This teenager is average in height, with a finely muscled and wiry frame. Sunlit honey-blond hair reaches to just an inch past his shoulder blades. It's parted on the right side, with wispy bangs that angle in to the rest of the length to the left, often falling over the eye there. Starting just above his left ear a portion of hair has been meticulously braided in at an angle as to lay flat when tucked behind it; dyed a deep midnight blue. His eyes are edged with prominent dark lashes, the irises contained within an unusual shade; gold. Brows set above are shapely and arch up at their farthest end. One of these ends, the right, bares two small stainless steel loops piercing the flesh there. A long, aquiline nose, leads the way down to a pair of proportionally full lips. The bottom of the pair has been pierced with two steel hoops, matching the brow, halfway between the center and the left corner of his mouth. Ears bare a single red lacquered dot each in the center of the lobe. The flesh drawn over long toned limbs is on the pale side, prone perhaps, to be one of the unfortunate that burns, peels, and then is right back where they started. His voice has settled on a strangely melodic tenor precariously close to baritone when flirtatious, or soprano when upset.

P'rel wears a set of the finest black riding leathers. The pants accentuate the narrowness of his hips and the slenderness of his limbs. Over this is a long coat, trimmed in silver and some fine white fur at the collar, hood, and bottom most hem. There is two buckled meant to keep the sleeves right at his forearms, but are left open, giving them a slight bell like shape. At his hips a set of twin belts, their buckles silver and ornately etched. The legs of his trousers are tucked into a pair of calf high boots in ebony, also accented in a bit of soft white fur. Hands are clad in fingerless leather gloves that go up past his wrist and clear up to his elbow beneath the sleeves of his jacket. There on his shoulder is hung a knot showing his status as a wingrider at Xanadu Weyr, with a single bronze cord for his lifemate woven in. Upon one sleeve of his jacket, is a patch for Quasar Wing sewn on.

Fullname: Pyriel
Nicknames: Py, Brat, Jerk, Bastard, Metal-Face
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Blond
Birthplace: Eastern Weyr


Ponya and Eiirlan grew up in Eastern Weyr and were childhood friends. Ponya's family were fisherman and sailors, while Eiirlan's family were a long line of dragonriders. They were only separated once for any significant amount of time, and that was when seventeen turn old Eiirlan impressed to brown Dreggoth and became E'lan. After he'd graduated weyrlinghood, they started right in on a family without delay. First there was Rainer, three turns later Naelyn, and two turns after that Liyen. Though they thought they were done, they were very surprised when a fourth little boy arrived nearly sixteen years after their last. Still, they welcomed their newest addition with perhaps a little nervous apprehension.

Pyriel, nicknamed Py, was a bright and sunny child, and as far as weyrfolk go rather sheltered. Quiet and shy at first, but as he got to know someone he'd be as easy to read as a book. As he got older though, he became more precocious and outgoing and the kid gloves came off. He spent quite a bit of time being sent to his room, or given extra chores for one prank or another. The last straw for his father, is when the unnaturally pretty boy got himself pierced up. He washed his hands of his youngest son, and started to pay even less attention to him than he had before. He was practically never at home anymore. Py's parents have recently separated. Though, it wasn't actually his fault so much as his doing. Certain secret affairs and broken promises were brought to light for his mother in the form of letters and a journal. He's recently arrived now in Xanadu with his mother, though he goes to visit his father now and then at the express order of his mother, of which he is none too pleased.



Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC
I'srie Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider to Blue Tscyleth PC
E'lan Father Eastern Weyr Rider of Brown Dreggoth NPC
Ponya Mother Xanadu Weyr Master Seacrafter NPC
Rainer Elder Brother High Reaches Weyr Master Tancrafter NPC
Naelyn Elder Brother Eastern Weyr Master Seacrafter NPC
Liyen Elder Brother Fort Weyr Sr. Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC


Name Location Position PC/NPC
Qe'pol Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Nisuanekhdjieth PC
Kaede Xanadu Weyr Harper Apprentice PC
Kiley Western Weyr Computer Crafter Journeyman PC
Ryeokie Xanadu Weyr Starcraft Sr. Apprentice PC
Xeryn Eastern Former Childhood Best Friend NPC
Helena Xanadu Number One Stalker NPC

FACTS ABOUT P'REL (Known and Unknown)




Paradise Mai Tai Gold Aria
Lithe and flowing as a sun-touched river, this firelizard's form is caressed by tropical hues of golden sands and the sweet-seeming yellows of a ripe citrus. Dainty head, narrow of jaw and sharp of tooth, is set atop a slender neck, leading down into a body graced by hints of an island's dusk and dawn, warm tones touched by the faintest blush here upon paper-thin membranes and here upon soft curve of belly, and again here upon the whip-thin length of her tail. Muscles shift with every movement beneath metallic hide, not so obvious as to be bulky, but enough to suggest power aplenty, wings broad and fading to near-pink on the edges, tantalizing hints at a more delicate nature despite her size. The gentle coloration is echoed just a little in the tips of small headknobs. Rukbat's faintest kiss is once more displayed in the brighter shine of ridges, trailing down her back in neat display, while claws of purest white add an icier touch to this otherwise smokin' 'lizard.
Night Fury Bronze Requiem
Strikingly handsome, this well formed and finely muscled firelizard is as dark as a starless night. Only with some sort of reflection against his hide does it reveal an iridescent sheen of bronze and copper. There is also a hint of violet around his muzzle, however faint. Headknobs are thick, bespectacled with a glittering of bronze. Thick scale-like sections of bronze can be found around his snout, along his sides and carry on to meet down the the length of his tail. For whatever reason he is missing one of the forks at the end, but it doesn't appear to affect his ability to fly at least. Strong, powerful wingsails erupt from his back, with startling spidery veins in bright gold upon the membranes. They are perhaps larger than can to be found on others of his size, but he carries himself proudly nonetheless. Legs are strong and lack much variation in color, though his talons bare a distinct bold accent of goldenrod in a thin line down their center.


And In Darkness Bound Bronze Malphath
A flicker of torchlight seems to play across the deeply burnished hide of this broad-shouldered bronze dragon. Near-black tips his muzzle, almost as if dipped in a bottle of ink, and fades away along his cheeks and down his neck, the pattern echoing the subtle shapes of long-forgotten, sinister runes melting into rich, polished bronze. Built for both power more than speed, his sizeable frame nevertheless boasts a certain solid elegance and he moves with the cadences of a large jungle-cat, belying any impression that large size makes one awkward. His wings are neatly proportioned to balance his mass as is his tail, tapering to a fine point, lightly brushed with the brightness of a flame shining through the darkness. Talons are hued in the fathomless depths of ebony, seemingly polished to a super glossy sheen, and always deadly sharp. Eerily, any onlooker may note, that this beast's eyes never waver from their sinister blood-red color other than to lighten with ripples in hues of carmine, magenta and rose.


Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong" (Pyriel)

Celine Dion "Taking Chances" (I'srie)


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