Dirty blond hair wildly tops this short boy's head, partially covering ears that don't quite lay flat against his head at this awkward age. His eyes are slate blue, and tend to squint often in the sunlight. From the bridge of his nose, the nose curves outwards, and hooks slightly down. Slender lips, pink with youth, give off a natural smirk. His face is already a bit broad for his age, but leads into a rather short and lanky form, still growing the rest of his limbs out. He presently stands at five-foot-one.

A rustic tunic sits on his lanky frame, floral stitching accentuating the garment near the collar where the lacing intersects. A sturdy belt of leather fastens around his waist, and a pair of well-worn dark grey slacks cover his legs. Upon his feet is a pair of black leather boots, without a spec of extra mud or dirt on them.


Qirin was born at Harper Hall to a pair of Harper journeymen stationed there for teaching assistance. As a result, young Qirin had the finest in children's general education, learning from the Harper Hall itself along with other families of Pern's finest. However, despite the fortunate advantages to his upbringing, and a brilliant mind, he was a rather timid child, introverted, and usually the last to volunteer with an answer despite having the knowledge.

At the age of 9, his father moved onto another journeyman post at Nerat Hold, intended to be temporary as a fill-in for a previous Harper that had recently passed away, however that wasn't to be so. After a Turn had passed and he was still stationed there with no permanant replacement in sight, the Harper Hall named him a permanant fixture of the Hold. With his mother needed at Harper Hall, the family was then separated by the expanse of Pern. This caused the boy to shelter himself further to everyone but his mother.

As his teenage Turns approached and he was faced with joining Harper Hall as an apprentice or not, he initially requested a stay. Without a father figure near-by to directly influence him, and fear of initially being turned down despite his upbringing, he wanted to wait a Turn before he took the plunge. Additionally, at the time, his voice was changing, rather early for a young man, and it wasn't the first impression he wanted to give the VoiceMasters in proper Hall training. In the meantime, he takes mere hobby-level training, and assists his mother in whatever hide organization she allows him.


Name Relation Location Position
Corrin Father Nerat Hold Journeyman Harper
Qina Mother Harper Hall Journeywoman Harper
Thadan Uncle Cold Stone Hold Holder
Rensea Aunt Cold Stone Hold Lady of Cold Stone Hold
Thea Cousin Xanadu Weyr Senior Weyrwoman
Tharen Cousin Cold Stone Hold Hold-Heir
Muir 2nd Cousin Xanadu Weyr Resident
Marel 2nd Cousin Xanadu Weyr Resident




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