Tight curls of platinum blonde fall from this young woman's head down to her shoulders where it's neatly tied back in a runner tail for the sake of being proper save for those shorter strands that bounce around her face to the delecate jawline. A pair of narrowed eyes behind long pale lashes hold the hues of soft seafoam in the left and the sky in the right, a mere shade lighter than her own skin kissed skin with subtle bronze from the sun across her face and shoulders. Her form is average at best: slender and tall yet adorned with healthy curvature.

A cream tunic conservatively conceals this woman's form as it falls down just below her pantline with sleeves extending to fingertips and a collar high about her neck folded down. A neat vest of ashen hues is added over it and snugly tied tight to keep the other garment from billowing out in the breeze. A pair of slacks is also worn, well in condition and shaded a darker shadowed tone than her vest with a pair of well kept and polished boots covering small feet. To finish this simple appearance, a plain leather belt wraps around her waist.

Olarya looks to be no older than 22 Turns, 0 months, and 0 days.


Where she was born is left up to debate these days but as far as her father is concerned, she was brought into his world late one chilling night, wrapped in nothing but a blanket and left upon his weyr's ledge at Fort. Her father and his weyrmate did their best to make sure she had everything their baby girl needed over the turns, never sparing a moment of love and affection for those little rosy cheeks and that adorable giggle. Over the turns, she gained a few siblings which she helped her parents raise while her father attended his duties as weyrleader and duties to their wings. Independant, she didn't much care for the affections of other males, taking more a leadership position within the household itself when it comes to the running and organization of the fluxuating brood. On occasion her younger brother and sister often go to with their mother in Xanadu, leaving her with her rebelious brother Silion and in times like this, she manages to get out and do a little exploring of her home lands, taking in the sights of the business and reading a little more into the crafts she finds interest in at the time. Her travels growing up have taken her from Fort to Eastern and now she settles on the peaceful shores of Ierne Weyrhold, helping mind the siblings while deciding what path she would take.


Name Relation Location Position
Hil Father Eastern Weyr Bronzerider
Maklya Mother Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Silion Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Odari Brother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Siarief Sister Ista Weyr Resident




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