A mop of dirty blondish-brown hair sits tousled on his head, pieces drifting occasionally down in front of his eyes which often gets pushed away to enable him to see. A familiar and very distinctive nose that has is characteristically narrow, with a bump near the top that slows quickly downwards and is noticeable protruding from his face. His face is rather narrow tapering off into a cleft-like chin. He has a slight scar around his left eyebrow that is barely noticeable likely from a fight earlier in life. His frame is rather lean much like other males in his family. He is reasonably muscular with noticeably broad shoulders. He has a deep bronze tan that highlights his hair against his skin having spent years outdoors working. He has a decent posture rarely ever seen to slouch and is about 6' 2" in height. If one looks closely there is a family resemblance playing out… but to who? Perhaps to a well-known Istan Weyrsecond?


It was a hectic two weeks at Shipton Cothold for the cothold healer. Poor woman was kept busy with a few of the ladies from Shipton Cothold being pregnant and due close in time… two of them most noticeably were Aaralyn and her sister-in-law, Aysha. Of course, Aysha was the first to give birth and with that came the infamous Pallaton now known as L'ton. Two weeks later, Aaralyn gave birth to a son as well whom here and her husband Acton, named the little boy Payton. It was obvious from that moment that Shiptop Cothold would never be the same as well Payton was an almost spitten image of his cousin Pallaton… a "doppleganger" of sorts.

Payton and Pallaton grew up close almost like brothers and caused many to turn their heads and wonder what was up with those two this time. While Payton strived to nearly emulate his older cousin, he in his own rights was not a follower in any area but with females. Both young men seemed to attract them pretty easily with their smooth charm.

By his teens, the differences between him and Pallaton was obvious as he had quite the growth spurt and by his late teens, he was 6ft 2in tall, compared to Pallaton's 5ft 11in. Payton was an easy going young man that like his cousin ended up getting him into quite the predicaments at times as well… especially with the ladies. Of course, how it came to be this way to many is unknown… was it of his own way or maybe Pallaton's influence or something else but it was obvious there'd be trouble to come. It led Payton into fatherhood much younger than most young men had cared to.

Unfortunately this came to be in his 13th turn… a baby was born to an older female cousin of his, Prya and soon the rumors had spread that Payton had talked her into "experimenting" with him, the baby had a strong ressemblence to the young man, who at the time had only been an apprentice woodcrafter. The child, a daughter, Zapia was quickly fostered off to one of his aunts but due to illness had later died well before she turned a turn old. The rumors with it quelled just as fast to try to sweep the fact that not only Payton was a father at 13 but he had also slept with his cousin.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time rumors of his little trysts would come up… some other close calls came up (even a rumor about him sleeping with his older and younger sister… he well was an interesting young man…) before the rumors finally settled down for a few turns.

Unfortunately the close calls and some likely more children he was unaware of in neighboring areas, he finally settled down into the Woodcraft for a bit till his cousin Pallaton was taken with a group to take sheep to Ista Weyr and further instruction that Payton grew restless being seperated from his well seemingly more "good" older cousin. Payton unfortunately was the darker "double" of Pallaton… his parents feared he'd only end up leaving a trail of children he'd never take any responsibility for and angered fathers after him.

When Payton heard of his cousin being Searched, the restlessness took him to heading off to Ista Weyr to try and convince Pallaton to come back to the Cothold. Only it was pretty much too late as a bronze had chosen L'ton and he despite the family's efforts to convince him to get L'ton to leave his dragon and go home… made it clear he'd refuse to do so and was going to stay at Ista Weyr in hopes that him and L'ton wouldn't lose their friendship and closeness they shared.

In fact, watching L'ton go through weyrlinghood, Ista Weyr seemed like a good place and he wanted a bronze just like L'ton. Imagine all the ladies he could have to himself that way!! Oh boy that thought was a large temptation to Payton. Yes he was good at Woodcrafting but being a hormonal young man… there was a lot of him to go around and he'd make sure it would, still unfortunately irresponsibly too.

It was into the search that happened after L'ton Impressed that Payton was Searched at Ista Weyr and he got excited by the chance to stand on the sands… only to end up left on the sands. That didn't discourage Payton, he just sought out other young women to keep him company in bed and within a short time before he was Searched yet again this time at Benden Weyr… three young women gave birth a few days before. Rumors weren't only rumors… he had fathered three boys within a few days of each other.

Of course, Payton being unaware didn't even try to contact the three girls that he had knocked up as he was too busy yet again as a Candidate. Once more failing to impress he returned to Ista Weyr only to be confronted by three angry young women telling him he needed to be responsible for his sons. He vehemently denied they were his even though it was clear that they looked like him too. He did try at least to spend time with his sons, oddly all were born within a day of each other, Zaxton (the first of the boys), Zelton (the second of the boys) and Zarson (the last of the boys).

It was soon clear that Payton's reputation was spreading… of course, oddly it wasn't so bad, as he really didn't need to seduce the girls, they wanted him. It wasn't his fault that they got pregnant so easily was it? It wasn't him that had to be pregnant or take care of the kids.

Of course, during this period of time, L'ton was trying to encourage his cousin to try to start taking some responsibility for now likely about 8 children that are known at least.

The long list at that point was including a daughter born to his cousin, Prya when he was 13 that died in infancy, a daughter that was born to his 13 year old sister (at the time), Plinka. He found this out after he had left Shipton Cothold for Ista Weyr at almost 19 turns which was named Zaryia that was kept by the sister after refusing to allow the child to be fostered out even though it was considered shameful to the family. The baby girl was considered by all to be her younger sister by all in the Cothold out of denial.

Payton was told by his parents, he had a new baby sister, add in the three sons at Ista Weyr were only just a start). It wasn't even a turn after he returned to Ista Weyr soon heard that he had fathered a set of twins (identical twin girls, Zakyna and Zarley) in his drunkeness after being left on the sands at Benden Weyr.

Unfortunately unknowning to Payton, his total counts on how many children he had before he was 20, could easily total about 16 or more. Yes he was a male slut, how could a good looking young man like him that was so virile not share his gene pool around with all these lovely young ladies that made him feel so good?

With his 8th known child on the way yet again at Ista, he seems to be in a contest with his cousin L'ton for who has the most children… maybe it's tied.

Payton seems to be in hiding from the young woman that is currently pregnant with his child. Luckily the others were spread around Pern in his travels.

As far as things go with the WoodCraft, well Payton seems to have at least stumbled his way to becoming a Journeyman. How? It still is uncertain other than he seems to know his stuff. L'ton has still been trying to the present to get his cousin to reform his ways and take responsibilities as a father and so does most of Shipton Cothold and other areas too. So far it looks like if he'll settle down it'd have to be either being forced into marriage or something.

Of course, that'll all have to wait as a rider from Telgar yet again picked up Payton once more (like the 3rd or 4th time…he's pretty much lost count) to stand on the Sands in Telgar… in hopes of Impressing a bronze like L'ton. Others are hoping that maybe if he does Impress, his lifemate will help in making him responsible.


Name Relation Location Position
Aaralyn Mother Shipton Cothold
Acton Father Shipton Cothold


We Have an Atrox Green Jenova
This green is massive, muscular, and mottled in color. Her khaki green head has a fanged overbite, a short stubby neck is none the less mobile and dappled in underlying savannah and rusted copper hints, with rounded snubby headknobs and neckridges so sharp they might prick your fingers. Surprisingly, her build is disproportioned and clumsy. Dried grass and sage greens dully her tiny sleek chest and stomach. Dipped in smoldering moss and peat, her forepaws are tiny and not very nimble. Her wings are long and wide, olivine tinged with lightning and the otherworldly appearance of noxious burning chemicals. They seem to be necessary for balance, because her hips and rear legs are if anything more muscular than any other part of her body. Corroded copper and lithium shimmer in explosive bursts of dull color along her hips, as if somebody had tossed a bomb against her flanks only to have the explosion glance off like it was nothing. This culminates in a thick, stubby tail that seems to have hints of red on it, as if the tailspade were smoldering with laser fire.

Sharp Claws and Smoke Brown Logan
Small, rough and tumble, this lizard seems built more squat than many others. It's not that he's small by any means, but he's compact rather than stretched out. Yellowy tan predominates his coloration, clinging to tightly wound muscles and a broad, deep chest. Darker brown shows in a triangular pattern on his head, stretching up towards his eyeridges and headknobs and also across his chest and shoulders. The same color marks each of his broad paws. Sharp, dangerous looking obsidian talons stick out from his forepaws, digging into the ground as he moves. His wings are short, muscular, and tinted with the brown of old, worn-out leather.


Pillar of Stability Bronze Tesnath
Rukbat's rays break over the hide of this dragon, burnishing his bronzed presence with a sun kissed red that shimmers as if reflecting in a desert like haze of internal heat. His body is that of a well-toned predator, shorter limbs, an elongated muzzle full of razor sharp teeth and a long paddle like tail that is almost constantly whipping from side to side. His low-slung form is given a more deadly look by the tightly bunched muscles rippling under his leathery hide, adding to the heat haze effect of his colouring. The reddy bronze ripples darken significantly as they drop down over toned flanks towards the almost burnt colouring of his underside, a stark contrast to the fiery bronze of his slightly smaller wings.


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