Nothing but a simple bowl cut of the brightest firey hues colors this langly young man's head. Freckles adorn his pale face from large ear to large ear that protrudes proudly from the sides of his round head. Eyes are wide and a bright cheery sky blue over that long and pointy nose on his face. His lips are held in a constant thin lined frown, wrinkles about the edges standing out. His body doesn't leave much to be desired, he's a little too thin for his height but filled out so bones don't protrude through skin at the very least.
Sitting over his shoulders is nothing more than a long sleeved shirt of the brightest green, brighter than the grass all around where he wanders. Heavy boots adorn his misproportionately large feet, bulky and worn from turns of wear and tear. Finishing off this conservative style is a pair of well-tailored leather pants which ride high and mighty almost engulfing the poor lad all the way up to his stomach. Atleast they reach the tops of his feet…


There's nothing like the sweet smell of leather and stains in the morning, and that's all this poor lad had to deal with day in and day out as he grew up with a family hooked on making making their own clothing out of hides and skin of the beasties they raised themselves in a distant cothold. Their home wreaked of different preserves as they did it all within every availible space indoors… leaving the poor lad to take his blanket (cloth, thank the stars!) onto the roof for well wanted rest and fresh air. Thankfully, he faced upwind. Pareol wasn't… so fond of the quality of what he received, with just daily movements, there's been bouts of cracking and discoloration. Strips were poorly assembled and fell apart often.

"Thas it! Ya honessly think Imma gonna wear this mess? Imma gonna learn to make it all good and proper!"

Famous last words as he takes his first apprentice steps.


Name Relation Location Position
Parris Mother
Diseol Father


Title OOC Date Cast
Candidate Barracks 2008 Arkoss, Alara, Delenn, Keziah, Orla, Pareol
Random Log: Pareol is Searched 2008 Myra Pareol
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