Now nearly in his forties, Ph'rys is far from slowing down. Grey may have long since touched his black hair, but few lines adorn his face, made notable instead by a strong nose and chin and an intense, dark-eyed gaze. He stands tall, over six feet in height, and his broad shoulders taper down to a more slender waist; overall, the impression is one of incredible strength, coiled deep within.

He dresses somberly, frequently in greys, taking advantage of the tendency this grants him to be overlooked in the shadows of a Weyr's caverns. His hands are often enough found to be ink-stained, but unlike some, he is fastidious enough that the rest of his skin and his clothing generally remains free of such marks.


Born at Xanadu Weyr to a set of parents with an incredibly unusual taste in names, Phorcysanteri — who one assumes was named with the intent to put him on the sands immediately — didn't actually stick around there long. He was fostered out to his mother's sister at Ressac early on, growing up alongside an army of cousins who started calling him 'Santi' almost right away. With both of his parents flying in Galaxy and his uncle and older cousins as guards, that was the future he initially saw for himself, too. Joining the Guard, maybe being Searched. But much like the assumption that young Santi would stand as soon as he was old enough, the perception that he'd enter the Hold's Guard if not eventually returning to the Weyr to do the same thing plus or minus a dragon was shattered by a visiting Harper. The boy's interest in The Law was expanded — being a guard didn't hold as much interest to him as being a lawyer did, and so off he went to the Hall at age thirteen.

And so off he went to Harper Hall, where he remained for the next four and a half turns, studiously reaching the level of Sr. Apprentice in a legal specialty. His actual interest in outright fighting crime hadn't faded, but he'd come to love all angles of the court system. A chance visit with his mentor to High Reaches Weyr for a trial had him swept up by the dragons, though, and there he was on the sands for the first time at seventeen. The parents he'd had so little contact with in the past were thrilled, hoping to bring their son home to their Weyr as soon as they could after his inevitable Impression; the family that had raised him at the seahold were less excited, and the Harpers just waited it out, knowing that no matter what happened, he'd come back.

The Harpers, at least, were right. Mild-mannered Phorcysanteri didn't come out with the bronze his father expected for him, though — midway through the hatching, he was nearly bowled over by a spindly pile of green legs that proclaimed herself his Ciolanith. She promptly renamed him Ph'rys, something that resembled his usual 'Santi' in absolutely no way, so that (in her youthful, simple mind) no one would have lofty expectations of the pair and they could go their own way. Impressing green hadn't been something he ever saw for himself, but of course every other aspect of his life had been something of a surprise, too. Weyrlinghood came naturally, easily, even as the strong personality clash between quiet Ph'rys and loud, gregarious, mischievous Ciolanith came to a head. Despite being perfect opposites they worked together well, and Ciolanith showed an impressive inborn knack for betweening, being the first of the class to pick it up easily. Soon after graduation they were tapped to the crafters' wing and resumed their studies, only transferring out into Search and Rescue once Ph'rys had his Journeyman's knot; rather than serving as a lawyer, he started out by working as an investigator.

That itself only lasted until the Weyr actually needed the services of an attorney for several things that seemed like small tasks, bringing Ph'rys into the Weyrleader's wing for administrative purposes. He served as High Reaches' lawyer for quite some time, serving in a policing role as often as he could possibly put his feet to ground without being shuffled back into the office, and was happy there — until shortly before turning thirty-eight, he was left badly wounded in a clash with renegades. Ciolanith was also wounded, and the pair were transferred to Ierne for long-term recovery in a warmer environment. They remained there for a mostly uneventful four months before visiting family at Xanadu at exactly the wrong time and being named Weyrsecond to the new Weyrleader, A'dmar. Of course, he couldn't actually be the Weyrsecond of somewhere he didn't live, but this didn't stop Thea from offering him a chance to take the position for real when he came back to Xanadu for a stargazing event. He's given it some consideration, though the change in Weyrleaders put the idea on the backburner — that said, he did relocate to Xanadu fairly soon after in order to be close to family. Most of the time he still spends on his Harper duties, riding in Asteroid.


Name Relation Location Position
Ph'leri Father Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Cyrianis Mother Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Unnamed Sister Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Other Siblings Siblings Places Ranks
Pia Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Phairen Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Blue Orestes
Navy envelops a lithe, powerful form, misted by washes of cyan that peek from the least likely places. Heavy eyeridges shadow faceted eyes, the darting head blending into a sinuous neck and in turn to a body that seems that of a winged runner — no, people on wax wings — no, a lord of thunder and lighting. Everything fantastic, is this one, from the shimmering of wings that seem feathered one moment and waxy the next to the dark belly that whispers of underworlds existing only in the mind of men. Talons are gilded with silvery gold, seeming to be little mountains that tip feet and wing spars alike. The effect is only heightened by the three fateful skeins of turquoise color that drizzle down a lashing tail.


Conniving Whisper in the Trees Green Ciolanith
Sweeping as silk over the sketchiness of her forever-young frame, a west wind's breath in sea-green warms the contours of a petite lady. Constellations of deeper hues trace across the green horizons of her skin, starlit shapes flat against her smoothly tearshaped form. Wide-eyed and falsely innocent, her deep pine-hued eyes dominate her dainty head, sparkling with an amorous glint, framed by dark eyeridges. Her muzzle is dipped in a slightly washed-out emerald, and seems to be forever caught in a sly half-grin.


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