At a Glance

Full Name:

Riyontali (Ontali)
5' 6
30 Turns

Birth Place:

Rider in Galaxy Wing
Cothold near Ressac Hold
Onrilsan (-1T, M, NPC)
Isaloni (-2T, F, NPC)
Sanrilo (-4T, M, NPC)
Tasril (-7T, M, NPC)




Moderately plain in adulthood, Tali doesnt much stand out from a crowd. Very much obviously a dragonrider, she is muscular and quite well-tanned, neither overweight nor terribly thin. Also average is her height — an even 5'6", not even slightly on the side of short or tall, just average. Her face is slightly heart-shaped, sporting dimples and a generally-smiling mouth already framed by laugh-lines. A moderate smatter of freckles across her cheekbones sets off bright, cheerful green-brown eyes, with mobile reddish eyebrows above. Her pixie haircut looks slightly odd with its tendency to curl up and be slightly frizzy, but it fits nicely beneath a riding helmet and doesn't get in her eyes when they're flying. Tawny-strawberry in color, the curly cut is likely a sun-paled shade of soft auburn, turned slightly gingery with prolonged exposure to the elements. When exposed, its evident that the freckles of the rider's face extend over most of her body; most prevalently, though, over her arms and shoulders.
Everyday and reliable, this well-loved outfit fits Tali like the frequent companion that it is. Khaki capri-trousers aren't exactly regulation dragonrider-wear, but they look comfortable, as does the simple sky-blue blouse that she wears; likely because it's one of her weyrmate's favorite colors. She is, at least, wearing boots befitting of her duty — tall and well-worn brown, they don't really match with her capris, but she doesn't seem to care. The knot carefully kept on a shoulder denotes her status as a bluerider of Xanadu Weyr.



Tali was born Riyontali to cotholders Ontasan and Rilisari, the oldest of five children the pair bore over the years. She wasn't much one for the life of a cotholder — for all that she enjoyed their position on the Sea of Azov, and for all that all of Pern has changed over the turns, females were still considered in a certain light in rural areas. With a mother who firmly believed that she ought to be sewing and cooking, and a father who didn't have much use for a daughter on his ships, she was mostly left to her own devices when she made herself more available to the Shepherd and Stablehands. At thirteen, she left home with a pair of friendly traders, bound for Xanadu Weyr. She never felt particularly bad about leaving home, content that her siblings could occupy her parents' time; and while it was a major adjustment, from Cothold to Weyr life, she managed it over the turns.

She stood twice as a barely-old-enough Candidate on the sands among making a cohesive group of friends who would be hers for a long time, little did she know, and finding love in the form of Rogawani, then-Messenger. Of course, when she found herself staring into the eyes of a very blue dragon who wasn't even slightly female, she was slightly confused, but as usual, she took it in stride. She was much less surprised by R'owan's Impression of Nyunath, though for the rest of the group of Candidates she'd befriended she was surprised by just how many had Impressed with them. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise, and if her dragon hadn't been completely insane and accident-prone, or her family more pleased by her Impression, it would have been a perfectly wonderful Weyrlinghood for Tali. As it was, she was only happy to graduate, settle into life as a Weyrmated rider and a Search and Rescue rider.

Search and Rescue turned out to be perfect for her — between her knack for getting into trouble and Cidheoth's enjoyment of scaring the pants off of her, they managed to make their Wing life fascinating. Tali, for her part outside of her duties, enjoyed the task of keeping her Weyrmate on track as a Weyrleader, and then having him back to herself when Nyunath lost. Selfish? Possibly, but she also knew that her bronzerider wasn't much one for that, and enjoyed his messenger duties far more. It took ten whole turns for the usual Weyrmate condition to come to light: Ontali found herself pregnant, and it did take some getting used to. After all, she had never wanted anything to do with babies, so one of her own? R'owan's excitement won her over, in the end, and by the time their daughter was born, she was as ready as she was going to be to be a mother. Sure, other babies still made her shudder, but when they put her own in her arms? Well, R'owan was, at least, the only one to see that she may just have cried. She was determined to be a good mother, for all that it still scared the everloving Faranth out of her.


Points of Interest

  • Ontali likes to be called Tali. Sometimes just Li, if you're lucky. Not Riy. Not Tal. DEFINITELY not RiyRiy. That would be her mother's nickname for her, and it incites reactions like broken noses. Yes, from apparently mild-mannered Tali!
  • Tali has major thrill issues. She's one stupid idea from death at just about any point in the day. She usually keeps these little adventures to herself, but isn't about to stop anybody from joining in. In fact, it makes her happy.
  • Sweet little Tali has a temper. A big temper. Yes, mild mannered Tali! (Seeing a theme here?) That temper might not manifest itself as anything but the occasional screaming match or broken nose as yet, but she should probably work on it before the whole temper thing isn't cute any more.
  • She was set to marry a boy a few turns older than her if she ended up back at home. Her parents still haven't forgiven her for getting out of it.
  • Apparently, Ontali's fear of babies only extends to one she hasn't begat. She's taken to motherhood — well, reasonably well, at least, and her own get doesn't much scare her. Now, everybody else's? Yeah. They break.
  • Rabid (or, you know, angry) runners do not scare Tali. Neither do rabid caprines, or ovines. Or just about anything else for that matter, short of dragons. She is just about fearless, in many ways. Likely stupidly, yes…
  • Tali once bit a runner who bit her. It wouldn't stop, so she got sick of it and turned around and went spit bull on his nose. The runner never did that again, and Tali learned a useful training aide. Teeth! Who knew?


Name Age Relation Location Position NPC/Adoptable
R'owan +1 Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Wingrider No/No
Riawni -26 Daughter Xanadu Weyr Infant Yes/No
Tasmic +40 Grandfather Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/No
Onosi +39 Granmother Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/No
Ontasan +20 Father Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/No
Rilisari +18 Mother Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/No
R'ils -1 Brother Telgar Weyr Cotholder Yes/Yes
Isaloni -2 Sister Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/Yes
Sanrilo -4 Brother Cothold near Ressac Cotholder Yes/Yes
Tasril -7 Brother Xanadu Weyr Hunter Yes/Yes


Shielded by the Clouds Bronze Dolios

Description: Wispy bronze mingles with ancient gold, the dull hues clashing along the sides of his body, golden-tones working upwards from his stomach, while bronze drips from his back. The darkest bronze resides in his ridges, running from between his headknobs to his tail, dark hue like a storm viewed from above. Wings spread wide, sails showing their dulled bronze sails, while the same lighter hue colors muzzle and forelimbs, toes and the tip of his tail.

Too Much Hair Brown Uncle

Description: This little brown is slender, although not delicate. His deep chocolate skin seems to fade along his back, wingsails, and the top of his head to a lighter grey/brown, giving him a look that makes him seem wise beyond his years. However, there's an air of mystery about him, as though he's hiding deep, dark secrets, something that you're not privy to, even if others might be.

Leaf on the Wind Blue Oddity

Description: Intelligent, yet slightly eccentric. That's about the best way to describe this little blue. Easily distracted, yet highly competent. His hide is a bright electric blue, with his body and wingsails sprinkled with patches of irridecent shimmers, all manner of colors visible. He's slim, almost aerodynamic in build, as though born to flight even more than most fire lizards..

Carved from Copper Gold Eos

Description: Burnished copper sweeps in large circles over the body of this gold, the metallic coloration gleaming as it flares over her muzzle, over rounded headknobs, twisting over her cheeks and tickling her chin, the very essence of her face crafted by an expert craftsman. While slightly duller goldenrod tickles her neck, it accentuates the patterning of her hide and sweeps along the serpentine length as it drops to her her shoulders. Over her back, goldenrod brightens to gamboge, the almost orange hues darkening once more to copper at the joints of spars and sails and haunches and curling tail, the rich hues dominating her extremities. Along her back, amber ridges have been set against her hide - precious gems mounted in polished metal - a study in luxary from long-nose to tail-tip.




A Little Spark of Magic Blue Cidheoth
Molten cobalt ebbs and flows into the form of this small dragon, the liquid hue streaming seamlessly across his wirey frame. Color seeps away from his hide at the base of his throat, pulling at the hue along his narrow chest and across his underbelly until nothing but a ghostly blue remains. Faint flickers of blue-white manifest along the top of his head, trickling and jumping down the length of his sloping neck until they pool into a welling mass at his shoulders. Further vestiges of bleached beryl spread across the expanse of his back, spreading outwards into an intricate pattern of tiny speckles that makes it appear as though splashes of fairy dust have been scattered across his hide. Flames of palest slate have kindled along the base of his tail, twirling along at a slow pace until they die into faded azure at its spaded tip. A cascading shower of silvery blue sparks flares up into a fiery curtain of color across his semi-translucent wingsails, completely blocking out any trace of shade or darkness with their overwhelming warmth and light.
Cidheoth has reached a diminutive but adequate length of of 25.70 meters, and sports a wingspan of 42.83 meters.




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