Quila's hair is dark enough that in most circumstances it looks to be black, thick and long enough to fall in layered waves down to her lower back when it isn't constrained in some way. Her face is full cheeked, skin the smooth tan of someone who has spent extensive time in the sun, kissed with gold and pink. Sloe-eyed, there's little color to be seen in her almond-shaped eyes, long-lashed and attentive under slender eyebrows. Her lips are full, the swell of her upper lip every bit as curved as the lower, and quirked at the corners as though in some secret amusement.

Just a slip of a girl, really, short and slight, she nevertheless moves with confidence. She wears a sleeveless white shirt with a rounded neck, cut to expose her collarbone from one shoulder to the next and just hint at the swell of her bosom. Over this she's donned a vest, deep burgundy in color and fitting close to her body, with intricately etched black buttons fastening it. Her pants are soft brown leather and snug, tucked at the bottom into calf-high boots. Around her slender right wrist is buckled a brown leather cuff, the only ornamentation she wears.


Quila was the youngest child born of Jessamy and A'qua, one time weyrleaders of Ista Weyr. From the first, she was her father's daughter - he was a man commonly referred to as a scoundrel or a rogue, and by the time she was able to speak, Quila was charming cookies from the cooks and getting grumpy old men to chuckle and pat her dark brown curls. She was a smart girl, no question, and her parents did what they could to encourage her towards a craft, a path, some kind of reputable pursuit. A'qua in particular did not want to see his daughter follow the same questionable path he did, it was a matter of pride to him that his girl was clever and he wanted to see her do things 'properly'.


In the end, however, nature won out. After one catastrophic turn in the Healercraft, she came before her parents and very solemnly asked that they please, please just let her do what she'd like - which, in the end, was travel with the trader clan that her father had come from. The Grojen clan, who made their way back and forth across Pern on both land and sea, accepted her with open arms.

Years passed with myriad experiences and Quila gradually grew up. What healering training she had served her in good stead and made her a valuable member of the trader clan. She travelled extensively on land, and for the last two turns on a ship owned by the head of the group - it was on this ship that she met Ganilen, a rough and unpleasant sailor for whom she fell entirely. All her illusions of levelheadedness were thrown overboard. When it became clear that he didn't take their relationship as seriously as she did, and in fact had a wife on shore, she was displeased, to put it lightly.

Their next stop was Xanadu way, and Quila disembarked there. She had spent little time at Xanadu, and she was eager to be out of the despicable man's company, and so it seemed as good a place as any. She found fast work on the docks, helping some with shipments and some with keeping ships in good repair, and there she remains until the wanderlust bites again.


Name Relation Location Position
Jessamy Mother Rider to Gold Vaerlanth
A'qua Father Rider to Bronze Kezhoth
Niora Sister
Adoran Brother


Candy Apple Green Apple
The bright, crisp yellow-green of an apple's skin wraps itself around the frame of this delicate little beauty. Her shape is lovely, dainty and curvaceous in the way that only the best of green tarts can be. Large eyes occupy a dished face that sits high on a long and graceful neck. Her wings are a tad large for her frame, but there is power - true power - in those sunshine-yellow sails.


The Gathering Storm Blue Uirath
From narrow, pointed muzzle to long, whip-like tail, storm clouds gather, boiling grey and brooding across an angular frame. Platinum's dull sheen highlights gaunt spine, tipped by wickedly spiked nickel-chased ridges, spilling down into the darker matte of pewter from throat to withers, edging towards iron along belly's curve. Gawky gunmetal limbs, all sharp angles and awkward juts, end tipped in obsidian talons, abnormally long and razor sharp. Breaking through the monochromatic fury, lightning sizzles, electric white edged in pale, blinding blue, spars rise from sharp-edged shoulders in jagged resplendence. Wispy sails of molten silver are caught between luminous bolts, bleeding into incandescence where skin and bone mingle to form oversized wings. Nervous energy races through gauche frame, creating a constant shiver through thunderheads' roiling oppression, endlessly twitching pointed shoulders, narrow toes, and slim tail.


Title OOC Date Cast
Introductions are in Order August 14, 2010 Amelia, D'son, Desri, Nicca, Quila
Quila is Searched September 02, 2010 E'gin (npc'd by Thea), Quila
Candidate Barracks Part 2 September 02, 2010 Amelia, Natali, Quila, Pora, Relion
Bonfire and Storytelling September 05, 2010 Amelia, Ashkeia, Hisolda, K'ael, Quila, Relion, Thea
After the Bonfire September 05, 2010 Quila, Relion
Breakfast Club September 07, 2010 Amelia, Natali, Quila, Rylavi, Relion
Hooky in the Stores Room September 21, 2010 Eledri, Quila, Relion, Rylavi
It's not Embroidery September 23, 2010 Quila, Relion
A Visit to the Weyrling Beach September 29, 2010 E'on, Quila, Thea, Seryth, Turlath, Uirath
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