Perri's whole being follows a rather rounded theme, with the chubbiness of childhood still waiting to be banished from her body. Her face is round, complexion rosy and liberally sprinkled with freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her eyes are large and a bright pale blue that gives an almost innocent cast to her gaze. A thick mass of auburn hair finishes off her appearance, and for all it is cut to chin length there is just So Much of it that it always seems just on the edge of being out of control. Perri appears to be in her early teens.

Functional and practical are the best descriptions for Perri's clothing, as with all healers. She wears a faded purple shirt on top, the sleeves ending just above her elbows, the bottom hem skimming her hips, and a thick black belt cinching the shirt in around her waist. Her legs are encased in the traditional white trousers, their upturned bottoms revealing a pair of black boots. A large, smeared, hand-print in redwort is forever visible across her stomach.

On her shoulder is the purple and white knot of a healer apprentice.


When your parents actually go to the length of naming you Harper there's a certain pressure to become… well… a harper. Unfortunately for them Perri was probably the least likely person to ever follow that particular career path, and to top it off she hated her name as well. Try though they would to encourage her in art, or to hope that her voice would sound less like a strangled wherry, or maybe for some grace to come into her movements, they only succeeded in pushing her further away from their chosen path and by the time she was eight and calling herself Sparklenia they just plain gave up.

With the sudden removal of pressure and (ick) a sibling on the way Perri began to feel distanced and unhappy. The boundaries she'd pushed so hard against had been removed and she found herself getting bored. It seemed logical to her young brain that the easiest way of solving this problem was to find someone to be a bother to, and that person ended up being the aging Vale Hold healer. He didn't teach her at first, he more or less ignored her barrage of silly questions beyond telling her to stop touching things, but one day she asked a question that wasn't designed specifically to bother him and he actually replied. It came as a shock. The next day she asked another question, and again there was an answer! A proper answer, too, not one that treated her like a kid.

Thanks to her parents teachings she was pretty good at reading and writing and the old healer loaned her a book on the promise she took very good care of it. She treated it as if it were coated in gold and jewelled with the most expensive gems in the world. She read that book from cover to cover at least a dozen times, each time finding something else to go and speak to her 'friend' about. He was the first she told of her decision to call herself Perri, a declaration that resulted in a nod followed quickly by him asking her a question about the book.

By the time she was ready to apprentice there was no doubt where she would be heading, and on her last visit to the infirmary before she left home she was given a package. The book. The precious book was now hers, and she and her shiny new name were off to the Hall.


Name Relation Location Position
Bevan Father Vale Hold
Rosamund Mother Vale Hold
Oda Sister Vale Hold


Laughter in the Dark blue Moroi
Vague voices from the shadows, howling from the beyond, reach out and brush their icy fingers over the hide of this firelizard. The darkest of icy blues twists over his shadowed hide, absorbing rather than reflecting the light that comes near him. A gnarled branch of curious cobalt creeps up his spine, branches reaching outward to entwine his limbs. Obsidian pricks of night dance across his hide in an array of midnight, no stars are shining upon the dusky colors. A mask of twilight snakes its way across his brow, wisps of dark smoke curling upward to become his large wings. A cloud of midnight blue steals into the inky colorings, a brief glimpse of dawn amidst the darkness. A creature of the shadows, a being of questionable loyalty.



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