Thick sooty lashes fringe wide, gentle eyes changeable as any opal, their dark depths sprinkled with flecks of sea blue, green and gold, shining with a child-like glimmer of delight. Lips, a pale rosebud pink, curl into a sweet and pleasant smile that sits beneath a nose perfectly suited to her face. Sable hair curls softly just past her shoulder when left loose though it's most often pulled pack into a ponytail. Her shoulders are broad, yet arms and body slender, toned from activity, and just beginning to sprout the accents of womanly character. At 16 turns she is tall for her age, standing just shy of five six.

Shielding her skin from both weather and the occupational hazard of muck, the teenager sports a long sleeved shirt in dark cocoa, the hem ending at the feminine flair of her hip over a fading, heather gray wherhide skirt. Black boots shod her feet and a similarly sable belt of middling width circles her waist, keeping its convenient set of pouches in easy reach.


Petra was born at the Minecraft hall just north of Telgar Hold to then Journeyman Vessale and his first wife Addiena, a fellow journeyman of the craft. She was the third child, and only daughter of the couple, already having two sons ages seven and three. It was a few days later that complications of the girl's birth took their toll on Addiena and the woman slipped into a sleep that she did not wake from. As such, the infant spent the first months of her life with a wetnurse until she was weaned.

From the age of three days to three turns the child spent her time in the care of the nannies of the craft. There was always someone there to tend to her needs, but no real parent figure in the sense that many of the other children had. She knew her father, Jouneyman Vessale, as powerful man if a bit below average height, but he was still a large when seen from a child's eyes. But he was a serious man and dutifully fell to his job. There was little time for a toddler, much less a girl who reminded him so much of the love he'd lost with her coming.

It was at three and a few months that her father remarried, and it was this woman that she saw as a mother since she had not known her own. However, even here there was trouble for the girl, as the woman had little interest in a rambunctious child with much learning still ahead. Yet life went on, and while parental attention was limited she had countless friends in the other children of the hall, including her brothers.

There was many a time in her childhood where she was chased out of her father's room trying to catch a peek at his latest work of art. He held a passion for gold, color and properties alike, and in the evenings he'd lock himself away to craft jewelry. Perhaps it was in hope that he'd recognize her desire for the attention he gave her brothers. But, being a child, she was simply 'in the way'.

Curious and inquisitive Petra was always finding herself in the middle of this or that. It was during this period, from age five to eleven, of snooping, eaves dropping and exploration (around standard harper lessons and daily chores) that that her interests fell into a division of her father's own craft, the Starsmiths. This interest wasn't without its troubles either.

"Petra! Don't touch that." "I'm -trying- to hold lessons here." "Petra! Don't touch that." "Go play with the others." "Petra! Don't touch that." "Here you are child, we thought we'd lost you. What do you think you're doing here anyway?" "It's past your bedtime Petra, now get to going."

It was a phase that many hoped would pass sooner rather than later, but as she grew here interest in the subject expounded as well. Not that there was anything wrong with it per say, she was just always in the way. There was one however, a Journeyman by the name of Zsriston, who had known Vessale and Addiena long before the girl's birth, who allowed the girl to sit in on his lectures to the newest apprentices provided she stay quiet and save her questions, which were many, until afterwards when she wasn't interrupting. This she did, watching with rapt attention when she could weasel away from the odd caretaker.

A Starsmith she was not to be however as upon turning eleven her step mother, tired of having a troublesome girl always causing mischief in her midst, decided it would be best if the girl were sent away. And so it was that she found herself on her way to Hannista Hold in the south - there, Cloendra said, she would learn to become a proper young lady. Hannista then is were Petra found herself for the next phase of her life, a world away from everything she knew. Which brings us to a new chapter in which a blossoming young woman finds her way to Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Vessale Father Minecraft Hall Jmn Smith
Addiena Mother Minecraft Hall



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