Just under medium height in boots, Omma in bare feet will never quite escape occasionally being called 'short'. 17 Turns, 2 months, and 13 days old, her snub nose and slightly round cheeks give her a more youthful appearance belied by the well-developed curves of her otherwise slender body. Great masses of curls, gold-highlighted brown, spill down from her head, half caught back in a clip or just left to fall to the level of her shoulderblades. The lightly tanned skin of her face, neck, hands, even her feet is liberally spattered with freckles. Her lips are plump and pink, while her eyes, shaded by long lashes, are the very-nearly-blue color of the gray sky over a stormy sea.


A green dragon flew. A blue dragon caught. Odessa, craftrider of Telgar Weyr, journeyman-ranked carpenter, and absent-minded wingsecond, found herself expecting the new title of 'mother' with mild alarm; T'deren, barely-graduated weyrling of Igen Weyr, message rider, accidental winner of mating flights and eleven years her junior, went back to his own weyr and celebrated the incipient title of 'father' with enough wine to get very drunk. So was Ommatidia born.

Odessa kept her until she was weaned, and a turn and a half past, as much out of affection as because it was easier to keep seeing to the child herself than to find a willing foster-mother. Just past the age of two turns, though, Omma found herself passed off for the first of many times in her life, to a steady and responsible baker in the lower caverns, who took care of her with a steady and responsible hand until she was Searched right out of the bowl, and for Fort Weyr no less, where she Impressed a steady and responsible brown dragon. Omma, not quite four, was passed back to her mother for the time being, who had only grown in responsibilities and distractability in the intervening turns. T'deren, on the other hand, no longer seventeen turns old and scared to death, had spent the time growing into himself; with Odessa too caught up in her own work to properly care for a child, he took the young girl in.

Omma spent a happy couple of turns in her father's Weyr…until another mating flight win proved unexpectedly fertile. A few months of awkward courting later, T'deren found himself with a new baby and a new weyrmate all at once. The greenrider was sweet, but the birth was difficult and she and the baby often sick. Rather than neglect Omma in the face of his new family, T'deren sent her to his own mother, a master Vitner who'd long since dissolved her Journeyman-period weyrmating with T'deren's father, a bronzerider at Ista. Omma, not even seven yet, /hated/ craft life. She lasted six months before the vitner sent her packed back to Odessa crying.

Odessa was half Weyrbred, half holder-gone-rider herself. Between her and T'deren, Omma has relatives in nearly every Weyr on Pern. She's lived with most of them. Never under the best of supervision to begin with, the constant shuffling back and forth between the care of adults who think they have more time to spare her than they find once she arrives left Ommatidia as something of a wild child. She realized early that if she ever truly hated a living situation, all she had to do was cause enough trouble, and they'd send her back to her mother. Not long after that, she realized that the worst thing anyone could ever try to inflict on her, wherever she was living, was to send her back to her mother, or off to her father, or to some other, increasingly-distant relative; and since that was a certainty anyway, it was only a game to try and see how much she could get away with before she got caught.

Omma's education has been patchwork at best. She's done most of her mother's paperwork, learned rudimentary cooking skills from her foster-mother at Fort, how to beat up boys bigger than she is from her second-cousins at Western, and the very basics of Healing from her grandfather's weyrmate at High Reaches. She spent half a turn apprenticed to the Smithcraft under the advisement of her mother's first cousin, before she tried all three of those skills out one of her fellow apprentices, in that order. This was about the time that Ommatidia decided that boys, and all men, really, were far more trouble than they were worth.

As absent-minded as she is, and as little time as she's spent around her daughter in the past seventeen turns, Odessa can be forgiven for not noticing just how grown-up Omma had gotten. Sixteen and a half is well past the age when normal children are fostered, but Odessa packed Omma off yet another time, to the cothold of her brother, not far from Lemos; only the third time in her life that Omma was sent to live outside of a weyr. Omma packed herself right back four awkward months later, after her uncle caught her in the hayloft kissing the daughter of the next holders over.

By that point, Omma was more than done with being shuttled around Pern at everybody else's convenience, and ready to shuffle herself around at her own convenience. So when her mother paced around the weyr, flapping her hands in consternation, Omma smoothly suggested that she be sent to live with her father's cousins at Xanadu; cousins that don't actually exist, not that Omma really cares. She's old enough to know how a Weyr works, and to pull her own weight, and more than interested to see what living apart from even the nominal guardianship of her youth will be like.

Ommatidia lies like she was born to it, rarely takes responsibility for a quarter of her actions, plays innocent so well that even she sometimes believes it, and loves all of Pern with a wild, fierce joy. She's learned to make friends fast and forget them faster. She rarely hurts them on purpose.


Name Relation Location Position
Odessa Mother Telgar Weyr Greenrider
T'deren Father Igen Weyr Bluerider


Serving Two Masters Blue Wayfarer
This blue is bright blue, dappled with darker blues along his spine and stomach. His head and face are broad and handsome. Muscles ripple just beneath his broad shoulders and down along his legs and spine. If ever there was an attractive, masculine blue, this is him, and he knows it.



Title OOC Date Cast
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