Qyh is a slender woman, almost willowy and possessed of sweetly feminine and surprisingly gentle curves but beneath that, every inch of her five-foot-five height is briar-tough muscle. Her slight frame is often gripped by aggressive tension, her predatory instincts honed razor sharp. When left loose over her slim shoulders, her hair is a soft nutbrown that gleams with tawny streaks - thick and straight with no hint of even a slight wave aside from what frequent plaits leave behind. Her face is triangular, elfin-like with fragile looking cheekbones, small nose and pert mouth. Long lashes frame pale green eyes, their depths flecked with blue-grey to look watery and mysterious while a hint of gold dapples across her iris like sunlight glinting off the sea. Her hands are small but strong, callus betraying her love of weapon's work and her lightly tanned complexion is proof of her preference for the outdoors.


Qyh was born at Xanadu Weyr, daughter of Selgar and Jyn. Closest to Selgar, a woodsman, she trained in this job for most of her life and took it up formally as soon as she was able to.

However, a certain blue dragon from Igen turned up and swiped Qyh's knot, only letting her have a white Candidate's knot instead. Qyh agreed to Stand for gold Pranath's clutch and watched others Impress. She remained at Igen, more a visitor in her heart than a resident but not terribly interested in going home again.

One day, several months later, Nita came to visit Igen with her green Flairth. Flairth rather took to Qyh and the scritches she coaxed out of the girl and Nita asked Qyh to come Stand at High Reaches Weyr. Qyh accepted, if somewhat dubiously.

Once again, Qyh was left standing. This time, however, she walked off the Sands and accepted the first ride back to Xanadu Weyr. Back home.
However, whatever it was the dragons saw in her didn't go away and Maria's brown Argonth coaxed her into Standing at Xanadu as well. This time it wasn't long to wait until the eggs hatched. One by one the baby dragons paired off and at the very end, Everenth's precious golden egg hatched. The golden hatchling had a look at the remaining Candidates and then walked directly to Qyh.

Impression shattered Qyh's old life forever. She didn't like the change but nothing could ever even begin to separate her from Frydath and this was a point that continued to be sorely tested.

In due course, Frydath glowing bright and took to the skies for her maiden Flight. She was caught by her clutch-sib, Valenth and Rh'al got a night with Qyh. However, the only change was that Frydath grew egg heavy and eventually took to the Sands with a fine clutch of thirteen, including a gold egg.

While Frydath brooded, Qyh life was profoundly shaken. J'ham, rider of bronze Branth and then Weyrleader of Xanadu died. Branth went *between*, sending the dragons into mourning. J'ham's weyrmate was Tristjen, Senior Weyrwoman. Unable to continue in the position of Senior, she stepped down to Junior and Qyh was thrust abruptly into the Senior position.

Without a Weyrleader to assist her, Qyh did not find it easy. However, she did her job, did it well. Frydath's clutch hatched thirteen healthy dragonets, including another queen and as the months passed, life settled down.

Then Frydath began to glow a little again and she took to the skies with the (un?)lucky winner gaining the position of Xanadu Weyrleader. In a surprise catch, bronze Aedhyth of Igen won her and L'sta was tossed into Qyh's world.

Qyh and her Weyrleader are usually of amicable terms, at least for Qyh. Their personal relationship is kept well away from public view. The clutch resultant from that leadership Flight also yielded thirteen healthy dragonets, but there was no queen this time and only a single bronze.


Name Relation Location Position


Blue Nuisance
Shivers of bright azure dapple with rich aquamarine over his lithe little body, tail and neck lengthy and skinny to match the elongated muzzle that is tinged with icy frost over teal. Tiny wings are almost always tucked neatly to his back, pale turquoise sails of frothing cream that meld into his slim withers. Cascades of ocean blue sweep down slender shoulders, surgeing o'er a round belly before licking at sturdy little legs tipped in talons of purest cobalt.

Green Pest
Rich, moist greens cling to her body in soft little patches, over lapping and covering her entire form. Underneath this green, you get tiny glimpses of a dark brown-grey, like the old wet stones by a pond, covered over the years by ever growing moss. Tiny bits of paler green dot her eyeridges and muzzle. Her wings are held tightly against her body, as though she were preparing to settle down to sleep for the night, and tiny eyes like glowing campfire embers rest in the soft wedge-shaped head, sharp, dramatic contrast to her restful appearance.


Gold Frydath
Chic elegance is this sinuous queen, sculpted athleticism and classic majesty perfected in sleek form's vast shadows lit by ancient auric energy. Dark garnet splinters accent antique gold hide, sable-wrapped gilt touching slender muzzle, narrow 'ridges and graceful tail with feather-soft delicacy, echoed in gold-dusted ebony on knife-sharp talons and the faint shimmer of deepest ink sluicing beneath a sunset's veil. Lastly, Cimmerian fire is enfolding smooth spars and giving way to blackened sunlight spun into the gossamer soft velvet of sumptuous wingsails all spangled with tiny iridescent crystals in patterns akin to night's jeweled constellations.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching: June 7, 2001 June 7, 2001 Aerdon, Allyson. A'xim. Biancath. Caramel, Chui, Cyvex, Darianya, Elissan, Everenth, Evy, Farrizah, Fiona, Hotaru, Jasra, Jeffry, J'ham, Joran, Kevyn, Kori, Kristoph, Lecil, Magicara, Marhiya, Maureen, Otirod, Qyh, Rhial, Shairla, Susia, Telilaren, Tenaran, Tristjen, Verity, Vispi, Zalansho
Checking Out the Eggs 2001 Darianya, D'ars, Kristiana, Marhiya, Qyh, and Verity
Frustrations of Weyrlinghood 2001 A'xim, C'vex, J'ran, Lecil, and Qyh
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