Golden hair slightly tinged toward auburn is curved in waves just a bit too loose to properly be called curls, cut with a ragged edge to fall to about the nape of his neck and mostly stay out of his eyes. He has ruddy skin, tinged with red undertones and usually tanned to summer's brown. There's stubble on his cheeks, almost enough to be called a beard on the squared chin… but even there, the pale hair's been trimmed too recently to make any serious claim to the title. His eyes are pale blue, wide-set to either side of a prominent hawk-nose and sweeping cheekbones that make their size seem only appropriate in scale.
His body seems perhaps a trifle small in comparison to his head, without much beyond the lean muscle that gives him a light step and quick grace in motion. He often wears a sleeveless tunic of linen dyed a mottled shade of dark green, and trousers of the same pattern tucked into a pair of soft leather boots.


R'eyn comes from the wilds of Nerat, where he was the son of a hunter. Also the grandson of a hunter. There was kind of a family tradition along those lines, and he went and spoiled it by being searched for Ista Weyr's clutch and impressing blue Redemereth. He spent some time flying Search and Rescue for the island Weyr, then took a break from civilization for a few turns to fly transport to some of the smaller holds buried in the jungles of Nerat and Southern and hone his and Red's hunting skills as a team. Will he come back to the world of crowds and civilization once more? Well… maybe. If Red decides there's a challenge worth meeting, or R'eyn sees something interesting enough to catch his attention… they might give it a try. Who knows?


Name Relation Location Position
Magnar Father Nerat Hunter
Ella Mother Nerat Holder
Many Siblings Nerat Hunters and Holders



Ever So Vigilant Blue Redemereth


Title OOC Date Cast
Surfs Up January 3, 2018 Kera, R'eyn, Sephany
Gratitude 2.0 February 7, 2018 R'eyn, Valerian
Advice from the Weyrling Staff February 25, 2018 R'eyn, Kera, Ricki
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