Phylicia: Rider of Green Fauikith



Phylicia is made of petite proportions and a lithe, delicate build, her height barely topping at an even five feet. Her naturally pale skin hold a honey hue to it though a large patch above her left bicep, another smaller patch just under her right ear and jaw, and a third on her right thigh seem to hold a rougher texture than the rest of her soft skin. Her form is laced with wiry muscle, while her bust and hips are lightly fleshed, lending softness to her otherwise trim form.

Set into her stout egg-shaped face is a pair of milk chocolate brown irises that sit to either side of a daintily curved nose, the tip upturned just slight like a doll’s. Her cheekbones are soft with lightly fleshed cheeks that lead to a defined jaw and a cute chin that is somewhat pointed. Her hair is of a medium to dark brown hue, and falls to the bottom of her shoulder blades when unconfined with a small hint of natural waviness. There’s a touch of face framing to her styling, leaving a set of ‘bangs’ to brush between her cheekbones and chin.


She wears two layers on the top, the lower layer being that of a t-shirt quality. The sleeve length varies with the seasons, while the color of a light tawny brown stays consistent as well as the low runnershoe scoop of its neckline. Atop that is a half-bodice, half-flyaway blouse of a healer purple. The bodice portion is of heavier brocade fabric, with white embroidery worked in, laced up with a black lacing, the top of the shoulders being wherhide to protect against claws. The lower portion is a lighter flowing fabric of solid healer purple falling to the middle of her thighs, separated from the top with a pure white ribbon. Her pants are a low-rise, button-up, palazzo style in a deep navy blue. A pair of wherhide brown slipper-shoe covers her feet. On her right hip is a holster-style belt pouch.


Phylicia is the youngest daughter to a her mother - a resident of Southern Boll Hold - and her father - a Master Healer specializing in mind healing - who happened to be posted permanently to Boll. The young lady has three older siblings, two brothers and one sister. Rafael is her eldest brother by nine turns, Lynien her middle brother by six turns, and Pia who is her elder sister by four turns. All in all, Licia lived a fairly normal childhood. She got into her fair amount of trouble as a little girl who liked to explore outside, picking this plant and that, but never got into too much trouble that she couldn't get herself out of with a smile and an "I'm sorry." She played with her elder sister a fair deal who was a bit more on the tomboy-ish side than Licia, and ended up getting into a good amount of fights or generally getting scraped up. For some odd reason, Licia liked to play Healer with her sister, and would generally destroy the bottom of her chemise to provide an impromptu 'bandage' for her sister, until she grew wise enough to nip some bandages from the infirmary on occasion.


Name Relation Location Position Age Difference
Persis Mother Southern Boll Hold Resident +31T 1M
Jaice Father Southern Boll Hold Healer Master: Mindhealer +33T 4M
Rafael Older Brother Healer Hall Healer Master: Obstetrics +9T 7M
Lynien Older Brother Harper Hall Harper Journeyman: Law +6T 3M
Pia Older Sister Ista Weyr Guard +3T 11M
Persis Jaice Rafael Lynien Pia
PhyliciaMotherPersis PhyliciaFatherJaice PhyliciaBrotherRafael PhyliciaBrotherLynien PhyliciaSisterPia


"It's not that I wouldn't love to inspect your chest, miss. But that's one thing they won't let apprentices do."
-Phylicia, to K'as in Got Milk?

"I wouldn't've screamed if you would've /warned/ me you were lighting your hand on fire."
-Phylica, to Tenebrous in Crossing Lines

"We need each other then, don't we, Fauikith? I'll be your strength if you'll be mine."
-Phylicia, to Fauikith (Impression)



Windborne Secrets Green Fauikith
Dark shadows, thick with foliage, steal across serpentine head and neck to slide down thick, strong shoulders. Tones of somber gayety relinquish to that of mischievous emerald along haunches and tail. Hide thick over her small yet muscular frame ending in gleaming claws, sharp as thorns, at toe tips. A hint of buttercup seeps though the smooth coloration of this young girl's hide, making its mark primarily across her toes. Following over her head and down her back comes a slight speckling of other shades of green-greys giving a slight mottled effect of sunlight through branches.

Fauikith's Mindvoice: Breaths
The breath of the forest that you love so well lives in Fauikith and you can hear it in the whisper of leaves that heralds a change in her moods. While at times her peace is profound stillness, she'll speak in the near-silence, muted night insects providing a far-off cadence to her thoughts. There are times when, tender and sweet, she'll dance with the haunting of piping flute notes that warble, airy as birdsong through your consciousness imparting both joy and love for you and life. Her ire is a storm that churns the limbs, bending trees to her will. In those times the roar of her voicemind is punctuated by the crackle of lightning and the rumble of thunder from afar off peaks that is answered by the gunshot snapping of branches. Steady dripping, rain on leaves is her sorrow, eddying slowly with the damp scent of wet rock and sodden leaves.



Devil His Due Blue Ciaran
Deep and brooding, the color of midnight sets the stage across this firelizard's hide. Every child knows, though, that the midnight sky is no more black than this firelizard, merely a deep purplish blue. Only Rukbat's light can cause an irridescence of indigo to shine in the darkness, though. His lithe form is packed with power, and his dark tail whips with carefully bridled impatience. His hind left foot stands out starkly against the rest of his body, a milky aquamarine parting the night like a star shining brightly in the sky. The rest though, as his attitude, is very dark.


The Brown Side of Life Brown Estevan
Syrupy goodness smothers this thickly built brown firelizard. A deep brown, almost near black, runs over his rounded barrel and flows into his stumpy limbs, ending in ebony-dipped talons that look too dull to be of any danger. Lighter rounded spots fizzle up his broad chest, twisting around his sturdy short neck and floating their way over his eyeridges to the tip of his muzzle. His neckridges and headknobs are just as blunt and rounded as the rest of him, head crowned by a crimson cap, a color that is only repeated in streaks over his large black wingsails.

Reaching to Empyrean Heights Gold Hinae
Permanently is the sunset captured in the hide of this fiery golden firelizard, the vibrant colors of evening's approach immortalized in her form. The sun's warmest gold stains her hide, coating her from the sweep of her headknobs down neck and shoulders to coat the rest of her sturdy form. Her face is redder in tone, with sparkling points of the warm gold shade speckling her sharp muzzle and rimming her faceted eyes to emphasize these features. Her broad wings bear the cloak of gentle shade, as if clouds passed between her and the sun as it stained her with sunset's grace: warm gold has cooled to mellow yellow, with faint hints of green touching the folds and ridges in the deepest shadow. Across chest and haunches skim a collection of rosy puffs, soft trickles and eddies of pinkish gold that follow the flow of her pronounced muscles to define her strong yet still elegant physique. Her hide darkens as the warm gold flows down her limbs, tarnished by the approaching night, with her claws the shining points of emerging stars on the far horizon.


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