahn's form has not aged as well as it might have. His fourth decade approaches, and a life of hardship has wrought a man sinewy and gaunt, lean and tall and angular. Cheekbones, slightly hollow, are softened by a scruff of black-grey-brown in varying degrees of development, while eyebrows echo the stern expression in his eyes and a large, hawklike nose reigns below. The overall impression is of aristrocracy gone slightly awry, though the smiles he offers more often these days do soften these harsh features. The man's hair is the same as his beard; sunburned black struck ever-more every turn with grey, these days kept well-groomed.
R'iahn gives the overall impression of severity, most of the time, holding himself upright and of late, somewhat neat and tidy. His uniforms are not wrinkled, and he doesn't reek of anything, at least. The only constant in his wardrobe is the least-well-kept — his constant companion, and old and battered dark brown wherhide jacket, thoroughly scarred and patched here and there.


R'iahn is a Fortian by birth; he was born to a brownrider and a Harper at the Weyr a little less than fourty turns ago, their second son. He was christened Ibriahn, and had the upbringing of most Weyr children, fostered off to a large foster family, though he kept contact with his biological parents. He two more siblings, sisters, over the turns, and well over a half-dozen foster children in and out of his foster parents' house. He was fostered to the Harper Hall, and rose to the rank of Journeyman — a knot he forfeited in a fit of rage at some point not long after he got it. Thereafter, he wandered with a band of traders teaching their children until he was searched at Telgar Weyr. As a Candidate, Ibriahn gained two friends who would be his for life; Zalana, green Zaivanth's, and Reilory, who became O'rly, green Sanldoth's.

R'iahn took a place in Telgar's Search and Rescue wing, seconding the wing for several turns before becoming its' wingleader for a relatively short time. He and Zalana were weyrmated not long after graduation, and they had two children together over the next seven turns, until an unfortunate accident took Zalana's life. R'iahn turned in his Wingleader's knot promptly, and moved to Ierne Weyrhold with his infant daughter, young son, younger sister and O'rly, the latter two who refused to be parted from him — both women helped with the children, while O'rly was something of a bulwark of sanity for the man. After an initial period of which he has no real memory, he remembers little of the next turn, as he found his own way of dealing with his loss — benders of liquor-fueled madness. Eventually, the greenrider managed to knock some sense into him, though, and R'iahn took up a job as a Dragonhealing student. He would follow O'rly next; when she moved to Xanadu to continue her studies, the bluerider followed shortly, fostering his elder son to the family of the only dragonhealer who'd ever been able to handle his dragon, then-Sigam and keeping his youngest with him stubbornly.

R'iahn, ready to go back to work and regain something of his former life (well — too tired of ignoring his damnfool dragon, more like), settled into the Galaxy Wing under Wingleader K'ael, happy to once more be doing something more useful than being a student, even if Search and Rescue was as stressful as ever. Time passed, and one day, O'rly was suddenly 'mama' to then-toddler Briahla, who had never known any other mother, so the conclusion was likely logical for her. Though he really hadn't noticed it, among their duties, he and O'rly's relationship had changed, and he found that he wasn't entirely opposed to the assumption his daughter made. Nearly a turn later, Sanldoth rose in a fateful flight, and Jaesriuth caught her. A month or so later, O'rly transferred her studies from the Yokohama to the Observatory at Xanadu, but the bluerider noticed nothing amiss until she donned a bathing suit a handful of months later, and lo' and behold was evidence of why. While his initial reaction was decidedly unmanly — he fainted cold — Riah took to the role of pending-father once more, spending as long as any other wandering Pern looking for impossible cravings. Finally, the day arrived, and R'iahn found himself presented with a brand-new son. Then a brand-new daughter.

Time will only tell how quickly it takes him to go stark mad.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Iv'ritan (Ivosritan) Father +23 Fort Weyr Brownrider (Istelth)
Sabiahna Mother +20 Harper Hall Master Harper/Teacher
Olyn Foster-father +34 Fort Weyr Assistant Steward
Tisanya Foster-mother +28 Fort Weyr Baker
Savras Brother +3 Harper Hall Journeyman Harper/Musician
Ivahna Sister -1 Ista Weyr Brownrider (Onkaelth)
Risabhian Sister -2 Fort Weyr Nanny
O'rly Weyrmate -2 Xanadu Weyr Craft Rider
Alzanbri Son -28.7 Fort Weyr Candidate
Briahla Daughter -32.2 Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Seilistraye Daughter -37.11 Xanadu Weyr Infant
Belsiaryn Son -37.11 Xanadu Weyr Infant


Fascinatingly Illogical Green Ashaya
Description: There's no two ways about it - this green has /presence/. A firelizard she may be, but her heart beats the vigorous tattoo of a dragon. She even carries herself like one, head proud and indomitable, gait smooth and slow to disguise the hitch, and yet she is modest and unassuming in her natural grace. As she moves, her wings seem to cross along her spine when tucked; when human terms are applied to this, it seems as though she is always in deep thought, wings clasped in a patiently reserved manner behind her back. Indeed, she seems almost aloof, and her color immediately reflects this, silky jade fitting tightly around her lean, angular body. A pale peach dusts and fades indescriminately along her sides, hinting at a nature not quite her own… but everybody knows that she cannot possibly be part human, right? Exactly, and even she will respond to such claims with what seems to be a quirk of her ridged brow. She seems to have mastered facial expressions like this, and is quicker to use them than to croon. When given a direct order, it is evident that she will not let you down unless she is on her deathbed. A somewhat duskier tone of harlequin green dances about long-fingered paws, along the spars of her 'sails, tickling her strangely pointed headknobs, stretching, pulling, and weaving like so much hidden lace, only one of many secrets to be found with this little green.
Ashaya is 42 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 68 cm.

B-Double EE Double RR-U-N, It's a B-e-e-r-r-u-n Blue Minion
Description: Wide bands of dark grey circle the firelizard at the upper neck, chest and belly with pale blue-grey as the foundation of color for the rest of his broad body. His legs are thick and muscular as is his tail, balancing the roundness of his barrel-like torso. Iridescent hues shimmer in the mingled blues and greys, giving him a silvery sheen, the rainbowed hues more prominent at his paws and around his eyes.

Ad Vitam Aeternam Green May
"For all time."
Summertime was obviously in mind with the creation of this diminutive lady. As though it has been freshly cut and served, a bright and shimmering melon-green covers this firelizard's small, streamlined body. Cheerful orchid and violet tones dapple their way across her belly, and speckle themselves across the imperial arch of her nose beneath wide, soulful eyes. Across her back and down her forepaws flows a cascading waterfall of vivid blues, greens and teals, colors spiraling and fading together until one looks almost the same as the next. Her wide but dainty wings are brilliant, green as a wave lit through with sunbeams, and highlighted by spatters of foamy white touching the very tips of each.


Destiny's Design Blue Jaesriuth
In stark contrast to his in-your-face personality, Jaesriuth's coloring is anything but. An inky midnight seems to engulf him almost entirely, leaving only faint variations and minor changes; like the fact that his neck and tail ridges are brilliantly blue, tinged only faintly with misty, twilit silver. Or the fact that his wingsails are as dark as his hide for the most part, like a starless night sky, lit up around the hand-part of his wing with faintest silver, almost like clouds. Otherwise, his midnight body has only the scintillating speckle of palest blue that drifts over just about the entire bulk of his body. The specks measure no bigger than a freckle on a human, but their cumulative effect is almost that of stars dancing over a clear night sky; clear but for the slight overcast of short, broad wings. The flecks drift in patterns interspersed with areas of nigh-darkness, not seeming to have any sort of congruity or continual patterning — but for one area. Along his right shoulder, the speckles flash silver, and gleam in a faintly angular pattern, something like a stylized "A". He is a handsomely-built fellow, small and lean, but the small isn't just a 'he's kind of short'. No, Jaesriuth is quite tiny for a blue, among the very smallest, surely! He is outstripped by more than one green as far as length, at least. He is slightly bulkier than the females generally are, with more muscle and less length (length is, really, the main thing he lacks) in tail and neck. His wings are short and broad, allowing for excellent agility in the skies, but not much staying power — physically, at least. The blue carries himself with absolute pride, though, a swagger in even the dragon's cursed hop-skip stride, tailtip constantly flicking a cheerful tune, expression absolutely one of smugness.
Jaesriuth has reached a length of 24.04 meters, and a wingspan of 40.07 meters in adulthood, quite a tiny blue indeed.


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