Bright copper red hair spindles down in long thick curls from the top of this young man's head in a uneven manner and end just at the nape of his neck. His bang are usually tucked behind his large ears although they do have a tendancy to fall into his face and fall into his bright mint-green eyes. Freckles dot the young man's face starting at the bridge of his long nose and curl into his prominent cheekbones and down his angular face. The young man is just starting to hit his growth spurt and while he is rather lanky at the moment, there are hints that he's starting to develop some muscle tone and the length of his legs suggest he will probably tower over people once he's done growing. His skin is rather pale in nature, causing his freckles to stand out that much more against his skin.

He can usually be seen in heavy work clothes that are dusty from turns of use. That's not to say that they are dirty, just that they have seen much use in the turns and seem to be a favorite in the teen's ensamble. A bright scarf is usually seen wrapped about his neck that is a rainbow of colors in a intricate pattern. His long-sleeved shirt is a pale blue color with a leather vest thrown over it. His pants are black though they don't really seem to be made speifically for him, because his legs are usually exposed. On his feat are tan leather boots and he's usually seen wearing white socks to help keep his feet warm.


Haven been born into a big family by a brownrider and a greenrider, Quilief was usually shuffled around alot between his parents and his adopted family. His parents didn't particuarly have a whole lot of time to devote to all of their children so Quilief was adopted out at a young age to a couple over at Fort Weyr. He grew up well enough with a normal enough life even if he did tend to travel between the two families more than he would have liked. And while he didn't hold any bad blood to his parents for adopting him out, he never exactly felt like he belonged in either family. When he was old enough, he decided to set out on his own to the beastcraft with the intention of becoming an apprentice.


Name Relation Location Position
Father Eastern Weyr Brownrider
Mother Eastern Weyr Greenrider

*Siblings - many




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