P'al (Formerly Percival)
Portrayed By Boyd Holbrook
Gender Male
Aliases Percy (Don't call him that!)
Place of Birth Ogren Hold
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Butcher Journeyman


This young man stands tall for his age, already reaching heights of five foot nine. His build is muscular and fit, not overly so, but enough to show he is anything but lazy. Short light brown hair covers the top of his head, kept trimmed at the nape of his neck and short enough to stay out of his face. Amber eyes reside under long dark lashes, framed by serious brows upon his square shaped face. His skin is a rich tan from turns of working in daylight.

His clothing is a simple ensemble - A tunic of ash grey is worn, tucked into a pair of tan durable pants and held together by a thick black leather belt. Simple leather boots are worn, with the legs of his pants tucked neatly inside to keep aspects of his work from finding its way up to bare skin. The boots are a dark brown in hue, clearly beaten and well worn from turns of use, but clearly still serviceable.


Percival is the son of a cotholder working for Ogren Hold. The young man grew up working alongside his parents, maintaining his share of the responsibilities necessary to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. When work was done, he'd get into the general mischief that comes with a growing young man. As soon as he was deemed old enough to strike out on his own, he joined the Cooks as a butcher apprentice. In the kitchens of Xanadu Weyr is where the now Journeyman resides to this day.


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Image masterfully done by the wonderful Giblets! <333

Green Gristle
Pale and gangly, it's a wonder this thing made it out of her egg at all. This tiny firelizard appears to be all skin and bones with pale mossy hues covering her body, and under tones of dull grey. Those dull grey tones circle both eyes, giving them the appearance that they're well sunken in, withered away despite those very eyes being bright and alert. The only thing exceptional about this green firelizard is the overwhelming size of her wings, with spars longer than normal, giving her gossamer sails dominion over frail creature.


The Greater Warrior Brown Auricyth

Oh Faranth, he comin'. This brown is a beast in the most classical sense, massive of paws, massive of chest, massive of wings, massive of — well, surely the picture he paints is clear. He is a damp loamy brown at base, the length of his hide leeched and faded with pale, frosted tones, like a pelt left to drag across snow-crusted ground. Pale whites, beiges and greys tick the stout bridge of his nose, brighten the baggy pouches beneath his eyes, before sweeping along his neck to form a fine ruff about his shoulders. There they are met with warmer copper tones, a soft aura of hope forming about twin hearts, hearts that beat to the tune of summer's song even in the winter's hardest hold. Hearty hickory ruffles compete with umber's more stalwart tones, darker depths draping over his wings and thick, heavy haunches before fading to a color so sepulchral it's almost black at the tips of his tail. Undersides are a matched pair - rounded stomach and wings both grow brighter as they fade back, leading siennas giving way to rich caramel, soft gingerbread and - as the color fades off the edges of wings, surrenders to dark haunches - bright tawny that speckles its way across the rest of belly and wings in cheerful mockery of the cold clusters of snow that gather on broad shoulders. Wide, flat paws seem to be geared more for walking than takeoffs and landings, each dipped in that same deep-dark brown of his tail, metallic rings of varying shades encircling each finger and toe hinting at a big of refinery that his otherwise round, rugged appearance might bely. There's something that his brown is hiding, something that sets him apart from the rest of his species, something encapsulated in clever eyes, gold claws, and slow, purposeful movements that puts him a step above the rest.



Percival's pet "Mortimer" from the INFERIOR Leirith.



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