In another time and place, this young woman would be described as pixie-like. Her heart shaped face is wide at the cheeks, tapered to a distinctly pointed chin, and brushed with a sprinkling of golden freckles in lieu of a proper tan. Soft brown eyes are wide, bright, and open, and more often than not crinkled a bit at the edges with a half-seen smile. Her small, delicate ears poke out of her fine, fawn-blonde hair, which has been cut short in front into a severe pair of bangs that hides her forehead; the rest of it hangs down between her shoulder-blades, cut neatly and blunt. She's neither very tall nor very short, and lightly framed and a bit thin, with wide shoulders and hips and a waspish waist. Hands and feet are equally delicate, but a few callouses on her fingers prove she's not above a bit of hard work.

She wears a soft, leaf-green sleeveless sundress of sorts, softly shirred to the waist and then long and flowing. The dye-job is particularly intricate, fading from a soft, greyed tone of peridot at the neckline to a brilliant veridian around the ankles, with bold splashes of golden yellow, like tiny moons and stars scattered from the hips to the hem. Small mirrors are sewn, here and there, among those golden bursts, and delicate embroidery decorates the flowing fabric in regular intervals.


Ocelara was born on an ovine-breeding station in the wilds of the Southern Continent, officially beholden to Hannista Hold, but more independant minded and self-sufficient than the ambitious Lord might like. Her mother was a journeyman Weaver, but held no particular ambition and had long ago retired to be a wife and mother, providing her hold-bred husband with a multitude of children. 'Lara was of no particular standout as a child, being one of the middle of the brood, and like all of them grew up tending to the ovines, from lambing to shearing to butchering. Her talent, such as it was understood by her parents, was really in spinning, but since all of her sisters spun from the time they could reliably hold a dropspindle this wasn't considered particularly outstanding either. She went to the Weavercraft when one of her brothers also apprenticed, and it was there that she found a love for brightly dyed fibers and wild and unacceptably novel spinning methods. Never one to fully conform, she was an adequate student, but was never particularly praised or chided.

Things changed somewhat for the young girl when she met a similarly minded lass from Coldstones Hold, but their friendship, while intense, was short-lived. Thea was recalled to Coldstones from the Weavercraft Hall and 'Lara figured she'd never see her friend again. Imagine her surprise when a handful of Turns later, just about to join the ranks of Journeywomen, she found herself Searched and swept away to Xanadu Weyr. She recognized Thea, but out of respect for the junior weyrwoman, kept her head down, going through the uncertainty and excitement of Candidacy herself. Unlike Thea, she was left on the Sands, but she took the opportunity to leave the Weavercraft, feeling herself stifled and unhappy, unfulfilled as an artist instead of an artisan. She's stayed on at Xanadu since, finding herself among the ranks of the headwoman's assitants, and then as an actual assistant headwoman. It's not that Thea hasn't TRIED to re-befriend Ocelara since her arrival, but it's been a somewhat awkward reintroduction, as she's been somewhat hesitant, afraid others would see her as trying to ride on Thea's coat-tails.


Name Relation Location Position
Osell Father Hannista Area Cotholder
Olara Mother Hannista Area Cotholder


Brown Bihyndu



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