O'rly, if viewed from behind, is distinctly masculine. Her stance is wide, shoulders squared, sides flat, and hips only round enough to say "Oh, hey, I'm here!" Even a short crop of black hair leaves a lot to be questioned. Fortunately, from the front, there's no denying she's female. Her eyes are a wide and doe-ish hazel ringed with dark brown, eyebrows arched high on her face. Lips bow daintily under a moderately strong nose, and if you could ever get her out of her riding leathers, her torso would give further proof to her femininity.

O'rly is her name and leathers are her game, however. She's rarely seen outside of them, but on the rare occasion she hasn't been out flying with Sanldoth, she will wear a baggy sable top, cream-toned pants that cling to what little curve she has, with black riding boots hiked up to her knees. She isn't one to be girly, even for gathers - she's more likely to dress up like a boy than a girl, in a stately vest and clean leggings. Dresses and skirts are rare occasions indeed.


O'rly was born Reilory at Telgar Weyr. She grew up with her cousins at a small hold named Karachi before being sent off to the Star Craft. There she studied as an apprentice until the age of seventeen, when she was searched and returned to her home weyr. There she impressed Sanldoth, the Logic's Lady Green that would take her far into the realm of leadership in the Diplomacy wing. There they excelled, never once seeking to leave until a close friend lost his weyrmate. Desperate to keep him sane, O'rly and Sanldoth surrendered the Telgar knot and headed down to Ierne Weyrhold, where they have taken up further Star Craft studies.

Reilory's life started out commonly enough as the daughter of Niels (Nielson) and Rory (Reyciore), a pair of weyrmates at Telgar. At a young age, she was sent to live with her cousins at Karachi Hold, growing up as if she were one of their sisters. Or, rather, brothers, for from the start, Lory was more of a tomboy than anyone was comfortable admitting. She didn't go around swooning all the girls or anything, but there was a definite air of "Anything you can do, I can do better!"

This would come in handy when, at the ripe old age of twelve, she would be forked over to the Star Craft to become an apprentice. While perhaps considered a male-driven craft, she learned well, soon finding a passion for observing and theorizing about the stars and their many mysteries. Becoming a General Astronomy Journeyman was her keenest aspiration.

Or at least it was, until she was searched at the age of seventeen by her own father, who would proudly haul her back to Telgar to become a candidate. With a brown- and greenrider as parents that were as infamous as hers, the girl figured she would need quite a backbone to survive until the hatching. It would seem that in no way did she assume she would impress, something her beloved friends Zalana and Riah wouldnt let her live down. She kept her head down, worked hard, and found fun only at the hands of the best set of friends a girl could ask for…

Yet, on that fateful double-hatching day at Telgar, Lory would walk away lifemated to the Logic-s Lady Green, Sanldoth. The ever-rational dragon would insist on calling her human O'rly (pronounced similarly to Aurelie) from then on, claiming the traditionally-male honorific was best suited for Lory, considering her rough-and-tumble attitude. Who's going to argue with a dragon? O'rly it was.

Sanldoth would prove to be invaluable through weyrlinghood. Balancing out R'iahn's blue's tendency to egg his human on, and Zalana's green's quick-witted brilliance with a cool, collected mind, San would be the rock in the trio's life, always logical, always sane. Lory's father was claimed in a cave-in while working to help miners mere weeks before weyrling graduation, and his brown and weyrmate, her mother, were quick to take him between, never intending to return. While hardly withdrawing from the presence of her friends (in fact, they had never been closer), she allowed her grief to be the excuse to allow R'iahn and Zalana to grow together and eventually weyrmate.

Time heals all wounds, and when wing delegation came about, Sanldoth simply wouldn't take no for an answer when applying to become part of the Diplomacy wing. Her rider was plenty capable enough, being spunky, strong, but not overbearing. She was a large dragon, capable of long-distance flying, but also quick on her wings, and possessing a brilliant mind and stunning memory, for a dragon. After deep consideration, the board agreed, and she was the first green admitted to the diplomacy wing in over twenty turns. At one point, she headed the wing, leading to fill the void between one Weyrleader's abrupt retirement and another's flying of Telgar's senior queen. While short-lived, O'rly and Sanldoth proved their invaluable natures and were invited to continue on as Wingseconds. Reveling in the position, hardly caring that the Weyrsecond still technically ranked higher than them in the wing, Lory and Sanldoth watched on with pride as her friends ascended to new heights as well, cheering (on the inside, in San's case) when promotions were given, skills explored.

Though O'rly never considered taking on a child of her own, as this would be, in the words of her green, « Illogical at best, considering you have no weyrmate to share the responsibility with, » the woman was more than pleased when Riahn and Zalana decided they wanted her to be the adopted auntie of their daughter Briahla and, later, Alzanbri. Her frequent visits often yielded gifts for the tots; having no other to spend her money on besides herself and Sanldoth, she could certainly afford it! She even offered to watch over the little ones on her days off, giving her friends a relief from hiring a nanny on random occasions…

Tragedy was never far from O'rly's doorstep, though, she decided the day Zaivanth and Zalana went between. In an act of their usual foresight, Sanldoth and Lory decided to give up their hard-earned position in the Diplomacy wing, already making plans to follow Jaesriuth and Riah to the southern weyrhold. « The warmer weather will suit us well. It has been cold far too long, » Sanldoth claimed towards the blue pairs initial balking, appearing all cold logic, though underneath her emotions were humming in tune with their loss. While helping to support her friend at the new location, O'rly is determined to let her friend do his own mustering, refusing to coddle him. All in good time. For now, she continues her Star Craft studies under a Journeyman, hoping to eventually achieve the same title. Her own cottage is nestled near to R'iahn's, close enough to be of aide, but far enough to keep from being a nuisance. « Very logical. »


Name Relation Location Position
R'iahn Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Assistant WLM
Alzanbri Son Xanadu Weyr Unknown
Briahla Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Seilistraye Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Belsiaryn Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Nemean War Cry Brown Talon
This lean brown hatchling is rather tiny for his graceful leonine form. Every sunkissed muscle makes him an adonis among browns, his perfect figure shimmering with spots of bronze mixed into his skin. The pattern across his sunny hide most resembles the fur of a tawny feline, and his oversized terracotta neckridges stick up like a lion's mane. His talons are enormous, oversized and sharp enough to rend most soft surfaces. He's got a small underbite, one of his teeth sticking up from his dusty brown muzzle.

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down Brown Pinion
Every shade of brown is represented in the hide of the firelizard from dark to light, he is covered in speckles and splotches of all hues. Ebon claws poke out from strong paws and his long tail curls at the end, bearing a black tip, matching the narrow black edges of his sturdy wings. His body is thick and strong and bears a little bit of a swelled gut which is highlighted by the way his coloring shimmers along his underside.

Bronze Dactyl


Logic's Lady Green Sanldoth
« Well, no one can say I am plain. » And isn't that just the truth? A stunning jungle green at base, Sanldoth is at no loss for decoration. Muted flames lick at the dark depths of her wingsails, hinting at a fiery nature that she keeps very much within. Her tail shimmers with crystalline tones, ranging from celadon to myrtle, each color giving off its own fractal sort of light. Her head is graced with all the finer curls of a nebula, molten shamrock and harlequin melting into a pale green moss. Her headknobs are unusually long and arch back to a point, their dark color matching the gloves that none-too-subtly grace her paws. The tops of her wings are fern-toned at best, sparkled over with stardust.


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